The Power Of Possibilities

The Power Of Possibilities

Clearing Your Mental Filter

With so much information coming us during every waking hour, we  naturally pay more attention to some data than others. But left unchecked, your mind may focus on prioritizing the wrong type of information. In this episode we'll talk about how to discover what kind of filter ...   Show more

My Brain Is A Liar (But It's Ok, So Is Yours)

Cognitive distortions are part of the “launch sequence” you could say, leading up to binge or emotional eating.  The idea of eating a lot of food isn’t itself compelling, but it’s these sabotaging thoughts - which are kind of like little lies - that nudge you into doing it by say ...   Show more

"I Should Be Able to Handle It"

Somewhere in time, many of us got the idea that we "should be" able to perform certain tasks. We might base it on the idea that everyone else can do X, therefore we ought to as well. Or we might reason that after working on recovery for so long and investing so much effort and mo ...   Show more

The $895 Sweater

"I just want to eat". You've probably had this thought as you're considering all the other things you could choose from in this moment. But you're tired. It's been a hard day. You don't want those other things as much as you want food. In this episode, yo ...   Show more

Your Overwhelm Management Guide (OMG)

Heading back to work after a holiday is prime time for a wave of overwhelm. Feeling overwhelmed includes feeling small, incapable, confused, and frustrated. And unfortunately, many of us end up in this state on a daily or weekly basis! A sense of overwhelm might have sent you sea ...   Show more

You Will Feel So Good ... Later.

Have you had any "wow, this sucks" moments lately? If so, know this: it's a sign you are making progress if you feel intense emotions. Maybe they are more intense than ever before. It means at least in this moment, you haven't numbed or distracted yourself with food. Ge ...   Show more

Reset Your Relationship With Your Trigger Foods in 4 Steps or Less

If you have a rocky past when it comes to potato chips, should you banish them from your home forever? What if your trigger food is chocolate -- does that mean you must never buy m&m's again? Or can you only call yourself 'recovered' when you can have your trickies ...   Show more

The Magical Effect of Taking A Break and De-Escalating

Being tired is one of the most common triggers for binge eating. And when we feel "tired" most people are experiencing not just physical fatigue, but also the emotional drain of dealing with responsibilities, challenges and... life! In this episode we'll talk about what make ...   Show more

Meeting Your Psychological Needs

There's nothing quite as upsetting as noticing someone is in distress and being able to do NOTHING about it. All too often, that person is us. We might notice through self-monitoring (see prior episode) that we are having a hard time, or just barely surviving, but draw a bla ...   Show more

Self Monitoring (Because Someone Needs To Keep an Eye on You)

We crave data. We journal our workouts, log physical measurements, and take interest in our gadgets' feedback on our steps counts and hours of sleep. But without insight into our psychological health, we suffer a major big blind spot. Staying aware of how we're doing ps ...   Show more

Has Dieting Burnout Torched Your Motivation? Let's Fix That.

When even the thought of cutting back on carbs makes you crave bagels...Or the mental image of plain rice and canned tuna sends you straight to the vending machine... Or you consider restarting macro counting, but would rather do your own appendectomy...You've got diet burno ...   Show more

Help For "Every Day I Try to Get Back On Track, But I Don't"

At points in your journey you might find yourself not progressing or taking action, seemingly paralyzed. In this episode you'll meet Jackie and find out the perfectly logical reason she was stalled, and the solution we uncovered.   

Dethrone Your Inner Critic With Self-Compassion

Maybe there is actually nothing "wrong with you". Maybe it's okay that you slipped up. Maybe you can help yourself feel better instead of choosing to make yourself feel worse. Dare to be compassionate by learning more in this episode.   

Feeling "Not Good Enough?"

It's normal to have confidence which varies depending on the context. But for many people who struggle with emotional eating or binge eating, feeling inferior to someone else can cause the intense anxiety and self-consciousness that makes a person head for the pantry.  In th ...   Show more

Your New Language of Recovery

Want to see yourself making more progress? Want to feel stronger and more motivated on a daily basis? It's all in the words you use. In this episode we'll touch on the key phrases you'll want to start using, and which terms you'll want to strike from your voca ...   Show more

Distress Tolerance (and Prevention!)

If I were your fairy godmother, I'd wave my magic wand and get you out of every crappy situation: marathon Zoom meetings, the splitting headache days, I'd even get you out of hangovers and bad dates. But... (sigh) I can't stop life from being distressing at times. ...   Show more

Moving Past "I Binge When I'm Stuck"

Feeling stuck or helplessly trapped in a distressing situation is one of our clients' most troubling setups. You might feel "stuck" when you are physically confined somewhere you don't want to hang out (thanks, quarantine), or when you are expected to be a certain way t ...   Show more

Drain the Strength from Your Urges

What if you could make an urge wither as soon as it started, so it never gained power from the start? Then they wouldn't overpower you, boss you around, or heckle you. You could go back to living your life, and eating the way you want to. In this episode we'll cover exa ...   Show more

"Might As Well"

The road to a regrettable eating experience has some signs. One of them reads, "MIGHT AS WELL!" with a big arrow pointing to food and drink. But you don't need to follow those signs. You've got a steering wheel, and this is anything but a one way street!   

It's Not Over Yet

In this episode, Georgie tells a story of how her inner quitter got the upper hand - but was proven to be a liar. And since then, it's never held the same power over her. "You can't make it. You are sunk. Just quit." Everyone has heard that defeatist voice at times, inc ...   Show more

Building A Positive, Healthy Relationship With Food

Healthy relationships make us feel alive and nurtured. Dysfunctional or tumultuous relationships, on the other hand are zero fun! If the dynamic between you and food vacillates between love and hate, friendship and enmity, here's how to iron it out so you can enjoy a stable, ...   Show more

Why The MORE Method Works to End Binge and Emotional Eating

You've tried to improve your health by eating less. Sitting less. Getting less upset, and being less emotional. You wonder if you can make fewer excuses or be less lazy. Or if a new workout you hate would help get rid of more calories. But if it hasn't worked - I'd ...   Show more

A Success "Secret" Everyone Can Know

We know how it is. You're trying to stop certain behaviors. Trying hard."No more nibbling crackers," you tell yourself. Or "I have to stop going for second bowls of ice cream." Or, "I shouldn't be eating the kid's cookies."But life gets nutty. We get stressed, beco ...   Show more

The World Has Changed (You May Not Need Binges Anymore)

Sometimes it's shocking to see just how different the world has become in a relatively short period of time. There are some important considerations in today's episode, about how the world you live in today is fundamentally different from one that you lived in when you ...   Show more

Why Overeating Doesn't Have To Lead to a Binge Ever Again

It seems paradoxical that having a very full stomach would cause a sudden urge to ... eat even more. Yet it's one of the most common triggers for people who struggle with binge eating! Most people trying to stop binge eating approach this problem the wrong way, but in this e ...   Show more

6 Steps to Forming A New Habit (Or Stopping An Unwanted One)

"I can't seem to stick with something.""I keep trying to stop reading the phone at night." "I should be getting our for more walks." These all ways we express our desires to form new habits. We would love healthy behaviours to be automatic and easy, the sort of thing we do w ...   Show more

"I Can't Keep Up This Perfect Streak!"

The pressure to maintain a perfect binge-free streak can be our undoing. When we start stringing together binge-free days, instead of feeling relaxed, we can become the opposite: edgy, uneasy, waiting for the whole thing to unravel (again). The desire to escape that mounting pres ...   Show more

How Body Acceptance and Improvement Fit Together

Body acceptance: it sounds positive, but also like it might conflict with having goals of changing our bodies. Here's how the two concepts fit together - and why there are actually TWO completely different meanings of body acceptance. Which one is right for you?   

Making Space

How can a person cope with living in an emotionally intense environment? Well, we can eat or distract ourselves literally all day long, or we can try something called Making Space. This episode will give you a key strategy to access the fun, laughter and connection that is out th ...   Show more

Keep Calm and Carry On (And How To Quit Ruminating!)

We can look to history for examples of how humans have withstood major crises. A global pandemic may be a first for us personally, but other generations have had certainly undergone tragedies and tests. The British kept morale high and fostered a fighting spirit which increased i ...   Show more

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