2021: A Preview of WHO's Next...

2021: A Preview of WHO's Next...

Mark Tatum, NBA Deputy Commissioner & Chief Operating Officer

“Sports and basketball transcends globally - teaching hard work, perseverance, teamwork, and respect.” Mark Tatum is the NBA’s Deputy Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer - a position he’s held since 2014. Having worked at the NBA for 20+ years, Mark currently leads the NBA’s ...   Show more

A.G. Lafley (Part 2): P&G’s former Chairman & CEO

“Life is about chapters, chances, and choices.” A.G. Lafley served as P&G’s CEO twice - from 2000-2009 and 2013-2015. In part 2 of a 2-part conversation, we talk about his experience beyond P&G, and his personal take on the past, present, and future. A.G. started at the company i ...   Show more

A.G. Lafley (Part 1): P&G’s former Chairman & CEO

“Be the change you want to see - and make things better.” A.G. Lafley served as P&G’s CEO twice - from 2000-2009 and 2013-2015. In part 1 of a 2-part conversation, we learn about his early life and career at P&G - and his take on being an “Inside-Outsider leader.” A.G. started at ...   Show more

Dian Alyan, GiveLight Foundation Founder & CEO

“If you have a compelling mission, you can really mobilize and galvanize the community.” Dian Alyan founded the GiveLight Foundation (GiveLight.org) after the 2004 tsunami, where she lost many loved ones. Dian was inspired to provide for children going through similar devastation ...   Show more

Charlotte Otto, P&G’s former Global External Relations Officer

“Be intellectually honest in any decision - otherwise you only see the answer that you want to see.” Charlotte Otto served as P&G’s Global External Relations Officer for thirteen years, and later as Senior Corporate Advisor to PR industry leader Weber Shandwick for six years. At ...   Show more

Jorge Mesquita, Johnson & Johnson’s former Executive Vice President

“Take greatest pride in the challenges you face, and being able to overcome them.” Jorge Mesquita is Johnson & Johnson’s former Executive Vice President, and Worldwide Chairman - where he served since 2014. At Procter & Gamble, Jorge spent a 29-year  career where he was recognize ...   Show more

Michelle Crossan, Samsung Electronics’ SVP of Strategy, Innovation & Transformation

“Reframe the competition - to yourself - to fully achieve what you’re meant to achieve.” Michelle Crossan is Samsung Electronics America’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Innovation and Transformation at, where she leads overall corporate strategy, innovation, transf ...   Show more

Gurcharan Das, P&G India's former CEO, Author & Scholar

“Dharma is doing what must be done. Don’t worry about credit - you’ll be happier and your work better.” Gurcharan Das is known as “the godfather of P&G India” - the former chairman and managing director of Procter & Gamble India. He also served as VP managing director of worldwid ...   Show more

Shelly McNamara, P&G’s Chief Equality & Inclusion Officer

“We are all intersectional - uniqueness is our greatest gift. Empathy makes you a better leader.” Shelly McNamara is P&G’s Chief Equality & Inclusion Officer, where she’s responsible for shaping culture, policies, and leadership to promote greater diversity. Shelly’s also an avid ...   Show more

Emily Chang, McCann Worldgroup China, CEO

'Yes, and...' is a kind of courage. Only failure allows us to begin again more intelligently.” Emily Chang, CEO of McCann Worldgroup China. Emily’s a seasoned marketer with 20 years of experience across the US and China. At Starbucks she was the SVP of Marketing, and CMO of Sta ...   Show more

Jim Lafferty, International CEO, Athlete, & Olympic Coach

“The one thing you can’t teach in a job to be successful has to come from within - desire." James Michael Lafferty is the CEO of Fine Hygienic Holding - a leading CPG company across the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, and USA - as well as an accomplished writer, coach, and ath ...   Show more

Mohan Mohan, P&G former international leader (Europe, Middle East, Africa)

“Your value will only be known after you have moved on. So lay good foundations for those who come after you.” Mohan never imagined the career he would lead - working for P&G across 3 continents over 30 years. Growing up in India, he studied Mechanical Engineering, and got a Mast ...   Show more

Tiana Conley, Kellogg’s VP of Global Cereal

“You can have it all, but you can’t have it all at once. In the long view, it all balances out.” Tiana Conley is Kellogg’s VP of Global Cereal where she is responsible for the $6 billion flagship portfolio with treasured brands such as Special K, Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops and C ...   Show more

Tarang Amin, e.l.f. Beauty CEO & Chairman

"It's always easier to make it through something when you're doing it together." Tarang Amin is CEO & Chairman of e.l.f. Beauty, the parent company to e.l.f. Cosmetics, WƎLL PEOPLE, and Keys Soulcare - a lifestyle beauty brand created with Alicia Keys. Having led e.l.f. Beauty si ...   Show more

Zena Arnold, Kimberly Clark’s Chief Marketing & Digital Officer

  “Go where the growth is happening - and the growth of yourself will follow.”   Zena Arnold is Kimberly Clark’s Chief Digital & Marketing Officer,  an accomplished executive across CPG and Technology marketing and general management.  Zena was previously at Google for nearly sev ...   Show more

Kirk Perry, Google's President of Brand Solutions

Kirk Perry is Google’s President of Brand Solutions - where since 2013, he’s led global teams to enable brand partners to leverage all of Google to reach their consumers wherever they’re engaging. Prior to joining Google Kirk was at P&G for 23 years - in various roles across mark ...   Show more

Najoh Tita-Reid, Logitech Head of Marketing Reinvention

Najoh Tita-Reid leads Marketing Reinvention at Logitech where she’s reimagining, redefining and reinventing the global marketing function across 120+ countries - reporting to the CEO. Najoh’s worked across in multinational roles across leading brands like Hero, Bayer, and Merck, ...   Show more

Year in Review: the Next Generation

  As we get ready for the year ahead, we reflect on the Learnings from Leaders we’ve had on this P&G Alumni Podcast. In this second “year in review” episode, we revisit our conversations with the NEXT generation of brand leaders - not too far off from many of our current stages o ...   Show more

Year in Review: Industry Giants

  As the year winds down, we reflect on the Learnings from Leaders we’ve had on this P&G Alumni Podcast. In this “year in review” episode, we revisit our conversations with retired industry greats - once at the helm of the world’s greatest companies - many of whom now continue to ...   Show more

Year in Review: Leading CEOs

      As the year winds down, we reflect on the Learnings from Leaders we’ve had on this P&G Alumni Podcast. In this “year in review” episode, we revisit our conversations with CEOs leading some of the biggest and fastest growing brands - who shared their journey to the big chair ...   Show more

Year in Review: the P&G Greats

  As the year winds down, we reflect on the Learnings from Leaders we’ve had on this P&G Alumni Podcast. In our first “year in review” episode, we revisit our conversations with some of P&G’s great leaders - former CEOs, regional leaders and trailblazers in diversity, equity, and ...   Show more

Alejandro Bethlen, CEO of the Bouqs

    “Just do the right thing for the customer - don’t caveat it with other things.” Alejandro Bethlen is the CEO of the Bouqs Company - the leading online floral retailer who’s radically disrupting the $100B global floral industry - where he’s been in the top seat since June 2020 ...   Show more

Filippo Catalano: Reckitt Benckiser’s Chief Information & Digitization Officer

  “Leverage the purpose, values, & principles to use data for good.” Filippo Catalano is the Chief information & Digitization Officer at Reckitt Benckiser - where he’s driving the IT and digital transformation of the consumer giant. Filippo was also recently CIO of another consum ...   Show more

Jill Beraud: Sh'nnong Beverage Company CEO & Levi’s Board of Directors

  “Search and reapply for the insights and innovations to build your business.” Jill Beraud is the CEO and Co-founder of Sh'nnong Beverage company - WHO IS developing plant-based, functional beverages - and SHE also serves on the Board of Directors at Levi Strauss & Co. Jill prev ...   Show more

Tami Hurwitz: Amazon Music Global VP of Marketing & Growth

  “Find what balance means for ALL of your people.” Tami Hurwitz is Amazon Music’s Global VP of Marketing & Growth - a role she’s been in since 2017, working on campaigns featuring  Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Chance the Rapper, Alicia Keys - reaching more than 55 million customers ...   Show more

Fernando Aguirre: Chiquita Brands former CEO & Professional Baseball Owner

  “Make every decision in your career on the basis of values and principles, and you will be successful.” Fernando Aguirre is the former CEO of Chiquita Brands International, and currently a Professional Baseball Owner - as CEO of the Erie SeaWolves (AA affiliate for the Detroit ...   Show more

Bob McDonald & Election 2020

    “Leadership is about doing the right thing - beyond politics - for the purpose and values of the country.” This election may be the most important of our lifetime, so we hope you’ve made your plan to VOTE. Bob McDonald - former P&G CEO and US Secretary of Veterans Affairs - r ...   Show more

Charlie Chappell: Hershey’s Head of Media & Comms Planning

  “Work more on things that people haven’t figured out yet." Charlie Chappell is head of integrated media and communications planning at The Hershey Company, where he is leading the company’s transformation towards a data-driven, people-based approach to media on brands like Rees ...   Show more

Shantanu Khosla: P&G’s India’s former lead, Crompton Greave’s Managing Director

  “The best leaders do what's right by people, not politics" Shantanu Khosla is Managing Director of Crompton Greaves - one of India’s leading Consumer Electricals companies, where he’s been since 2015. Shantanu was the P&G’s India country lead for P&G India from 2002 to 2015 - w ...   Show more

Ed Artzt : P&G’s CEO & Chairman (1990-1995)

“Integrity can be a competitive advantage.” Ed Artzt served as P&G’s CEO & Chairman from 1990 to 1995 - during which sales grew to $33 billion, and the company grew well above historic averages. Joining in 1953, Ed led growth on brands like Comet, Zest, Charmin, Bounty, and Folge ...   Show more

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