Let Let Sein on Myanmar: The Violence they've Suffered, The Hope that's Endured, & How the World can Help

Let Let Sein on Myanmar: The Violence they've...

Zafar Aafaq: On India's Twin Epidemics of Covid & Hindutva

We spoke to Zafar Aafaq on his coverage of India's Covid-19 pandemic,  how India's Muslim communities have responded with a huge outpouring of mutual aid to all Indians, and if the BJP's disastrous handling of the Covid-19 crisis will damper the potency of its ethnonationalist po ...   Show more

Viola Zhou: Uber meet Didi - Reporting on China's Gig Economy

I was so fortunate to be able to speak with Vice's Viola Zhou, whose labor reporting on the Gig Economy of China I've found to be an invaluable resource for better understanding global capitalism, China's rising billionaire class, the culture of China's Silicon Valley(s), the cur ...   Show more

Joanna Lillis: On the Real Politics & Lives of Central Asia

To discuss Central Asia, I spoke to Joanna Lillis, author of: Dark Shadows: Inside the Secret World of Kazakhstan. We have a far-reaching discussion on Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan and the real lives of people living in these diverse and dynamic ...   Show more

Eli Friedman: Free Mengzhu(盟主)! On Labor Organizing in China's Gig Economy

I spoke to Eli Friedman of Cornell University on arrested delivery driver / labor organizer Mengzhu (盟主), and China's Gig Economy.  We discuss Mengzhu, his amazing life story, and his even more incredible organizing of China's delivery workers. We then discuss why such an amazing ...   Show more

Shahram Khosravi: Home without Homeland, The Violence of Borders & Imagining a World without Them

To discuss the violence of Borders & Global North Immigration, I was honored to speak w. Shahram Khosravi of Stockholm University. Dr. Khosravi is the author of several books (on Art, Iran, Sweden), but it is his work  '"Illegal'" Traveler: An Auto-Ethnography of Borders' that we ...   Show more

Vicky Osterweil: On Maroonage & Abolition in the Anthropocene (Conclusion)

This is the conclusion (part 2) of our conversation w. Writer & Agitator Vicky Osterweil, Author of 'In Defense of Looting'.  In our conclusion we discuss how several prominent academics have tried to wield the violence of the state as a force of liberation, and why this is a dea ...   Show more

Hyo Yoon Kang - On IP Law, Monopolies & Why We Don't have a People's Vaccine for Covid-19

Even the most pessimistic of predictions, could not have foreseen the lack of global cooperation during the Covid-19 Pandemic. To try and help untangle this Gordian Knot I spoke to Hyo Yoon Kang, an Academic and Legal Theorist at the University of Kent.  From countries using 'Vac ...   Show more

Chu May Paing: On the Feminism & Feminists of Myanmar's Freedom Struggle

 I was joined by academic and organizer Chu May Paing for a discussion on growing up in Myanmar & Myanmar's freedom struggle against a brutal military dictatorship. The main theme of our discussion is on Feminism as it relates to the protests vs. patriarchy as it relates to the M ...   Show more

Warren Stanislaus: A History of Black Japan & Afro-Japanese Identity

I was honored to speak with Warren Stanislaus, a PhD Candidate at Oxford & Associate Lecturer at Rikkyo University in Tokyo, on his studies of Blackness, Japan and the history of Afro-Japanese identity.  Warren and I discuss the history of how Black people have encountered Japan ...   Show more

Edward Ongweso - Proposition 22, Gig Economics & why Obama Liberals support Far-Right Capitalists (Part 1)

I spoke to Edward Ongweso Jr. of Vice for a two-part interview on Proposition 22, the gig economy and the devastating effects it will have on labor in both in the US and globally.  In Part 1 we discuss the propaganda, strategy and money behind proposition 22. We also discuss why ...   Show more

Garrick Cooper: Aotearoa, Māori Resistance and Decolonizing New Zealand

This was a fascinating conversation w. Garrick Cooper, senior lecturer at Canterbury University on Aotearoa history, contemporary Māori politics and how Māori resistance offers wisdom to other global freedom struggles.  We pack quite a bit into just an hour of chat, discussing ...   Show more

Hussein Kesvani: The Online World of British Muslims

Journalist Hussein Kesvani joined us for an in-depth discussion on his Book : Follow me Akhi - The Online World of British Muslims Our chat covers Hussein's Book and examination of Digital Spaces for UK Muslims, his thoughts on how the US/UK Left misunderstands Islam, and how the ...   Show more

Vicky Osterweil: On Defending ' In Defense of Looting ' (Part 1)

This is two-part conversation with Writer & Agitator Vicky Osterweil.  In part 1, we discuss the numerous bad faith attacks against her book 'In Defense of Looting', how the 'police' reconstitute themselves within Abolitionist movements and how the Capitalism' of figures like Bar ...   Show more

Reflections on 2020 - Best Southeast Asia Interviews

This episode showcases our best Southeast Asia Interviews of 2020.  The interview clips are 'highlights' (5-10 minutes in length) from long-form interviews on topics like: Rodrigo Duterte,  Thailand's Protests,  Anarchism in Indonesia, Vietnam's Diaspora, and other issues that im ...   Show more

Sylvia Alajaji - Music & The Armenian Diaspora

I spoke to Ethnomusicologist Sylvia Alajaji for a long-form podcast on her incredible book: Music and the Armenian Diaspora.  Our discussion touches upon her fascinating research and our own complicated Armenian backgrounds.  Besides our own family histories, we discuss Sylvia's ...   Show more

Bianca Tylek: On the NBA, BLM & the Carceral Capitalism of Detroit Pistons' Owner Tom Gores

The NBA is a global game and BLM is a global movement, with this in mind I'm honored to be joined by Bianca Tylek, the executive director of Worth Rises, to discuss The NBA, Black Lives Matter & the carceral capitalism of Detroit Pistons' Owner Tom Gores. Our conversation touches ...   Show more

William Yang - On Mass Arrests in Hong Kong & Censorship of Citizen Journalists in China

I was joined by William Yang of DW News & Vice for an overview of recent events in China and Hong Kong.  First we discuss the January 6th mass arrests in Hong Kong aimed at destroying Hong Kong's democracy movement and starting the process of 'Mainlandizing' Hong Kong society.  T ...   Show more

Reflections on 2020 - Best India Interviews

This episode (which may be part of a series) showcases our best' India Interviews of 2020.  The interview clips are 'highlights' (5-15 minutes in length) from long-form interviews on a variety of topics such as Kashmir, Feminism, The CAA/NRC, Caste, Sikhism, The Farmers Protests, ...   Show more

Navyug Gill: On India's Farmer Protests & Sikhism as Resistance

I was thrilled to speak to Dr. Navyug Gill of William Paterson University on the recent Farmer's protests in India.  Over 300,000 participants have locked Narendra Modi and his BJP Government in a stalemate. The Future? Perhaps that of Global Capitalism and its ability to dominat ...   Show more

Mikkel Frantzen - Capitalism, Depression & Revolution as Therapy

I spoke to writer Mikkel Frantzen for an intimate conversation on depression under Capitalism, art and revolution as a form of therapy.  Mikkel and I discuss our personal battles with depression, how these battles differ for Mikkel as a Danish citizen w. Universal Health Care com ...   Show more

Lev Nachman & Brian Hioe: The 18th Brumaire of Donald Trump in Taiwan & Hong Kong

To better understand the popularity of Donald Trump and the American Right in Hong Kong & Taiwan I spoke to Journalist Brian Hioe  and Academic Lev Nachman.   We discuss why Trump is viewed so fondly in Taiwan, the skyrocketing popularity of the American Right in Hong Kong's digi ...   Show more

Long T. Bui - On the Ghost Nation of South Vietnam & The Absence of Vietnam Studies in American Universities

We had a fascinating conversation on Vietnam and Neoliberalism with University of California-Irving Professor Long T. Bui.  Dr. Bui was kind enough to discuss with me his work on South Vietnam, The Vietnamese Diaspora, and adding nuance to the differences between Asian Students a ...   Show more

Matthew Christopher on the Photography & Stories of 'Abandoned America'

I was thrilled to speak to Matthew Christopher on his multi-year project: Abandoned America, documenting the abandoned spaces, places and buildings of the U.S.A.  We discuss a variety of fascinating topics: How the paradox of America's toxic capitalism and settler colonialism can ...   Show more

Mukaddas Mijit: On the Music of Xinjiang & Saving Uyghur Culture from Genocide

I spoke to Mukaddas Mijit, an ethnomusicologist and performance artist from Xinjiang on the music of Uyghurs. Mukaddas has been one of the most important voices speaking out against China's campaign of cultural genocide. She has also been instrumental in building international br ...   Show more

Geoff Aung: On The Capitalist Dreamworlds and Nightmares of Myanmar

With Myanmar's 2020 election recently concluded, we are happy to share our interview with Academic Geoff Aung on Colonialism, Capitalism and Myanmar.  Topics include:  - If Western tourism in Myanmar is a continuation of imperialism.  - How capitalist desires shapes present day M ...   Show more

Soumya Shankar - 'Will Joe Biden Oppose Hindutva?' On the Complex Politics of Indian American Voters

Before the 2020 US election results were finalized, journalist Soumya Shankar joined me to discuss the complex politics of Indian American voters.  Soumya offers critical insights on how a Biden Presidency would both break from and continue on the toxic relationship between the U ...   Show more

Krithika Varagur: On Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and the Battle for Hearts, Wallets & Minds in the Islamic World

This is a fascinating conversation with Krithika Varagur, author of : The Call Inside the Global Saudi Religious Project.  Krithika's book touches upon Saudi Arabia's project to spread it's state religion, Wahhabi Islam,  globally. Krithika explains the origins of Wahhabi, how Sa ...   Show more

Editor Nicholas Haggerty - On Studying with Dr. David Graeber and Reflecting on his Legacy.

To discuss the life and legacy of Dr. David Graeber, I spoke to Newslens Editor and Commonweal Writer: Nicholas Haggerty. Nicholas was a former student of Dr. Graeber and a subject in Dr. Graeber's most recent book: "Bullshit Jobs".  We chat about Nicholas's time as a student of ...   Show more

Yannick Giovanni Marshall - Franz Fanon, Black Lives Matter and Destroying the Colony

I spoke w. Yannick Giovanni Marshall (Twitter: @furtherblack), who wrote several brilliant essays on protest, Black Lives Matter and white Supremacy. We discuss the legendary revolutionary Franz Fanon, if one's class position makes them a counter-revolutionary, the role of univer ...   Show more

Thum "PJ" Ping Tjin of New Naratif: On Colonialism, Capitalism & Dissent in Singapore

I spoke with Thum "PJ"  Ping Tjin, the founder of New Naratif, on how colonialism and capitalism have shaped Singapore's past, present and  future.  We also discuss the history of Dissent in Singapore and why voices like PJ's are rising to critique the political and economic elit ...   Show more

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