129: Secret Life Of Pets And Jurassic World Open In Hollywood, UK Theme Parks Are Back, And More!

129: Secret Life Of Pets And Jurassic World O...

132: Return To Alton Towers

We were at Alton Towers this week for what was Tom's first ever visit and report back on a fun time despite a day of typically rubbish British 'summer' weather. From Smiler to Rita, every big coaster is covered - plus the monorail, gardens, food options, and more! --- Send in a v ...   Show more

131: Disneyland Reopens, Ghostbusters Comes To Planet Coaster On Console, And More!

Disneyland reopened for the first time in over 13 months this week but there's more than just that on the agenda on this fine podcast, with important discussions to be had about doughnuts, paint colours, and video game zoos. And that's not even to mention articulate reviews of bo ...   Show more

130: Return To Thorpe Park, Dinos At The London Resort, And More!

This week marks our return to Thorpe Park for the first time since last summer and Josh had two total newcomers to guide through the day in the form of Tom and special guest Abi. We also talk about plans for dinosaurs at The London Resort, another COVID closure for Universal Japa ...   Show more

128: Avengers Campus And VelociCoaster Opening Dates, Hyphen Rants, And More!

Two eagerly-anticipated opening dates were announced this week with Avengers Campus in California and VelociCoaster in Orlando, but Tom and Josh end up being distracted by a debate over theme parks' inconsistent use of hyphens. Apologies for some background carnage that you may b ...   Show more

127: Disney Confirms UK Cruises For This Summer, Universal Hollywood Sets Reopening Date, And More!

Exciting news on both sides of the Atlantic this week as Disney confirms plans to sail cruises out of the UK this summer, while Universal announces the reopening date for its Hollywood theme park. All that plus new details on how the US plans to emerge from the pandemic and what ...   Show more

126: Disneyland Expansion Plans, Alton Towers Shows Off Gangsta Granny, And More!

Disneyland has only just confirmed its plans for its long-awaited reopening, but this week decided it was also the time to unveil some exciting expansion plans both for the main California park and its neighbour! We've also got a fresh look at Gangsta Granny at Alton Towers, some ...   Show more

125: Zack Snyder's Park Rush Podcast Starring Disneyland, Super Nintendo World And More!

Join us this week for the joyous return of Disneyland, a closer look at Universal's new Secret Life Of Pets attraction in Hollywood, the grand opening of Super Nintendo World, and much more! This podcast has been uploaded slightly later than normal to preserve Tom's original visi ...   Show more

124: London Resort Faces Fresh Opposition, Ratatouille Gets Opening Date, And More!

The London Resort is facing fresh opposition that could prove an obstacle in its efforts to be approved... and in other news, water is wet! Aside from entirely developments in the case of the "UK's answer to Disneyland", we also have news on actual Disneyland and when it might fi ...   Show more

123: Halloween Horror Nights Return, Epic Universe Back On, And Hope For California!

What a week! Hope springs eternal for theme park fans with a trio of fabulous announcements to give us some more light at the end of this long, dark coronavirus tunnel: the return of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando, the reconfirmation of Epic Universe, and finally a ...   Show more

122: UK Theme Parks Get Comeback Date, Epcot Controversy, And More!

It was a big week for us Brits as the prime minister finally unveiled the route out of our latest lockdown, including a date for when the country's theme parks can reopen! We've also got our best look yet at VelociCoaster at Islands Of Adventure, new controversy at Epcot, and a s ...   Show more

121: Disney World's 50th Anniversary Plans, Six Flags Reopening Dates, And More!

Disney World has formally announced its plans for what must be the longest birthday celebrations ever, with plans for its 50th set to go on for 18 months starting this October. We've also got word of reopening dates for most Six Flags parks and a bunch more! --- Send in a voice m ...   Show more

120: How Will Disney Parks Recover From COVID-19?

Disney CEO Bob Chapek led a grim call with investors this week about the state of the company's theme parks, which have endured unprecedented losses because of the coronavirus pandemic. We talk about the latest financial figures and what they mean for Disney - and how their theme ...   Show more

119: RIP Barney, Super Nintendo World Opens, And The Truth Behind Universal Studios UK!

It's a busy week of news this week, which means it's just as well we overcame some early technical gremlins for an hour-long chat about the opening of Super Nintendo World in Japan, the return of Volcano Bay in Florida, the heartbreaking end of A Day In The Park With Barney, and ...   Show more

118: Probably Skip This One - The Audio's Busted

Hey, everyone! Super sorry for this, but can't in good conscience recommend that you listen to this week's show because the audio quality is an absolute mess. Tom made a daft error during his recording, which made his track pretty unsalvageable, and working this weekend meant he ...   Show more

117: Disneyland's Spider-Man Update, Biden Confirmed For Hall Of Presidents, And More!

It's a pretty much Disney-exclusive week of news on this week's show, including an update on Web-Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure at Disneyland and confirmation that Joe Biden will be installed at Magic Kingdom's Hall Of Presidents. Apologies for the slightly robotic tinge to Jos ...   Show more

116: More Disney Cuts, Super Nintendo World Delayed, And The Future Of The Hall Of Presidents

It's a packed week of theme park news this week as Disney make yet more cuts, including its popular bus service from Orlando International Airport, coronavirus delays the opening of Super Nintendo World yet again, and more! Plus, we discuss whether the Hall Of Presidents still ha ...   Show more

115: Super Nintendo World Edges Closer, Big Step For London Resort, And What's Up With Magic Kingdom's TRON?

On this week's show we take a look at leaked footage from Super Nintendo World just weeks before it's due to open at Universal Studios Japan, celebrate a major milestone for The London Resort, and examine what's going on with Magic Kingdom's TRON coaster. --- Send in a voice mess ...   Show more

114: Happy New Year!

Tom and Josh bring in 2021 by looking back on the year that was and picking out one or two things that theme park fans can look forward to over the next 12 months. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/parkrush/message https://anchor.fm/parkrush/message  

113: Josh's Festive Theme Park Video Game Bracket

Merry Christmas! Josh is here to ensure you get your Park Rush fix over the festive break with his second annual festive theme park bracket, this time pitting video games against one another in a fight to the death. See you in 2021! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/ https://anchor.fm/ ...   Show more

112: Planet Coaster: Console Edition: A Theme Park Video Game Review

We wipe away our Tier 4 tears to play and talk about Planet Coaster: Console Edition - the final theme park video game we have on our list until someone releases a new one! From how it translates from PC to how it holds up in its own right, there's plenty to discuss. Stay safe ou ...   Show more

111: Jurassic World Evolution: A Theme Park Video Game Review

We reach the penultimate episode of our current theme park video game review series with Jurassic World Evolution! Tom's been playing the Xbox version of the game and has some thoughts on how developer Frontier - best known for RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 and Planet Coaster - have tra ...   Show more

110: Super Nintendo World Opening Date, VelociCoaster Trains, And The Universal Cookie Hunt!

Universal delivered the goods when it came to podcast topics this week - we've got an opening date for Super Nintendo World in Japan and new details on its first two rides, a hype reel for Islands Of Adventure's upcoming VelociCoaster, and one of our listeners goes on an intrepid ...   Show more

109: Spider-Bots Roll Out, Disney Laying Off More Staff, Joe Rohde Retiring, And More!

It's a packed show of theme park news this week, from Disneyland rolling out Spider-Bot merchandise well in advance of its new Spider-Man ride at the upcoming Avengers Campus, to Imagineeering legend Joe Rohde announcing his retirement. There's an update for excellent theme park ...   Show more

108: Ice Breaker And Iron Gwazi New Looks, Disneyland Starts Reopening, And More!

It's been a busy week of news for US theme parks, despite the growing prevalence of COVID-19 across the country. We've got new looks at SeaWorld's Ice Breaker and Busch Gardens' Iron Gwazi, which are both due to open in Florida in spring 2021. Also this week, Disneyland has begun ...   Show more

107: Parkitect: A Theme Park Video Game Review

We are nearly up to the present day in our journey through the history of theme park video games, reaching Parkitect from what already feels like the distant year of 2018. Tom and Josh discuss their time with the game and how it honours the legacy of RollerCoaster Tycoon, while a ...   Show more

106: COVID Shuts More Parks, New Look At Guardians Coaster, And More!

Disappointing news for theme park fans in Europe and the UK this week as a resurgence of the coronavirus forces theme parks to close once more, but there's happier headlines from elsewhere as Hong Kong Disneyland sets a date for its new castle to open and we get a new look at the ...   Show more

105: The London Resort - Latest Public Consultation Details And Interview Blowout!

There's lots of London Resort chat this week thanks to the public consultation coming to an end and a surprisingly in-depth interview with the man leading the project, who previously worked on Disneyland Paris and the Millennium Dome. There's also news of coronavirus-enforced the ...   Show more

104: Bad News For Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood, Good News For Universal Studios Beijing!

A busy weekend means a rare Monday release for the Park Rush podcast - this time bringing you bad news for California's major theme parks, but exciting developments at the upcoming Universal Studios Beijing. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/parkrush/message https://anchor.fm/parkrush/message  

103: Disneyland Adventures: A Theme Park Video Game Review

Our theme park video game review series continues with Disneyland Adventures - a 2011 Kinect game for the Xbox 360 that later became a more bog-standard controller experience for Xbox One and also came to PC. You can watch us stream theme park video games at twitch.tv/parkrush! - ...   Show more

102: Universal Japan Gets Its First Nintendo Food, Some Disney Jobs Saved, And More!

This week we discuss an emotional final trip to our local cinema and the current state of coronavirus in the UK, before diving into listener emails, Nintendo-themed food coming to Universal Studios Japan, a positive development regarding Disney theme park jobs, and more! --- Send ...   Show more

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