Episode 272: The Fly (1986)

Episode 272: The Fly (1986)

Episode 275: I Blame Society (2020)

Adam and Jared have received an early screener for the new horror/comedy 'I Blame Society' and provide their spoiler free thoughts. The film releases to cinemas on 20 May.  

Episode 274: Deep Rising (1998)

Adam and Jared join Treat Williams, fake Australian Mick Brumby and a very nasty creature on the cruise from hell in 1998's Deep Rising. Also, a big list of recently seen.  

Episode 273: Code of Silence (1985)

Adam and Jared take a good hard look at what a lot of critics believe is Chuck Norris's best film, 1985's Code of Silence. We also go up or down on the new trailers for Army of the Dead and Fast 9.  

Episode 271: Snake Eyes (1998)

We try and believe our eyes while watching Nicholas Cage go way, way, WAY over the top in the 1998 Brian De Palma thriller, Snake Eyes.  

Episode 270: The Conjuring (2013)

Our Easter episodes puts us in a haunted house with the Warren's as we take on 2013's, The Conjuring.  

Episode 269: Flash Gordon (1980)

FLASH. A-AH. Matty returns to help sift through the 1980 cult classic, Flash Gordon.  

Episode 268: The worst from our favourite actors.

Jared and Adam take a detour and discuss the worst films starring our favourite actors. The usual suspects are looked at and as always, things go off on a tangent more than once.  

Episode 267: D-Tox AKA Eye See You (2002)

Adam, Jared and Matty join Sylvester Stallone and a high powered cast of character actors at a rehab facility in the snowbound wilderness. As part of the process, they discuss Sly's one and only horror film, 2002's D-Tox AKA Eye See You.  

Episode 266: Rambo (2008)

Gibbo returns as we head to Burma to watch John Rambo charm snakes and kill a lot of people in the most grizzly of ways in 2008's Rambo.  

Episode 265: Adam and Jared's Slasher movie sojourn - Hell Night (1981)

Adam and Jared spend a night in Garth manor, avoiding not 1, but 2 hulking killers as they discuss the 1981 slasher, Hell Night.  

Episode 264: Revisiting the Halloween franchise smack down

After unearthing some new evidence, Adam and Jared revisit the age old question - which is better? Halloween 5 or Halloween 6? They also re-rank the franchise.  

Episode 263: Best of the Best (1989) & Best of the Best 2 (1993)

We finally get to the Best of the Best franchise with numbers 1 & 2. Topics such as Eric Robert's hair. James Earl Jones's coaching credentials and the performances of Phillip Rhea and Ralf Moeller are discussed in depth. We also cover what we've been watching recently.  

Episode 262: Upgrade (2018)

Adam and Jared both have a chip implanted in their necks while they review the 2018 sci-fi thriller, Upgrade.  

Episode 261: Maximum Overdrive (1986) & Trucks (1997)

Adam and Jared spend the episode dodging possessed machinery to discuss the two attempts at a Stephen King short story, Maximum Overdrive and Trucks.  

Episode 260: Unstoppable (2010)

We roll into the new year by taking a look back at an underrated Denzel Washington/Tony Scott collaboration, 2010's Unstoppable.  

Episode 259: Santa's Slay (2005)

As an extra Christmas present in the stocking, Adam, Jared and Matty critique the 2005 killer Santa film, Santa's Slay.  

Episode 258: Silent Night Deadly Night 2 (1987)

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! This year, we get in the Christmas spirit with the yuletide slasher sequel, Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2. We discuss disastrous lead performances, garbage day, the amount of footage from the first film they used and Jared gets angry about a key omission.  

Episode 257: Red Heat (1988)

Arnie is teamed with Jim Belushi for 1988's Walter Hill action/thriller Red Heat. Adam, Jared and Matty go over the details of this buddy cop caper with an international flavour.  

Episode 256: Best and worst Stephen King film adaptions.

We felt we were a little stingy with last weeks episode so to fill the gap, Adam and Jared run through their 5 favourite and least favourite Stephen King film/TV adaptions.  

Episode 255: The Lawnmower Man (1992)

We quickly mow through 1992's alleged Stephen King adaption, The Lawnmower Man. An over abundance of visual FX by a director who managed to piss off two successful authors.  

Episode 254: The Warriors (1979)

Adam, Jared and Matty get all the gangs together for a robust discussion about 1979's, The Warriors. We also cover what we've recently been watching.  

Get Out (2017)

Rather than get out, Jared and Adam dive right into 2017's Get Out. We also cover what we have been watching and give our thoughts on the Halloween Kill teaser trailer.  

The Guest (2014)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! We mix it up a little and go with a Halloween themed action/thriller in 2014's, The Guest.  

Halloween II (2009)

Rob Zombie's vision of Michael Myers gets dissected as Adam and Jared go over 2009's, Halloween II.  

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)

Adam and Jared discuss Michael Myers return in 1988's Halloween 4. Pink Masks. A lack of security when transporting dangerous criminals and the brilliance of Wade all get discussed in depth. We also go through what we have been watching recently.  

Actors who dabble in music.

After Vin Diesel dropped a pop single, Adam and Jared decided to look back at other action stars who have dabble in music.  

Robocop 3 (1993)

We round of the Robocop franchise with a full review of the much maligned second sequel, Robocop 3.  

Night of the Creeps Revisited (1986)

We've covered the movie previously, but no review of Tom Atkins career is complete without a viewing of 1986's Night of the Creeps. Jared and Adam go over every inch of the film to wring out every second of Atkins genius. Big thanks to Luke for providing his thoughts.  

Creepshow (1982)

Although Tom Atkins doesn't get much screen time (BOO), Adam and Jared delve into the old school horror anthology, 1982's Creepshow.  

Escape from New York (1981)

We only get a cameo from Tom Atkins, but it is certainly worth the effort as Adam and Jared try and Escape from New York by watching the underrated John Carpenter film.  

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