Paul Lambert - VFX Supervisor

Paul Lambert - VFX Supervisor

Rodrigo Prieto

EPISODE 112 -RODRIGO PRIETO - Cinematographer Team Deakins has a great conversation with talented cinematographer, Rodrigo Prieto (THE IRISHMAN, AMORES PERROS, BABEL). We learn that he is a lover of the trickery of moviemaking and also haunted mansions! A frequent collaborator of ...   Show more

Paul Sarossy - Cinematographer

EPISODE 111 - PAUL SAROSSY - Cinematographer 
Team Deakins speaks with Paul Sarossy, a frequent collaborator with director Atom Egoyan, in this episode. Paul’s credits include THE SWEET HEREAFTER, REMEMBER, and AFFLICTION. We learn how Paul started by shooting news and what skill ...   Show more

Kazu Hiro - Prosthetic Makeup and Effects Designer

EPISODE 110 - KAZU HIRO - Prosthetic Makeup Team Deakins speaks with the very talented prosthetic makeup and effects designer, Kazu Hiro (BOMBSHELL, DARKEST HOUR, THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON). We learn a lot in this episode. Kazu leads us through the process of prosthetic ...   Show more


EPISODE 109 - TURNING THE TABLES - 1917 Team Deakins gets the tables turned on us led by esteemed still photographers, Alex Webb (Episode 30) and Rebecca Norris Webb. They ask us questions about the film 1917. We talk about the one-shot concept and how we worked to not make it a ...   Show more

Peter Deming - Cinematographer

EPISODE 108 - PETER DEMING - Cinematographer Team Deakins has the pleasure of talking with cinematographer Peter Deming (LOST HIGHWAY, MULHOLLAND DRIVE, SCREAM 2). A frequent collaborator with director David Lynch, Peter shares how he started working with David and their very par ...   Show more

Carter Burwell - Composer

EPISODE 106 - CARTER BURWELL - Composer Team Deakins speaks with composer Carter Burwell in this episode. Carter is known for his work on NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, CAROL, and WONDERSTRUCK. We talk in-depth about the experience of working with the Coen Brothers which is where he sta ...   Show more

Chris Menges - Cinematographer

EPISODE 105 - CHRIS MENGES - Cinematographer Teams Deakins speaks with the talented cinematographer, Chris Menges (MICHAEL COLLINS, THE KILLING FIELDS, KES). We talk at length about his start in documentaries and what you learn from shooting documentaries - learning to force the ...   Show more

Tony Jannelli - Head of Graduate Cinematography at NYU

EPISODE 104 - TONY JANNELLI - Head of Graduate Cinematography Studies at NYU Team Deakins speaks with cinematographer Tony Jannelli who is the head of the graduate cinematography department at NYU. He walks us through the structure of NYU film school and how the filmmaking is tau ...   Show more

Sandy Powell - Costume Designer

EPISODE 103 - SANDY POWELL - Costume Designer Team Deakins talks with the celebrated costume designer, Sandy Powell (THE FAVOURITE, VELVET GOLDMINE, SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE). We delve into many things, such as how a costume designer helps the actor find his/her character, being mindf ...   Show more

Dylan Goss - Aerial Cameraman

EPISODE 102 - DYLAN GOSS - Aerial Cameraman Team Deakins talks with aerial cameraman, Dylan Goss (DUNE, BLADE RUNNER 2049, SICARIO). We have the opportunity to look closely at this very specialized area. We look at the technical aspects and how they have changed. And we talk abou ...   Show more

Thomas Vinterberg - Director, Screenwriter

EPISODE 101 - THOMAS VINTERBERG - Director, Screenwriter Team Deakins has a great conversation with director and screenwriter Thomas Vinterberg (THE HUNT, ANOTHER ROUND, THE CELEBRATION). As one of the co-founders of Dogma 95, he explains the thought behind the movement and tells ...   Show more

Alexey Rodionov - Cinematographer

EPISODE 100 - ALEXEY RODIONOV - Cinematographer For our 100th episode (we can’t believe we’ve reached this!), Team Deakins has a special conversation with Alexey Rodionov, the cinematographer of one of our favorite films, COME AND SEE. We have the opportunity to go behind the sce ...   Show more

Frances McDormand - Actress, Producer

EPISODE 99 - FRANCES MCDORMAND - Actress, Producer Team Deakins gets the chance to catch up with a long-time friend, actress, and producer Frances McDormand (NOMADLAND, THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING MISSOURI, FARGO). It’s a great conversation that hits lots of topics! Fran shar ...   Show more

Keith Walters - Property Master

EPISODE 98 - KEITH WALTERS - Prop Master Team Deakins sits down with property master Keith Walters and goes into depth about the role of props. Keith’s credits include NEWS OF THE WORLD, SICARIO, TRUE GRIT and NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. He gives us insight into the role of the prop ...   Show more

Benoît Delhomme - Cinematographer

EPISODE 97 - BENOÎT DELHOMME - Cinematographer Team Deakins has a memorable conversation with cinematographer Benoit Delhomme (AT ETERNITY’S GATE, THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING, THE SCENT OF THE GREEN PAPAYA, THE PROPOSITION). We talk about many things, including working with Julian S ...   Show more

Ben Cooke - Stunt Coordinator, 2nd Unit Director

EPISODE 96 - BEN COOKE - Stunt Coordinator, 2nd Unit Director Team Deakins looks into the world of movie stunts with Stunt Coordinator and 2nd Unit Director, Ben Cooke (MULAN, 1917,  SKYFALL, CASINO ROYALE). We learn about the different areas of stunt work and the different exper ...   Show more

Emma Pill - Location Manager

EPISODE 95 - EMMA PILL - Location Manager Team Deakins sits down with Location Manager extraordinaire Emma Pill (1917, SPECTRE, INCEPTION, THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM). In this episode, we learn lots about the function of the location department and the importance of their role. She tel ...   Show more

Shaun Conway - Gaffer

EPISODE 94 - SHAUN CONWAY - Gaffer Team Deakins has a great conversation with Australian gaffer Shaun Conway(MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, MULAN, ALIEN:COVENANT). He shares not only the basics of the job of a gaffer, but he also goes into detail about working with different cinematographer ...   Show more

Skip Lievsay - Sound Designer/Editor/Mixer

EPISODE 93 - SKIP LIEVSAY - Sound Designer/Editor/Mixer Team Deakins has the chance to catch up with the guru of sound, Skip Lievsay (GRAVITY, ROMA, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN). We use the opportunity to learn the different roles and responsibilities in the sound department, from ons ...   Show more

Bob Yeoman - Cinematographer

EPISODE 92 - BOB YEOMAN - Cinematographer Team Deakins has a great conversation with cinematographer Bob Yeoman (THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, MOONRISE KINGDOM, SPY). He’s a frequent collaborator with Wes Anderson and he walks us through how they work together. We learn their way of ...   Show more

Turning the Tables - FARGO

EPISODE 91 - TURNING THE TABLES - FARGO Team Deakins gets the tables turned on them in this episode. Cinematographer Joshua James Richards (Nomadland, The Rider, God's Own Country) turns the spotlight on us and asks questions about the movie Fargo. We speak about specific shots a ...   Show more

Bradford Young - Cinematographer

EPISODE 90 - BRADFORD YOUNG - Cinematographer Team Deakins sits down with cinematographer Bradford Young, (ARRIVAL, SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY, SELMA), for a great conversation. We talk about many things - among the topics are his belief that the cinematography must always serve the ...   Show more

Guy Hendrix Dyas - Production Designer

EPISODE 89 - GUY HENDRIX DYAS - Production Designer Team Deakins sits down with production designer, Guy Hendrix Dyas (INCEPTION, GEMINI MAN, ELIZABETH: THE GOLDEN AGE). We cover many subjects, including the importance of drawing and illustrating for Production Designers, the nee ...   Show more

Seamus McGarvey - Cinematographer

EPISODE 88 - SEAMUS MCGARVEY - Cinematographer Team Deakins has a fun conversation with cinematographer Seamus McGarvey (ATONEMENT, ANNA KARENINA, NOCTURNAL ANIMALS, WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN). He shares what he loves about filmmaking - the collaboration, the democracy of ideas ...   Show more

Gregor Wilson - Production Manager

EPISODE 87 - GREGOR WILSON - Production Manager Team Deakins speaks with Gregor Wilson, (JUSTICE LEAGUE, PRISONERS, MAN OF STEAL), and looks closely at the role of production manager. Gregor tells us that one of the first important things he does is hiring the right crew and work ...   Show more

Caleb Deschanel - Cinematographer

EPISODE 86 - CALEB DESCHANEL - Cinematographer Team Deakins sits down with cinematographer Caleb Deschanel for a great conversation. We learn about his experiences on the BLACK STALLION, BEING THERE, THE RIGHT STUFF, AND THE NATURAL. We talk about the key to being really good in ...   Show more

Michael Lerman - Assistant Director

EPISODE 85 - MICHAEL LERMAN - Assistant Director Team Deakins has a great conversation with assistant director, Michael Lerman (1917, DOCTOR STRANGE, SKYFALL). Michael breaks down the job in detail starting from the beginning in prep through the shoot. He tells us it starts with ...   Show more

Matthew Libatique - Cinematographer

EPISODE 84 - MATTHEW LIBATIQUE - Cinematographer Team Deakins speaks with cinematographer Matty Libatique (A STAR IS BORN, BLACK SWAN, MOTHER!). In our conversation, he shares his experiences of working with director Darren Aronofsky as well as working with director Spike Lee. He ...   Show more

David Mullen - Cinematographer

EPISODE 83 - DAVID MULLEN - Cinematographer Team Deakins has the opportunity to talk with cinematographer David Mullen(THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL, NORTHFORK, TWIN FALLS IDAHO). We learn lots of specifics about the shooting and lighting of the film Northfork. He really breaks it al ...   Show more

Jeff Nichols & Adam Stone - Director & Cinematographer Team

EPISODE 82 - JEFF NICHOLS, ADAM STONE - Director/Cinematographer Team Team Deakins has a great conversation with the collaborative team of director Jeff Nichols and cinematographer Adam Stone (MUD, LOVING, TAKE SHELTER). We learn about how they found each other, how they work tog ...   Show more

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