Ep 266 - Prayer Runs and Indigenous Americans with Jordan Marie Brings Three White Horses Daniel

Ep 266 - Prayer Runs and Indigenous Americans...

Ep 271 - "We're all slower than a 12 year old"

In this episode of The Bad Stuff, Jody and David discuss:David's new hobby/sport/method of furthering injuring himselfJody gives some advice about how to guarantee the perfect marriage (under duress)Jody reveals his training activity (and gives a gout update)How to feel when ...   Show more

Ep 270 - Breaking the Bob Graham Round with Beth Pascall

It's been a while coming but here's the Bad Boy Running interview with Beth Pascall.In this interview, Jody and David speak to Beth about her incredible Bob Graham Round record. Enjoy!If you enjoyed this episode please SUBSCRIBE to get every episode delivered to you bef ...   Show more

Ep 269 - "18% of Russian men think they're the best looking man in Russia..."

It's another episode of The Bad Stuff and it's as tangential as usual.In this episode Jody and David discuss:Was Des Linden's 50k record attempt over-hyped?The BBC's feature on Big's Back Yard Ultra seriesA critique of one our the most aggressive 1-star r ...   Show more

Ep 268 - How to run London in a 130lb diving suit with Lloyd Scott

Anyone who has ever watched the London Marathon will remember the guy who ran it in a diving suit. Mainly because they're still covering his progress three days after the event has finished.But that guy is Lloyd Scott, and running London in a diving suit is just one in an in ...   Show more

Ep 267 - "Turns out my 9-year old needs a gun..."

It's another episode of The Bad Stuff with Jody and David.This week, it's back to Garmin abuse and discussing which gun to buy Jody's daughter.In this episode Jody and David talk:Why you SHOULDN'T exercise like a pro Listener stories of their Garmin abusing th ...   Show more

Ep 265 - "Blame us, not Mark"

It's another episode in the new format where it's just Jody and David... talking stuff.For some reason it starts on social media abuse and ends up with Jody and David turning into  Human Rights Watch.In this episode Jody and David talk:Beth Potter and why  Olympics qual ...   Show more

Ep 264 - The physiology of Eliud Kipchoge's sub-2 marathon with Professor Andy Jones

Professor Andy Jones is back! And in this episode he speaks to David about physiology and Eliud Kipchoge's sub-2 marathon effort. As usual, expect a ton of insight from Prof Jones...... and David even broaches the subject of what Jody can learn from this when he takes on Pro ...   Show more

Ep 263 - My Garmin is Negging Me

Ok, if this looks a bit odd it's because we've switched the format a little. We've separated out the intros and the interviews so they are now two standalone episodes. If you preferred the intros and not the interviews, you just need to listen to these standalone e ...   Show more

Ep 262 - Breaking the 5k world record with Beth Potter

Last weekend Beth Potter unexpectedly broke Beatrice Chepkoech’s World Record for the road 5k, running 14:41 at the Podium 5km event in Lancashire. Having previously run the track 10k at the Olympics she switched to triathlon and her switch in training focus has clearly worked. D ...   Show more

Ep 261 - How to master open water swimming with Keri-anne Payne

It's not often BBR strays away from running (well, it's pretty much every other week)... but we've not been as happy to do so as when we had on open water swimming champ Keri-anne Payne.With Jody training for an Ironman, the one things he needs is a professional in ...   Show more

Ep 260 - How to run a sub-3 marathon every year... for over 30 years with Chris Finill

There's a group of individuals that an elite group of runners that you'll never be able to join.They're the "Ever Presents" - a group that originally comprised 42 runners who have run every London Marathon since its inception in 1981. Only 10 remain, of which one i ...   Show more

Ep 259 - Running Mayors and Runsome with Scott Cain

Why aren't runners considered when it comes to city and town planning?Whereas cyclists and pedestrians are considered, runners don't seem to get a look-in. Well, that's hopefully about to change with the launch of the Running Mayors.With each Running Mayor responsi ...   Show more

Ep 258 - Cheese-rolling champion * 4 - Florence Early

Every once in a while a hero comes along that you didn't know you needed in your life.But in 2020 that hero was Florence Early.Made famous by Netflix's brilliant series,  We Are The Champions, Florence showed the world what it takes to become a champion at one of the mo ...   Show more

Ep 257 - Walking Round The World... For 20 Years (Part 2) - Karl Bushby

Here's Part 2 of the interview with Karl Bushby. If you've not listened to Ep 256, we recommend going back and starting there so this episode makes sense.  

Ep 256 - Walking Round The World... For 20 Years (Part 1) - Karl Bushby

Karl Bushby had a goal. It was to set out to walk around the world on foot. His plan was to take him from the bottom of South America all the way back to the UK via the Baring Straits (that had never been crossed on foot successfully since, well, the last Ice Age!).To say the jou ...   Show more

Ep 255 - Menopause, HRT and how it affects training with Nicky Keay

In this episode, David and Allie speak to Nicky Keay about the menopause, hormone replacement therapy and the impact it has on training.Enjoy!If you enjoyed this episode please SUBSCRIBE to get every episode delivered to you before everyone else.Join the conversation! Suggest fut ...   Show more

Ep 254 - Lazarus Lake - The rise of Big's Backyard Ultra

Laz is back and this time he's talking Big's Backyard and virtual races... something we didn't think we'd be speaking with Laz about a year ago!It's been a while since Jody and David spoke to Laz (aka Gary Cantrell) about the Barkley Marathons (if you&apo ...   Show more

Ep 253 - How to make London Marathon more sustainable with Megan Hunt

Not every big city marathon can be as environmentally friendly as Edinburgh Marathon by getting rid of ALL water bottles from the course (snigger), but what can marathon directors and organisers do to make their races more sustainable.In this episode, Jody and David quiz London M ...   Show more

Ep 252 - Running across the US for MS with Ashley Schneider

It's not often you wake up one day and think "I know what I'll do next... I'll run across the US!", but that's pretty much how Ashley Schneider started on her journey that has seen her cross the US multiple times. Quitting her job on a cruise ship and moving b ...   Show more

Ep 251 - The Kit Episode with Wiggle

Here it is. The episode all kit pervs have been waiting for.In this episode of Bad Boy Running, Jody and David are joined by Wiggle’s head of running Fran Baratta, to talk all things kit-related.Well, part kit related, part history lessons if the guys own kit is anything to go by ...   Show more

Ep 250 - Russian doping whistleblowers Yuliya and Vitaly Stepanov (Part 2)

Here's Part 2 of the two-part interview with Yuliya Stepanova and Vitaly Stepanov. If you've not listened to Part 1, head back to episode 249 for the first half of the interview.Yuliya is a middle-distance runner who competed for Russia at the 2012 London Olympics and 2 ...   Show more

Ep 249 - Russian doping whistleblowers Yuliya and Vitaly Stepanov (Part 1)

Yuliya Stepanova and Vitaly Stepanov are the two whistleblowers who exposed Russia’s state-sponsored doping programme, leading to the ban of Russian athletes in international competition. Yuliya is a middle-distance runner who competed for Russia at the 2012 London Olympics and 2 ...   Show more

Ep 248 - Running the Wainwrights with Paul Tierney

Fell runner and endurance athlete Paul Tierney knows a thing or two about the Wainwrights.Back in 2019, he smashed the previous record for bagging all 214 peaks by seven hours - but more recently has helped others tackle the 328 mile, 36,000 metres of elevation challenge , includ ...   Show more

Ep 247 - Escaping the Hasidic community and finding running with Connie Allen

Connie Allen is a former Hasidic Jewish woman who was born into an ultra-orthodox Jewish family in Brooklyn, New York and raised in the Satmar sect of Judaism.  At 21, Connie escaped the community and a marriage she no longer wanted part of and took her young son to start a new l ...   Show more

Ep 246 - The truth about athlete funding and selection with Marilyn Okoro

Marilyn Okoro's experience of being denied further funding to continue her athletics career really is a thing of shame. That's why Jody and David invite her onto the podcast to talk about her experience and uncover just how closed the system really is.Now a vocal advoca ...   Show more

Ep 245 - 100m Olympic Gold Back-To-Back - Wyomia Tyus on reclaiming the record

Who was the first athlete to retain their Olympic gold medal title in the 100 metres?If you thought it was Carl Lewis, you're WRONG.If you're wrong, we don't blame you because it's as though Wyomia Tyus's record has been overlooked when writing the histor ...   Show more

Ep 244 - The story of Athlete Refugee Team with Richard Bullock

Three years in the making, Run is a documentary film centred around the personalities and stories in The Athlete Refugee team. Directed by Richard Bullock, the film originally started off a short segment about the world refugee running team and snowballed into a full-length docum ...   Show more

Ep 243 - Salomon's Greg Vollet on turning trail running global

Not many people are given the remit in a new job to "make it global".But Greg Vollet was given exactly that task by Salomon as part of his role as global running manager. And over the last decade, he has helped introduce trail running to regions across to world by recruiting athl ...   Show more

Ep 242 - Pau Cappell on breaking 20 hours at UTMB

When you go to your doctor with a serious knee and ligament injury sustained while playing your sport of choice, football, you'd expect their advice to be "rest up, relax and stay off it". What you wouldn't expect is to be told "try running on some mountainous trails an ...   Show more

Ep 241 - Gary House on coaching runners and BBRC

Gary House is one funny chap.He also happens to be an accomplished ultra runner and a great coach through his Run Strong community.Fortunately, we’ve tricked him into becoming an official coach for the Bad Boy Running Club (BBRC) and, in this bonus episode, Allie and David introd ...   Show more

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