EPISODE 24:TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR OWN DARKNESS or how vulnerability could be your best strength



Healing is not fun at all, but at least every time you notice something, you become a little bit freer. If you pay attention, even the smallest detail can bring a lot of wisdom, only if you dare to observe   

EPISODE 29: CRY, LAUGH,LEARN, GROW, BUT NEVER EVER GIVE UP or how to lose yourself in life and come back again and again

In this episode, we talk to Eduardo (Lalo pa los cuates) and he tells us the story of how by following his dream ended up in the most adverse circumstances just to overcome his worst fears, be successful and at the peak of his dream, he got lost again just to come back and unders ...   Show more

EPISODE 28: HOW AN OREO COOKIE SAVED THE DAY or why try healing oneself is a team effort. Part 1

This a series of three Episodes in which el Magnífico tell the story on how by the help of his friends could got out of a stressful situation.  

EPISODE 27: AQUI SE CURAN CORAZONES(hearts are healed here) or how perseverance and a good heart can take you far beyond yourself.

In this episode, we talk to Romeo, poet, co-founder, lawyer, but above all, a great human being. This is his origin story.  

EPISODE 25: AGAINST ADVERSITY or how difficult it is to be yourself in a world who wants to you push you down again and again.

In this episode, Marisol told the story about her journey and how she fought to be who she is and do what she wants against all odds. A story about the journey, a story about freedom, a story about pain.  

ENTER THE VOID or why do we do the things we do.

In this episode we try to under the reasons why we do what we do from a deep emotional point of view.  

SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO or the ability to take hard decisions and keep going.

Sometimes it’s not about what’s makes you happy , but what you HAVE to do in order to achieve peace , and provide security to those who are around you. This is the story or Rodrigo.  


Piénsalo, ¿cuántas veces en las interacciones sociales estás siendo realmente mismo?... si dices todo el tiempo.... no estás siendo tan inteligente  


Think about it, how many times in social interactions you really are being yourself?... if you say all of the time.... your not being so cleaver  

EPISODE 20: THERE IS NO “I” IN A TEAM, or the origin story of a power couple (Part 2)

Supporting each other no matter what, Diego explains from a men the hacks to have a successful relationship while working from abroad at the same time. This is the second part of their story  

EPISODE A: ABRIL SORPRÉNDEME ! A Quick approach about recilience

Life Hacks as it happens  


If and only if forgivenesses exist, it is not a straight path, is is not something you can follow step by step. The answer is not given by a book or a workshop. Do you really want to forgive?  

EPISODE 18:THERE IS NO “I” IN A TEAM (Part 1) or how to build a peaceful relationship

Supporting each other no matter what. Vanessa explains how women are still perceived in the business world and how she overcame a burn out situation with the help and support of her husband.  

EPISODE 17: WHY DO I HATE TONY ROBINS, or the how egocentric bias works on a daily basis

Why do we never question an Authority Figure? Is it because we are ashamed, Is it because it is too scary?  In this episode, we explain how egocentric bias works and what can you do to get out of the loop, and if you want to make the first steps to heal or not...Spoiler Alert!!!, ...   Show more

EPISODE 16: BETWEEN SAMSARA AND NIRVANA. A Tale from my Guru, Sensei, Master, Alex Fernandéz

Everything is Mind, this is the first rule to understand reality according to Hermes Trismegistus. In this episode, we go deeper into this concept with one of the most balanced humans that I encounter in my life. Guru Alex Fernandéz. This is his story in Europe and all the diffic ...   Show more

EPISODE 15: A FINNISH MEXICAN WEDDING or how to start healing a broken soul

When talking about healing, sometimes life puts you in the most odd situations. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the awakening  

Episode 14: ALL DAY! EVERYDAY! or how to create balance between arrogance and humbleness ft. Marco Martos

This is not a secret, nothing defeats hard work and discipline! In this episode we talk with Marco, and how he was able to always believe in himself even in difficult moments. A story of resiliency  

Episode 13: WHILE TRAINING FOR A MARATHON or how to counterattack perfectionism

Even though the only way to learn is by making mistakes, the majority of us don’t dare to even try! In the episode we question why and how you can allow yourself to try to make a mistake. And have fun in the process.  

Episode 12: DU BIST ABFALL!(YOU ARE TRASH!) Or how a simple act of kindness help us overcome any adversity.

“While it is always best to believe in oneself, little help from others can be a great blessing” The second part of Jose great story ....  

Episode 11: FROM HELL and the time I thought commit suicide.

I am Orlando Leon. The backstory of why I do this podcast. Thank you for listening.  

Episode 10: THE POPTART PARADOX or the ability to ask who you are and what do you want in life

Part of EL MAGNÍFICO origin story  

Episode 9: LOS WHITEXICANS TAMBIÉN LLORAN or the ability to enjoy life without guilt.

Luck or Hard-work? It really does not matter. This time we talk with Ana, an amazing girl who took them both in her own hands and despite the difficulty, she is building a successful and happy life in the land down under . This is her story.  

Episode 8: THE VIDEO GAME GLITCH or the ability to say it’s enough.

How many of us are still trying to heal a wound from the past ? How many of us actually achieved what we wanted but still feel that it’s not enough?  

Episode 7: FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT. A California dream and the braveness to follow your heart.

This time we talk with Carolina, a woman who by rejecting the Mexican status quo, got lost and in her darkest moment had the braveness to keep going follow her heart and by doing so, dictating the terms and conditions in her own life. This is her story --- This episode is sponsor ...   Show more

Episode 6: PUZZLES PUZZLES PUZZLES or the capacity to say NO and follow your true path

Every Wednesday we will talk about a topic related to psychology class, this time will be the ability change , quite or follow your with path. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app https://anchor.fm/app  

Episode 5: I TOLD YOU SO!Trust the process and follow the system, ya te la you know papa!

Eduardo , another successful Mexican , who follow his gut to find his happiness and build a family in Canada. This is his story. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app https://anchor.fm/app  

Episode 2: GABRIEL GARCIA MARQUEZ GOT ME INTO SWITZERLAND or the ability to improvise to get the best result

This time we talked with Jose , a Mexican guy who is working in one of the most successful tech companies in Switzerland. Why did he leave Mexico? Let’s find out --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app https://anchor.fm/app  

Episode 3: DA SUPERBOWL WEEKEND or the Ghosts from the past

How many of us sabotage ourselves by continuing to carry old wounds that we don’t notice --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app https://anchor.fm/app  

Episode 4: ATHENA´S EXCLAMATION or the excessive feminism of our time

Far from creating balance, how feminism has been responsible for separating even more men from women, and the double standard this ideology carries within --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app https://anchor.fm/app  

Episode 1: EUROPEAN WHITEXICAN TULUMINATIES or what is this podcast about

Un pequeño fragmento del Capítulo uno. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app https://anchor.fm/app  

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