Episode 11. The After Show Special

Episode 11. The After Show Special

Episode 15. I Love You and We Got the Power to Grow!

On this episode, the fellas dive into the news that's taking the world and memes by storm!!! THE JBP has ended!!! Find out what the fellas think and what that means moving forward for our podcast.... Oh yeah, we also talk about the NFL schedule that has been released and the NBA ...   Show more

Episode 14. Delly Interview Pt.1

Part I. Interview of Delly Everyday! If you aren't familiar with the Hometown Phoenix native, get to know him and his connection with the city of Phoenix, AZ. From his battles with self doubt, to doing the unthinkable. All while remaining true to himself, his family, and loved on ...   Show more

Episode 13. Take me out to the Golf Game!!

On this episode, the guys sit and discuss the guilty verdict of Chauvin. What does this mean moving forward. New music from Cordae. How do we feel about the new Mortal Kombat movie? bad? well, what did yall expect? an academy award? Snowfall review and spoilers. Epic night at the ...   Show more

Episode 12. Friends, How Many of Us Have Them?

On this episode of The 4 Wise Men Podcast, Manny and Edgar hold it down while the fellas take a hiatus. Hopefully this isn't a Rory and Mal situation and they return next week. A bit of a one off with random questions and takes. Manny touches on the guilty verdict as its a step i ...   Show more

Episode 10. Buss'n

On the Season Finale, the fellas recap the first few months of 2021 and what we remember. Domestic Terrorism is a thing and we need to highlight it. Jrod shares youthful trauma involving the police and how it effected him. Are y'all hungry??? The fellas are buss'n out the food br ...   Show more

Episode 9: Allegedly Ft Cesarochoarealestate

This episode, we have special guest Cesar Ocha, AZ Realtor speaking to us about the housing market and what he learned on his journey to becoming a real estate agent. Take a listen and learn something. Listeners send emails to 4wisemenpodcast@gmail.com Twitter - @4wisemenpodcast ...   Show more

Episode 8. Aye Don't Do That...!!!!

Slow week as the Wise Men discuss how do y'all wipe? Yeah you heard that right.... The plug is judging based on your answer. Jrod is missing from this episode, or is he? College Scandal? All colleges are a money grab!!! Manny says don't go!!! Unless you need to. Are you working t ...   Show more

Episode 7: But, Before You Do That...

Happy 3:16 day!!! Que the glass break!!!  The fellas keep it on and off topic today. Discussions of George Floyd and where tax payer dollars should go. How did music mold you into who you are? Is it only platonic if you're ugly? One of the Wise Men thinks so. Kid Cudi says eff Ge ...   Show more

Episode 6: Be Like Spock Not Like Pac

The squad kicks it off with the smooth sound of Sonic Silk!! We are in full effect as Paul returns to the mic! We live in AZ and the Governor on that sh** again!! Uncle Joe sending out that Stimmy!!!Should single Mothers support their Baby Daddy more?? Jay-Z Selling business' or ...   Show more

Episode 5: The Password is Mochi

We are officially in March and you know what that means!!! You guessed it, March Madness, que up Future!!! Jrod jams out thus, Jamboy is his name. Raw doggin' air and where to do it. Welcome home Bobby!!! Intro to who Kevin Samuels is. New Music!!! What's new in TV and Movies? no ...   Show more

Episode 4: Tales from Hillcrest

What are yall good at?? The fellas get into what gives them drive and the goals they set for themselves. Is Tiger Woods done after his horrible accident. Prayers out to him and a speedy recovery. Snacks of the Day? More like snacks of the yayy!!! Alright I'll stop. But them snack ...   Show more

Episode 3. Choppa's and Throat Babies

On this episode of the 4 Wisemen Podcast, the fellas bring back #snacksoftheday with the Plug bringing in something we all either like or hate. Dave got his name back and his show, Judas and the Black Messiah Soundtrack, Valentines day shenanigans, Larry Johnson talking out his a ...   Show more

Episode 2: The Rise of Tio Jrod

Welcome Back Listeners!!! Thank yall for tuning in. This episode, the Wise Men recap the Super Bowl and Patty running all over the field, NBA All-Star and who needs to remain silent about it, Man titties and pretty dudes, and the rise of Tio Jrod. Check it out!!! Listener emails ...   Show more

Episode 1. The Comeback

We back like we never left... again... for the 1st time.... We are glad to be back in front of the mic! We got some things brewing and we wanted to give yall an update on the show and whats transpired the past few months. Thank yall for listening and we hope to grow this podcast ...   Show more

Formally the Random Podcast - Bubble Guts and Poltergeist

Just three wise men today. (Cam, Paul, and Manny). Giving an update on the podcast and catching up on life. J-Rod had the BGs and Paul kept hearing shit. Halloween is coming up so that is fitting.  --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. http ...   Show more

Formally the Random Podcast - Sleep, Shits, and Burners.

Today we introduce the rebranding of The 4 Wisemen, formally The Random Podcast. Jrod gives his take on his burner accounts and how to handle them with proper accountability and responsibility. The Plug shares his incident with his bed sheets, and Manny watches himself sleep? TF! ...   Show more

1 Off

Stay tuned for the official rebranding of the podcast. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app https://anchor.fm/app --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/4-wisemen-pod/message https://anchor.fm/4-wisemen-pod/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/4-wisemen-pod/su https://anchor.fm/4-wisemen-pod/su ...   Show more

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