TALKABOUT 110 with Sam about Acceptance, Success, Social Anxiety And Raising People's consciousness

TALKABOUT 110 with Sam about Acceptance, Succ...

TALKABOUT 111 with Eveyln - Crashing Cannes Film Festival to pursue her dreams

A mother, a grandmother who didn't allow her age or the pandemic to stop her coming all the way from Scotland to settle in Dubai. An inspiration to both women & men, to follow your dreams... that it's never late to change careers or moving countries. Totallyevelyn is about giving ...   Show more

TALKABOUT 109 with Marco about Passion for Sports, Acrobatic & being an Ambassador for BOUNCE

Marco Maalouf is an Acrobat aspiring to reach his full potential in this aerial field and At only 15 he became an Ambassador for BOUNCE Dubai.   Let's hear his story, how he started, how Bounce handpicked him for an advertisement at the age of 15 and drives him.  

TALKABOUT 108 with Banan about Jobs, Passion, Values, Unemployment & Personality

HOW MUCH HAVE THEY PAID YOU TO GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS?  Banan is a mother, and an entrepreneur with one big Purpose: To bring personality back to the workplace.   As a leadership Coach Banan approaches the topic of strengths, values and passion to support people and employees imp ...   Show more

TALKABOUT 107 Women as Civil Engineers & The Stereotypes associated.

The experience of one young lady studying and working in a male dominant field. Her experience, how she dealt with it and whether or not this conception has changed. Shahd Humaid is a Civil Engineer/Transport Planner in one of the world’s premier infrastructure consulting firm.  

TALKABOUT 106 with Louis about Flying Paramotor as a Teenager

Louis Vercruyssen is a Flying Enthusiast, Paramotor Pilot/Instructor & Permaculture Student.  

TALKABOUT 105 with Bhavna treating Thyroid without Medicine

Finding balance, listening to your inner voice & healing yourself.   Bhavna Goel is a mother, a business woman who is trying to practice application of teachings of yoga to all the roles she is playing in her life.  

TALKABOUT # 104 with Ole Brom about Resilience, Perseverance, and 'Ignoring the Naysayers'

Ole Brom is a fitness professional, a health coach, and turned ultra runner after doctors told him he could never run again. He’s also as race manager for the Al Marmoom Ultra Marathon.  

TALKABOUT 103 with Walid Lotfy !Zen Adrenaline!

Walid Lotfy is a Polymath Renaissance Man. His favorite hat is a Behavioral Neuro Scientist. His physical work includes being An Elite-rated PADI Scuba Dive Instructor, Emergency Rescue Trainer, Krav Maga Instructor, Personal Trainer and Skydive Coach. Being equally an intellect, ...   Show more

TALKABOUT 102 with Mamoun about Better Living, Nutritious Tips & Intermittent Fasting

Mamoun Alamouri is passionate biohacker using natural tools to optimize for longevity, fitness & optimal performance. Mamoun is certified nutritionist advisor & personal trainer, also he is master NLP “neuro linguistic programming” certified.  

TALKABOUT #101​ with Theo Thomson about Music, Rapping & Videography

Theo Thomson is an entertainer and entrepreneur, a multi-award winning singer songwriter, and award winning videographer.  

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