Included or Just Making Up Numbers?

Included or Just Making Up Numbers?

Prevention Is Better Than Cure?

On this week's episode, we discuss Covid 19 one year after lockdowns, the efficacy of vaccines as well as the various conspiracy theories with Dr. Monique Brown.  

Dancehall A Mi Everything

This week is so lit, we threw a little bit of cussing in. That aside,  join us for a fun discussion with Nadine ‘RootsandCulture’ Brown as we discuss Dancehall, its effects on Jamaicans both on the island and abroad.  


Why are little girls and boys of colour seen as a lot older than they actually are? We were curious too, so we did the research and had a discussion. Give it a listen! Don’t forgot to follow us on Instagram at nuhlikkletwang, to keep up with the NLT crew  

Me and Mi Neighbour...?

Dub-plates, jingles, motorcades and food. You would think we're setting up for another Toronto Raptors win right? Not quite, this week we speak about the spectacle that is, Jamaican General Elections. NB: The Leader of the JLP was Willian Alexander Clarke, not Sharpe (there's ano ...   Show more

Protect Black Queens

With the current state of the world, we are forced to put ourselves in self-preservation mode. For many that could mean not protecting those who fight for us even when they have their own fights, especially within their own communities. This week's episode discusses intersectiona ...   Show more

Can't Sell Out The Culture

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; Some traditional cultural practices become profitable when portrayed by a larger societal group but are considered backward or "urban" when portrayed by the initial group who own or invented it, is this appropriation? This wee ...   Show more

The Youths A Hol’ Dem Roots

Ever wondered if there was a direct link between how we were raised as diaspora beings versus those who remained in Africa? This week's episode dives into the world of "bringing up black men".   

Don’t Haffi Dread

Recently the Internet has been overwhelmed with the story of a seven year old's battle against a primary school in Jamaica. While many people are outraged by what's happening, the country of Jamaica and the world is somewhat divided on what is "right". Our panel discusses the his ...   Show more

Jamaica Land We Love

Is there anything wrong with pride or even patriotism? When does patriotism turn to arrogance; and do your neighbours tolerate you or do they respect your right to fly your flag high? This week's episode seeks to uncover what created the "bad blood" between other Caribbean island ...   Show more

How To Love A Yardie

Ever wondered what it's like dating a Jamaican? Two guests share their experiences of living and loving a Jamaican mate.  

Entanglement(Bun Fi Bun)

Listener discretion is advised: This week's episode features Damian, a St Thomas (Jamaica) native who now resides in Toronto. He shares his views on retaliatory infidelity in relationships between people of the diaspora as well as sound off with returning guest Nadia. It's spicy, ...   Show more

Wife A Wife, Mate A Mate

Are side chicks still a thing? Is it safe to say that Jamaica has one of the most normalized side chick "matey" cultures in the world? This week's episode focuses on the side chick game in Jamaica.  

They Didn't Tell Us Black Is Beautiful

This week’s episode the NLT hosts and 4 special guests, focuses on the Black Lives Matter Movement in the US, and Black experiences here in Canada. Stay tuned to the conversation, subscribe and follow us on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Anchor or Spotify.  Need more of us? Enjoy ...   Show more

Dem Cyaan Lock off di Dance!

End of Season 1 of Nuh LIkkle Twang! Your fave Jamaican Canadian trio gives their best podcast advice including the highs and lows and behind the scenes about making this podcast work. Relive our fave moments as co-hosts and hear future podcast plans.   Which podcast episode was ...   Show more

Badmind Worse Dan Obeah

Hello Badmind! How you doing today?   Do you know any Jamaican people? Have you heard that someone is "badmind", "red eye", "grudgeful", or envious? Better yet, have you been warned by a Jamaican that Badmind worse than Obeah?  The Nuh Likkle Twang hosts discuss the Jamaican cult ...   Show more

Jamaican Church Heathens...?

Religion is an key factor in Caribbean upbringing.   Our Nuh Likkle Twang hosts talk faith and religion in this week's podcast. Is there one true religion?  How exposed are Jamaican people to all religious groups; Rastafarians, Pentecostals, Agnostics?  How has Christianity influ ...   Show more

Mad Sick Head Nuh Good?

Nuh Likkle Twang talks mental health and awareness, from our Caribbean upbringing to present. Do we feel equipped to handle our mental well being? Are we afraid to confront stigmas? Tune in to hear our perspectives, and join the discussion by emailing  


We've made it to Episode 10 and thought we should tackle one of Jamaicans biggest talking points ...literally. Our language? Outside of the Jamaican flag,  the next thing Jamaican people are known for is our Jamaican language. How do we sound? Do we all pretty much sound the same ...   Show more

Brown Girl in The Ring

Shadeism....Good Hair and Phenotype Preservation. NLT discusses these issues alongside our special guest Ali. Join the discussion by sending your feedback to  

It's a Family Affair

NLT tackles Caribbean millennials, living at home, unwed and without child. What's wrong or right with our generation? Join in the conversation by emailing us your views at  

Gyal Yuh Betta Can Cook

Can all Jamaicans cook.. well? Better yet are all Jamaican women good cooks? The Nuh Likkle Twang trio debates Jamaican food culture.  How does food influence our relationships in the diaspora? Join in the discussion by emailing us your thoughts at  Foll ...   Show more

Work we a Work, A Nuh Chicken we a jerk

Job hunting in Toronto as a immigrant... the Jamaican immigrant perspective. Chime in to the discussion on or email us at  


Nuh Likkle Twang talks social ....physical distancing, and our take on essential services during this COVID 19 health outbreak. Are we right or totally off base? Email your feedback to  

COVID 19... Wah really a gwaan?

The trio discusses the impact of the world health crisis being caused by COVID 19. How will life change in the 6ix? How are our families coping in Jamaica? Tune in to our discussion, and give us some feedback at  

Linky Dem..Nuh new Fren?

Nuh Likkle Twang tackles the impact of moving, on your friendships. Who responsible fi keep the link? Hear us weigh in.   

Reggae bring bac' luv

The trio examines what reggae means to them, Koffee's historical win and how the Reggae Revival has changed how millennials  view  reggae.   

Jus' touch down inna the airport

Are you even black? Should we be Blending in or Standing out? Jamaicans living in the Canadian Diaspora talk di tings on transitioning into Living Abroad.  

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