The Intimacy Relationship Flow - Struggle Inspired!

The Intimacy Relationship Flow - Struggle Ins...

The Relationship Focus on the Soul is our Comfort!

Towards our #Relationship #Flow we have decided to focus on the Soul level!  The beautiful moving pic by Nachmanstyle Photography is an example of the deep love with trauma created by this recent tragedy!  Please Sign up for our United Souls Interactive BI weekly Course by Eli Go ...   Show more

The Intimacy Relationship Flow - Eternal Truth of Soulmates!

Once understood how Eternal the bond with your Soulmate is, this absolute true soul reality will influence your #relationship #flow for the good! Our #Intimacy will open to a whole new level of #EternalLove!  For your feedback & #relationshipflow email kindly - UnityInspiresProje ...   Show more

The Intimacy Relationship Flow - Focused Goals & Connection!

The next step in our Intimacy Series is to be #Focused on our #Goals of #Connection! To be focused will open up intimacy with vulnerability, trust, and true pleasure! We have these goals within and the more we clarify the importance of our goal the more we shall live up to this n ...   Show more

The Intimacy Relationship Flow - Kindness to Foundation!

We enter a special time called #Sefirah which will enhance our #intimate relationship with many mystical revelations of #foundational truth! Much of the world is missing these human realities and we see the effect of unguided intimate relationships! Let us these 7 weeks work toge ...   Show more

The Intimacy Relationship Flow - Love & Unification!

The preps for Pesach aka #Passover 2021 and the experience #Seder night is an awesome opportunity to experience #love & #unification! We are able on a relationship level to learn from the struggle of darkness of restrictions to freedom with light! To experience the #unitedsouls t ...   Show more

The Intimacy Relationship Flow - Renewed Support!

Journey together with your soul mate into true intimacy, building a safe trust-filled relationship that only grows deeper & more unified! This will be achieved by constantly renewing support emotionally, physically, and spiritually!  Also, listen to the most recent episode of our ...   Show more

The Intimacy Relationship Flow - Overcome Resentment!

To experience Intimacy a person will have to face feelings of resentment! This could be in overcoming external issues or more internal challenges! Either way to have true intimacy we have to have a connection to our Soul level! Thank you to Tim Ferriss and Jordan Peterson for the ...   Show more

The Relationship Flow - Love = TIME!

Happy Purim - the biggest gift you can give to another Soul is TIME - Dr. Edith Edgar expresses this beautifully! Enjoy this special time with your loved ones and will get back to our Intimacy Focus even more next week! Listen to our #UnityFlow podcast: United Souls #2 Collaborat ...   Show more

The Intimacy Relationship Flow - Series 2 - The Oneness Will!

Listen to our relationship podcast: The Intimacy Relationship Flow - Series 2! We are now able to focus on the #Intimacy Series again with a renewed #RelationshipFlow! Great lessons of Joy ? from the approaching Purim 2021 and this weeks special birthd ...   Show more

The Shovavim Relationship Flow - Part 7 - The Climax!

Congratulations we have Climaxed our #Shovavim Series with a clearer working understanding of our #RelationshipFlow! We ask us all to now review and internalize on a daily and monthly level! To unify emotionally, physically and spiritually with collaborative awareness! Please ema ...   Show more

The Shovavim Relationship Flow - Part 6 - Listening!

The #Shovavim Series Climaxes with a #Listening #Relationship #Flow - giving permission to receive even when challenged! To intently listen and connect with integrity to our Soul partners! In our Climax class next week we shall bring that energy that Synergies our flow globally i ...   Show more

The Shovavim Relationship Flow - Part 5 - Gratitude!

The Attitude of Gratitude releases our potential to thrive and be fruitful in our #relationshipflow! Sign up now to support our #unitedsouls unity focus & happy TuBishevat of #gratitude - ...   Show more

The Shovavim Relationship Flow Part 4 - Authentic!

Happy to connect in an Authentic way - Please share & sign up for our United Souls focus with interactive practical tools so needed for a divisive generation - Join and share yo ...   Show more

The Shovavim Relationship Flow Part 3 - Prioritisation!

After building on Encouragement and Focus in our #RelationshipFlow we now can enter our #Prioritisation in our schedule with real time management! Please prioritise in your schedule to sign up and join us - United Souls for a Divisive Generation! Every other Tuesday at 8:30 AM (E ...   Show more

The Shovavim Relationship Flow Part 2 - Focus!

To go ahead with the Shovavim Relationship Focus we begin with the End in mind! This Shabbos is the beginning with Shemos of the 6 weeks of this important #relationshipflow work, we need to clarify our goals and values to build upon on! Share your relationship flow feedback and c ...   Show more

The Shovavim Relationship Flow Part 1 - Encouragement!

To get the Shovavim Relationship Focus we begin with Encouragement! The Shabbos coming is called Shabbat Chazak, in preparation for the 6 weeks of this important #relationshipflow work, we need the clarity and strengthening to build upon on! Share your relationship flow feedback ...   Show more

The Shovavim Relationship Flow! New Series Intro!

Join our new series on the #Shovavim #Relationship #Flow! Please share on this important new #relationshipflow series, which will help us remove many of the blocks that hold back the real flow in our daily relationships, especially with our #soulmate! Happy to share our #unitedso ...   Show more

Staging the United Soul Relationship Flow!

Creating a setting that helps us grow towards a #UnitedSoul experience that helps all our #relationships #flow! Episode 36 connects well with the Chanukah warmth and yummy Donuts etc... Using practicals tools to create warmth, love, dedication, in an effective way that inspire qu ...   Show more

Mazel Tov Flow Wedding, Bar Mitzvah and Chanukah!

Keeping focused on Priorities during Simchas and busy times in life bH is our focus on our #Relationship #Flow together! We shall continue our #Intimacy Flow #Chanukah time! As discussed in our United Souls book and flow - the values, goals with priorities guide us all during the ...   Show more

Preparing for Intimacy with Renewal! Part 5!

Preparing for intimacy to experience an uplifting inspiring renewal requires a mindful proactive approach. Both soulmates need to prepare for this special night physically, emotionally and spiritually! We need to create a bond in a real way that unites our souls in the deepest mo ...   Show more

Time on & off - Intimately Connected to the Relationship Flow! Part 4!

Time on time off in intimacy is always #Connected when understood through the Relationship Flow! There are so many different aspects of the relationship that need focus and the time off from #intimacy is a great monthly opportunity to balance and complete all these other aspects! ...   Show more

The Intimate Giving Flow! Part 3!

The #Relationship #Flow continues with the important essential discussion on #Intimacy! To find the sincere flow in intimate connections with our soulmate can manifest for everyone with the spiritual unification that takes place! The key reality we can all connect to is the givin ...   Show more

Bringing Intimacy into our Relationship Flow! Part 2!

Enhancing our #Intimacy is worth all the effort and strategic approaches to experience the now together as United Souls! Using all the tools of the #Soultans such as emotional focus, musical entertainment, bridging conversations, intimate settings, having a real intention to unif ...   Show more

Experience Intimacy into our Relationship Flow! Part 1!

Intimacy is the true glue that expresses the oneness of man and women in the loving Soulmate reality! Enter into our #RelationshipFlow the discussion of #intimacy as we delicately discuss the power of being Fruitful & Multiple on the Soul level & beyond! However, first the emotio ...   Show more

The True Inclusive Relationship Climax Flow!

Our #Relationship #Flow is with the Climax of #Sukkot2020 & the opportunity to be sealed for only blessings! To enter this intimate world with relationship focus then be truly inclusive! Also, plz Listen to our #UnityFlow podcast & share on - ...   Show more

The Relationship Flow of Real Joy!

We are approaching the Festival of Sukkot here in the holy land with a lock down due to the Corona Challenge! We can all focus a bit more inner, on our families & loved ones with Joy! Thinking positively, with appreciation we are empowered to enter this special time with a Unifie ...   Show more

The Forgiveness Flow with our Loved ones!

We are just before Yom Kippur and Sukkot 5781 with the power of forgiveness in #Flow! The key focus is on #forgiveness with all our loved ones and realizing those closet to home need the most of our sweet #relationshipflow! On that note time to ask forgiveness and get back to the ...   Show more

True Dedication Flow of Devotion to the One!

With the new year approaching understanding your a soul & have a soul mate! We are requested to be all in to our oneness! The new year begins with the power to focus on the oneness and from there build outwards to the sphere of influence with the real daily Unification in place! ...   Show more

The New Year Redemptive Flow of United Relationships!

Tuning into our #SoulFlow level in our Relationship’s will bring us to a United experience in daily life! This is the flow in our United Souls new book which takes discipline to write, communication with emotional intelligence to those we love, so the flow can be #United! Prepari ...   Show more

The United Souls Book Relationship Flow!

Busy time Elul before the new year, a need to pause and reflect with "United Souls by Eli G! - A Journey towards Real Unification in everyday life!" This is Exciting news - United Souls Book - In Development! Listen Now - #UnitedSoulsCollaborationAlbum #1 - Out Now - http://sptfy http://sptfy ...   Show more

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