#43: Anime Gosh Darn It!

#43: Anime Gosh Darn It!

#46: Sorceress Madea's Family Reunion

This week the guys go on a few rants about Final Fantasy, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance. They also discuss rumors on Games Pass and Sunset Overdrive, impressions on some new shows, videogame industry bs, PS5/Series X performance comparisons, the newest ...   Show more

#45: In Loving Memory

This week we say a fond farewell to an old friend, discuss a trilogy of pickup stories from Derrick's thrifting adventures, catch up on the season finale of Invincible, rap about several bits of gaming news like 300k Gold Plated Wiis, PS5 Shoes, Smash Ultimate Rumors, Sony's Stat ...   Show more

#44: The Week of Finales

It's the end of an era as the guys discuss multiple show endings from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier to the Derrick X Mike Anime Challenge! We also rap about some Playstation news, release date announcement hype, and our thoughts on the new Mortal Kombat movie! Games discussed ...   Show more

#42: That's My Zemo!

This week the guys catch up on discussing the last two episodes of Falcon and the Winter Soldier and mourn over the loss of a hip hop icon gone too soon. They also discuss some more news from Sony, Final Fantasy VII, E3, Streets of Rage, The Last of Us, and more. Games discussed: ...   Show more

#41: Simpin' for Wire Bugs! ft. LaDiiMomoChan

The guys are joined by a very special guest this week! Twitch streamer and media manager LaDiiMomoChan joins us for what turned out to be our biggest episode yet! We spoke at length about tons of gaming topics and news like PSN store closures, the death of Mario, Godzilla vs Kong ...   Show more

#40: Some Great Value King Bradleys

This week the guys were surrounded by comic book-inspired media! We had the Suicide Squad trailer drop, a new Falcon and Winter Soldier episode, Mike played yet another Spider-Man beat 'em up, the guys continue to fall in love with Harley Quinn, and a new show on Amazon called In ...   Show more

#39: This Game's Got Human On Human Action!

The guys hit some heavy topics this week before getting to the lighter stuff. We discuss the shooting in Atlanta, cancel culture, overpaid CEOs and layoffs, EA-Gate, etc. It's not all doom and gloom though as some good stuff happened too so please stick around for our talk on Fal ...   Show more

#38: New York's Hottest RPG Has Everything! ft. Kitty Sapphire

This week we had a very special guest join us for discussion on Resident Evil, Pokémon, Disgaea, our #FirstRPG stories, Bethesda X Microsoft, and a ton more! Thanks to Kitty Sapphire for her awesome energy and perspective. Check out her YouTube and original art! (links below) Gam ...   Show more

#37: Fill My Eyes With That Double Vision!

Hogwarts drama, new Smash Bros DLC, Switch Pro rumors, WandaVision season finale, and a whole lot more are on the topic list this week. The guys also discuss their "gamer motivation profiles" as calculated by Quantic Foundry and they were surprisingly accurate. Games discussed: P ...   Show more

#36: An Entanglement With Cao Cao

This week the guys rap about WandaVision's latest, Sony's State of Play, the recent Pokemon Direct, Avatar Studios, and a whole lot more! Games Discussed: Final Fantasy X, God of War, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Persona 5 Strikers, Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions, Warriors of ...   Show more

#35: Laying Some Warp Pipe!

This week the guys try their best to cover a huge amount of news from the first Nintendo Direct in almost 2 years. They also discuss some hands-on time with games from the direct and thoughts on the newest episode of WandaVision and the Mortal Kombat trailer that dropped. Games D ...   Show more

#34: Experience The Belt Buckles!

The guys are back this week to discuss another awesome episode of WandaVision, some great games releasing this month, pickups, some Mandalorian controversy, Zelda rumors, Last of Us tv show casting, Kingdom Hearts news, and much more! Games Discussed: Final Fantasy X, Guardian He ...   Show more

#33: We Love Buns With White Frosting! ft. Call It Like I Don't See It (AD & GP)

This week we have very special return guests with AD & GP of the Call It Like I Don't See It Podcast! The guys discuss their reactions to the best episode of WandaVision yet, the Playstation 4 2020 stats they've all achieved, some kid's shows to avoid when raising your little one ...   Show more

#32: Thuglas Ruglas Bone ft. KingThuglas

Been a while since we had a special guest! Big welcome to a fellow streamer and Rocket League champ, KingThuglas! This week the guys discuss that GameStonk saga, some recent losses in the world of gaming and movies, some PlatinumGames news, casting for the Borderlands movie, and ...   Show more

#31: Can't Play Your Switch With Giant Mittens On!

Lots happened this week for games and for the guys personally! We discuss the biggest meme to come out of the inauguration, some insane sales we found, a new celebrity gets Covid, GTA VI news, the Resident Evil Showcase, GameStop news, and more! Games Discussed: Captain Toad: Tre ...   Show more

#30: Can't Get More 90s Than Donatello Wearing a Bulls Jersey!

This week marks our 30th episode! We discuss creating an ultimate videogame music playlist on streaming, our thoughts on WandaVision and Season 1 of Sweet Home, some new Nintendo trailers for games coming out this year, EA losing Star Wars exclusivity, Mortal Kombat movie screens ...   Show more

#29: Gimme Dat Deku Nut!

Oof what a week! The guys get some of the heavy stuff out of the way in the beginning then move on to this week's pickup stories, some Nintendo news, another videogame-themed Netflix show?, and some awesome videogame soundtracks dropping on Spotify. Games Discussed: Ys: Memories ...   Show more

#28: There's Something About Wakka

This week we discuss possible refunds for PS Plus games, pranks on console scalpers, Wonder Woman 1984, where The Office went, and some odd news about the PS5 and Google searches in 2020. We also recap our top 5 games of 2020, the worst games we played this year, and our hopes fo ...   Show more

#27: Things I Learned From Mario's Butt

It may have been a slow news week but that doesn't mean that the little bit of news we did get wasn't crazy! This week we rap about the newest game console from KFC, our Nintendo Switch 2020 stats, some interesting videogame pickups to be added to Derrick's store soon, and a huge ...   Show more

#26: Put That CPU In The Butt Or Something!

Definitely a slow news week especially when compared to last week but we manage to get some good conversation in this episode regardless! Derrick has some decent pickups this week, a conclusion to the ebay return drama, some unfortunate events occurring close to home, and Mike mi ...   Show more

#25: What're You Gonna Do, Baby?

So...much...news...this...week! The guys decide to stall the Derrick X Mike Anime Challenge for one week to fit in all the latest about Marvel, Star Wars, Cyberpunk 2077, and the 2020 Game Awards. Some new pickups and thoughts on Big Mouth season 4 and The Mandalorian too! Games ...   Show more

#24: The Exaggerated Swagger of a Middle-Aged Italian Plumber

This week we discuss how to get a 4-year-old with a crippling fear of failure into videogames, Warner Bros dropping all its movies onto streaming day one, some crappy eBay customer interactions/pickup stories, and some quick bit-uh, I mean some rumors! Yeah, some rumors regarding ...   Show more

#23: My Dear Sweet Brother Numsie!

This week the guys talk about their delicious Thanksgiving leftovers, news on the final season of Attack on Titan, more info on the Capcom hack, a nice thing SquareEnix is doing for their employees, stories of PS5 scalping, an update on a Saga Frontier remaster and some twitch an ...   Show more

#22: Dragonball Durag

This week we discuss the recent huge Capcom games info leak, some fun pickup stories from Derrick's thrifting adventures, the picks for the game of the year awards (you can vote here at thegameawards.com/nominees), and some updates for controller support on Super Mario 3D All-Sta ...   Show more

#21: Beeg PS5 vs Smoky Xboxes

This week Derrick laments his lack of PS5 but lays out a master plan to secure one while Mike discusses his experience with the PS5 so far. Derrick also shares some cool pickup stories on a couple of rare finds this week and the guys discuss news on Ubisoft Montreal, the release ...   Show more

#20: GameStop Shenanigans

This week the guys discuss Mike's week-long covid scare, finally getting hands on one of those Mario pin sets, picking up a random rare Halo toy, next-gen systems reviews, and plenty of new GameStop nonsense! Games discussed: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The Legend of ...   Show more

#19: All Hallows Peen

Mike and Derrick wishes everyone a Happy Halloween! This week we discuss some game delays, some updates on Spider-man Miles Morales, the last Nintendo Partner Showcase of the year, the newest Final Fantasy XVI trailer, yet another videogame show coming to Netflix, and much more! ...   Show more

#18: The Driptastic Four ft. Call It Like I Don't See It (AD and GP)

This week we have special guests AD and GP from the podcast "Call It Like I Don't See It"! The four of us got together to tear it up on the new Ghost of Tsushima multiplayer mode. In this episode we discuss the science of fasting for health, how Gamefly does used games right, our ...   Show more

#17: Ever Heard of a SPIDER-CAT?!

This week we're talking about the sad state of affairs in Metal Gear Solid 5 nuclear disarmament, classic game scenes recreated via shadowbox art, the new Monster Hunter movie, Gamestop and Microsoft partnering to sell more digital games, US office of Level 5 shuts down, new Ghos ...   Show more

Spoilercast: The Last of Us Part II

Welcome to our third bonus spoilercast episode for The Last of Us Part II. This episode spoils both games in the series (it's kinda hard not to) so you've been warned. Check out our hot takes and send us a message if you agree or disagree with any of our points at mcpaperstacks@g ...   Show more

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