Podversation 12: Authentic leadership and the role of strengths

Podversation 12: Authentic leadership and the...

S10E8 How to share your leadership vision in 7 steps

It’s important for leaders to be clear on the purpose of their team, of their department and their organisation and the function of each in the world. This boils down to having a vision and sharing that vision of something beyond just a job or a project for each person working fo ...   Show more

S10E7 Building your stakeholder engagement strategy

In my coaching and development work with senior execs, there is one activity that I can guarantee will always form part of our conversations, almost certainly more than once. And that’s stakeholder engagement. From forming a stakeholder engagement map to a stakeholder engagement ...   Show more

S10E6 How to build your personal leadership brand

Firstly, why build your leadership brand and is it worth doing? The answer is an emphatic "yes". Like all great brands, having a strong leadership brand produces strong results in terms of improved demand, perceived value, reputation and results.. More specifically, a leadership ...   Show more

S10E5 Diversity of thought for leadership teams

From a business point of view, the pandemic has taught us many things. At a business leadership level, once of the most relevant is the importance of divergent thinking, of diverse, innovative perspectives in decision making, Particularly when under pressure and in uncertain situ ...   Show more

S10E4 What is strengths based leadership and how can you get it?

Strengths based leadership is getting a lot of interest these days and rightly so. When leaders enable the strengths of their teams, there is a large spike in engagement. This can also lead to significant increases in productivity when taken into performance management conversati ...   Show more

S10E3 Self-management and personal productivity

https://www.strengthscope.com/self-management-personal-productivity/ https://www.strengthscope.com/self-management-personal-productivity/ Technology has made it genuinely challenging to deal with the pace and volume of information coming at us day to day. It affects our sleep patterns, our relationships, our stress levels. With all those potential ...   Show more

S10E2 Building resilience in 5 steps

Read the article here: https://www.strengthscope.com/building-resilience-in-5-steps/ https://www.strengthscope.com/building-resilience-in-5-steps/ Online resilience course: https://www.strengthscope.com/resilience-course/ https://www.strengthscope.com/resilience-course/ ‘How can I develop resilience?’ is one of the questions we are most often asked at Strengthscope. Well, we’ve spent year ...   Show more

S10E1 How to deal with tough feedback

In Season 1, Episdode 4 I discussed 'How to give great feedback in 3 steps', both positive and negative, emphasising the importance of being respectful, listening well and asking clarifying questions. Although I touched on how to receive feedback, the main focus was on giving it ...   Show more

S9E12 How to own your development in 2021

During times of uncertainty and at the start of the year, people often tend to focus on their personal and professional development. As we move to the end of January, with the freshness of the New Year starting to wear off, could be time to reflect again on the important things i ...   Show more

S9E11 What is growth mindset and how to develop one

Today’s podcast is on growth mindset. Such a powerful concept. Central to positive psychology.  Evidence links growth mindset to a variety of positive outcomes: higher goal achievement, motivation, lower stress, anxiety, depression, better work relationships and higher performanc ...   Show more

S9E10 Projecting forward for the year - taking control to boss 2021

Start off 2021 on the good foot!  In the first podcast of 2021, I look at several areas that will help you shape the next 12 months in a positive way: How did you cope with the life changes brought on by 2020, and what did you learn about yourself through that? How can you use wh ...   Show more

S9E9 The benefits of gratitude – giving thanks to 2020

2020 has been challenging and damaging in so many ways. For many people, it has been completely life-changing. We have all experienced a sense of loss this year, but for some of us that has been loss of health, of loved ones, of livelihoods and of futures. There’s not much positi ...   Show more

S9E8 Working from home well

During this global pandemic, most people have needed to adapt significantly to new ways of working and new ways of living that we haven’t had much choice over. Working from home, for millions of people, is just one of those adaptations. So now, many months on from the start of th ...   Show more

S9E7 How to build trust in virtual teams

Building trust is more difficult virtually than it is when you’re in the same place as other people. You miss out on all the ‘in between’ bits the micro gestures, the informal chats, the side conversations after meetings. Read more here: https://www.strengthscope.com/building-t https://www.strengthscope.com/building-t ...   Show more

S9E6 How to do team check-ins

Team health is at a premium these days. As in wellbeing as well as performance for individuals in a team and for the team overall.  This year has been unprecedented in its demands on teams to flex and bend into all sorts of shapes they’re not used to. People leaving, joining, obj ...   Show more

S9E5 Top tips for dealing with a dysfunctional team

The term ‘dysfunctional team’ sends a shudder through many of us, bringing up visions of a team that is infighting, politicking, game-playing, back-stabbing, bullying and emotionally outbursting. So today’s podcast focuses on what to do when you are asked to support a dysfunction ...   Show more

S9E4 Building effective virtual teams the strengths way

Team development is squarely and firmly back on the agenda in most organisations. Now more than ever, teams are working virtually, so organisations need a route map for building successful virtual teams. It would be easy to say that building virtual teams is just the same as buil ...   Show more

S9E3 Nine ways to improve virtual team communication

As our new world of working continues to reveal itself, virtual teamworking is fast becoming a standard in many organisations. With more teams working fully virtually and others at least working partly on a virtual basis, there is a growing need for virtual teams not used to work ...   Show more

S9E2 Improving your career wellbeing part 2

Last time, part 1 introduced the topic of career wellbeing and took you through the first 3 of the 7 elements: Your career progressionyour relationships at workyour relationship with the organisation (If you missed it, you can catch up here: https://www.strengthscope.com/improve- https://www.strengthscope.com/improve- ...   Show more

S9E1 Improving your career wellbeing part 1

What is career wellbeing? Various researchers have tried to break it down into various elements including: career transitions you might make, your relationships at work, your relationship with the organisation, your work performance, your sense of purpose, learning and developmen ...   Show more

S8E12 Supercharge your wellbeing

Now is a really good time to focus on your well-being and one of the central pillars of you feeling well is to connect with other humans. We are social animals and the last few months have been particularly challenging for us as to how to practically connect socially with other p ...   Show more

S8E11 Managing a team through change

https://www.strengthscope.com/managing-a-team-through-change/ https://www.strengthscope.com/managing-a-team-through-change/ Many teams are experiencing significant change as a result of the events of 2020 but change within teams presents a perennial challenge. Team membership is always fluid, goals and objectives need to be revisited, proje ...   Show more

S8E10 - Returning to Work - The Strengths Way

More offices and workplaces are now starting to open and more people are returning to work, and there’s an unusual atmosphere of normality combined with concerns about the unknown. To ease those concerns and increase the feeling of normality, my headline advice is to go for famil ...   Show more

S8E9 How Strengths Can Boost Your Well-Being At Work

Well-being at work is a hotter topic than ever and rightly so. We’re regularly being told that employees’ mental health is worsening and that stress-related absence is on the increase. According to the UK’s official HR-representing body (the CIPD) between 2018-19, work-related st ...   Show more

S8E8 Sidestepping into a new role

Something we’re hearing from more and more organisations is how they’re looking to help their employees explore new opportunities in areas of the business that are continuing to do well even when faced with the challenges we’re seeing today. Sometimes, this kind of role sidestep ...   Show more

S8E7 Adjusting to the new normal

The new normal is a funny phrase because it makes you think that at some point, change is going to stop and normal is going to be forever and then we can all chill a bit and get a bit of certainty back. Let’s hope that’s true but for now, one thing we know for sure is that there’ ...   Show more

S8E6 How to aim for progress not perfection

Are you a perfectionist? Perfectionism has significant negative health impacts. Learn how to keep it under control so that it remains in service to you rather than you becoming a slave to perfection. https://www.strengthscope.com/how-to-aim-for-progress-not-perfection/ https://www.strengthscope.com/how-to-aim-for-progress-not-perfection/ In a 2019 ...   Show more

S8E5 Getting the best from your strengths in a crisis

https://www.strengthscope.com/getting-the-best-from-your-strengths-in-a-crisis/ https://www.strengthscope.com/getting-the-best-from-your-strengths-in-a-crisis/ Once upon a time, the strengths approach wasn’t so well-known as it is today and one of the pushbacks to the approach I used to hear fairly often was about strengths being a great idea for the good ti ...   Show more

S8E4 Building out your support network

Your social network can have a significant effect on your health studies have shown that those with stronger social networks enjoy multiple physiological, psychological and long-term health benefits than those who lack social support. This is particularly important at times of ...   Show more

S8E3 It's all fake news – learning to unbias what you see and hear

Why is it that the ‘news’ is pretty much always negative? We live in a world wired towards negativity bias (I podcast on this in Season 1, episode 2). As humans, we react quickly to potential threats, that is we’re programmed to hear about those things first; in addition, we kind ...   Show more

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