Message Boards and Sonic Fandom w/ MATT BRALY

Message Boards and Sonic Fandom w/ MATT BRALY

Writing and Balance w/ ROB KUTNER

Our friend Rob Kutner drops by for a chat! Follow Rob on Twitter here:  


Our friends Marquita & Adam join us for a chat!  

Columbo and Embarrassment w/ EMILY HELLER & PETER MILLER

Our friends Emily Heller and Peter Miller join us to chat!  

Middle School and High School w/ KATELYN HEMPSTEAD

Our friend Katelyn Hempstead chats with us! Listen to her podcast Lizard People here.  

Interesting Adjacent and Quarantine w/ ALLEN STRICKLAND WILLIAMS

Our friend ASW stops by for a chat!  

Sonic Movie and Yard Cats w/ PAT CASEY

Our friend Patrick Casey stops by for a chat!  

Time and Criminal Minds w/ HAMPTON YOUNT & GEORGEA BROOKS

Our friends Hampton Yount and Georgea Brooks chat with us. Check out Hampton's new podcast Doom Island!  

Godzilla vs Kong and Batman vs Iron Man w/ JONATHAN LONDON

Geekscape's Jonathan London joins us for a nerdy chat!   

Roleplaying and Stand-Up w/ RILEY SILVERMAN

Riley Silverman returns to chat with us!   

Britishisms and Swears w/ JOSH PALLETT & JENNY LEWIS

Our friends Josh Pallett & Jennifer Lewis join us from across the pond!  

Hamsters and Bachelors w/ ALISON STEVENSON

Our friend Alison Stevenson stops by for a chat!  

Meet Cutes and Near Death Experiences w/ AE & CASEY JONES

Our friends AE Jones and Casey Jones hang out with us to talk about how they met, and how many times they've almost died (spoiler: more than you'd think)!  

Zack Snyder and Justice League w/ THE BAT BROS

Jared Moskowitz, Jim Hegarty, and Dave Schilling join to talk about the new Justice League movie. This episode is full of spoilers if you are concerned about such things.  

Fun Facts and Interesting Adjacent

Ashlyn and Grant play games while talking about nonsense!  

Cat Comics and Epic Fantasies w/ CARRIE LIAO

Storyboard artist Carrie Liao joins us for a chat! Follow Carrie on Twitter and Instagram @cisforfrenchy.   

Pro Wrestling and Pandemic Unemployment w/ ERIK BARNES

Our friend Erik Barnes shares stories of writing for Macaulay Culkin, commentating for wrestling shows, and opens up about the difficulties of finding work during the times of COVID.  

Buffalo Bills and Improv Comedy w/ TOMMY BECHTOLD

Our friend Tommy Bechtold joins us to chat about dogs, leaving home, loving Los Angeles, St. Patty's Day parades, and teaching improv to high school kids in Tampa.  

Anarchist Dogs and Humboldt County w/ ELOISE LeBEL

Eloise LeBel is our friend and they hang out with us for a chat about dogs, video games, and books. Grant and Ashlyn learn a lot!  


Married screenwriters Claire Downs and Brenden Gallagher hang out with us to talk Zoom weddings, the state of TV comedy vs drama, and Ashlyn's traumatic connection to a famous true crime horror story.  

Torah Teaching and Superhero Studies w/ GIL BARON

Gil Baron is a comedy show producer with shows happening regularly on Nowhere Comedy Club. His shows Setflix and Your Late Night Show are available for ticket purchasing here and here.  

Marriage and Queerness w/ STEVE HERNANDEZ & JULIA LOKEN

Comedians, podcasters, and newlyweds Julia Loken and Steve Hernandez hang out with Grant and Ashlyn for a fun conversation about Los Angeles, marriage, honesty, and identity. Listen to Julia's podcast What's Your Sign, and listen to Steve's podcasts Views from the Vista, The Male ...   Show more

Comedy Past and Future w/ JAKE KROEGER

Jake Kroeger, The Comedy Bureau himself, hangs out with solo Grant to talk about Zoom comedy, live comedy, video games, and of course, Clubhouse.  

Dogs and Writing Advice w/ STEPHANIE STREISAND

Comedian and writer Stephanie Streisand hangs out with us!  

Fandoms and Polyamory w/ JOHNNY KOESTER

Friend of the pod Johnny Koester joins to chat. Johnny is an animator, storyboard artist, doodler, board & video gamer and D&D enthusiast. Follow him on Instagram @johnnykoester.  

Borecore and Fortnite w/ ASHLYN & GRANT

The music and soundboard is missing because Zencastr's new update bites but oh well.  

Robots and Puppets w/ ABBY DENTON

Abby Denton is a writer and creator who became friends with Grant through Twitter and now they're friends in podcast world.   

New Starts and Manifesting w/ SE'AIRA BENSON

Se'Aira Benson is a friend and neighbor who chats about the cats, the importance of setting goals, and reflecting on life lessons. Follow her clothing business Landmarks To Respect on Instagram.  

LinkedIn Dating and HitClips w/ KAMERON BASHI & SEAN PESSIN

It's another double date episode! Kameron Bashi returns with Sean Pessin to talk about how they met and dive into Ashlyn's phone phobia.   

Death Stranding and Geocaching w/ ASHLYN ANSTEE

Ashlyn and Grant go guest-less to talk mostly about video games.  

Sports Comedy and Los Angeles w/ CJ TOLEDANO

Ashlyn Anstee joins as full time co-host and welcomes CJ Toledano, comedian and creative director/founder of Follow Through.   

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