Episode 288: Bring Your Whole Crew

Episode 288: Bring Your Whole Crew

Episode 287: Madness, Sadness & Everything In Between

Marcus & Nate are back to talk about Nate becoming a degenerate gambler, the NCAA tournament, the latest NFL news and Peacock editing the WWE Network.  The Kings wrap things up by discussing the continued trend of violence in America. Note: During our live show, the feed cut out ...   Show more

Episode 286: Bobby's World

Marcus & Nate are back to discuss the NBA at the All-Star break, the latest NFL transactions, and Bobby Lashley FINALLY winning the big one! The guys also reflect on the state of the country on the 1-year anniversary of the Coronavirus hitting the United States.   

Episode 285: Bow (Wow) Down to the Kings!

The Kings are back! Marcus & Nate recap Super Bowl 55 (FINALLY), get into the latest NFL transactions and talk about the current relationship between the NBA and college basketball. Finally, the guys discuss the potential of future WWE Hall of Famer, Lil' Bow Wow!  

Episode 284: Hammer's Time

The Kings are back to discuss the passing of baseball icon Henry "Hank" Aaron, reflect on Kobe Bryant's legacy a year after his death and recap the NFL's conference championship games.  Then the show takes a left turn as the guys talk about the WWE Network being saved by their fi ...   Show more

Episode 283: 21 Questions ...

Happy New Year and welcome to the first Kings of Sport episode of 2021! Marcus and Nate start the new year off with a "Texas Two-Step" as they welcome T.J. McAloon back to the show! The guys previewed the NFL Playoffs and the College Football National Championship game before giv ...   Show more

Episode 282 The Holiday Kickback

Welcome to the 1st Annual "Kings Of Sport Holiday Kickback" (it's not a party, it's more like a group hangout or an informal get-together amongst friends ... but it's definitely NOT a party)! Marcus & Nate went LIVE on Christmas Eve, to share their thoughts on one of the craziest ...   Show more

Episode 281: Winter is Here

Back from their Thanksgiving break, The Kings are joined by "The Professor" Kris Ealy (Real Power Dynamics, The Twenny Twin-Twin) to discuss the latest NFL and NBA news, recap Sting's debut in AEW, give their picks for a very "unique" Pro Wrestling Mount Rushmore and more!  

Episode 280: Hindsight is 2020

The Kings are back to discuss the BIGGEST story of the year ... TuaMania runnin' wild! Just playin' ... of course we're talking about the 2020 U.S. Presidental Election! The Kings are joined by an All-American/All-Star panel of guests (Vanessa Shark, Jennifer Smith, "Sir" Tim Cap ...   Show more

Episode 279: Check Yo Self

The Kings are joined by "The Professor" Kris Ealy (Real Power Dynamics, The Twenny Twin-Twin) to discuss the Los Angeles Lakers' NBA championship, Ice Cube's deal with the orange devil, the state of America two weeks before Election Day and more!   

Episode 278: Hail To The Chief

The Kings return to talk about the continued effects of COVID-19 on the world of sports (and politics), the ascension of Josh "Jaheim" Allen, the Miami Heat's NBA Finals chances against Marcus' Lakers, the greatness of Roman Reigns' new character and more!   

Episode 277: Prime-Time, Protests & Politics

The Kings are back to discuss the latest NFL and NBA news, the UFC's Colby Covington problem, the Breonna Taylor verdict, the passing of "The Notorious RBG," and more!  

Episode 276: Stomp The (Stream) Yard!

The Kings are back to discuss the first week of the NFL season, break down the NBA playoffs and take a new platform out for a test-drive!  

Episode 275: Chadwick Forever

Nate and Marcus recap another heavy week following the shooting of Jacob Blake, the Milwaukee Bucks leading a strike across professional sports and the tragic and shocking death of actor Chadwick Boseman from colon cancer.   

Episode 274: Bubble Boyz

Marcus and Nate chat the first night of the DNC (and Billy Porter's ... whatever that was) before diving into the NBA playoffs down at the Disney World bubble. Plus, baseball is truly back as another unwritten rule is broken and folks are mad at the future face of the sport.   

Episode 273: Lemon-Pepper Lifestyle

The Kings are back to discuss the long-awaited return of SPORTS (sorry PGA, NASCAR and random soccer).   The guys talk about Major League Baseball's early struggles with The Rona, the NBA restart, 90's tennis, and Lou Williams' affinity for strip-club cuisine!    And then, things ...   Show more

Episode 272: S.L.U.R.S. (Speaking Logic, Understanding Real Subjects)

The Kings are back with radio/podcast host (and Friend of the Program) T.J. MacAloon!  The guys catch up with T.J. before offering the NBA some creative solutions to their "Bubble Trouble." They also tackle the Patriots signing of Cam Newton.  And then, things get (extremely) rea ...   Show more

Episode 271: Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Bubba Wallace

The Kings are back and are joined by "The Professor" Kris Ealy! The guys discuss Bubba Wallace and NASCAR's "Culture Clash," pro wrestling's #SpeakingOut movement and Dak securing the bag.   

Episode 270: (Confederate) Flag on the Play

The Kings reflect on the state of U.S. race relations with friend of the program Mike Mills of the Booking the Territory podcast! The guys talk about policing in America, Drew Brees (and the rest of our White brothers/sisters) learning how to become an active ally, Black college ...   Show more

Episode 269: The Ultimate Dynasty

On the heels of a month spent praising the '90s Chicago Bulls, the Kings are back to dedicate an episode "dancing" with America's most enduring dynasty: Racism! The guys talk about the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer, the subsequent protests/riots, and what ...   Show more

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