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The Big Crossover Event with Tangent - The Of...

6 hidden gems you SHOULD have on your watchlist

Sometimes, there are little stories that don't get much media attention. These aren't your Marvels or your Star Wars, they're what we like to call: hidden gems. In this episode we talk about six of them - movies and TV! - that we think you'll all really like. They might not be th ...   Show more

The Big Shadow and Bone review

Journey with us to Ravka... We're reviewing Shadow and Bone! (And also the end of Falcon and The Winter Soldier for like 10 minutes at the top of the episode!) Folks who have been paying attention know that Katie in particular has been looking forward to this for a while now, and ...   Show more

Falcon and Winter Soldier's Desmond Chiam: Flag Smasher, Shannara & more!

What's that? A real, honest-to-god interview? Holy smokes!   The incredibly lovely Desmond Chiam kindly joined us for a little sit down to talk about his career, his time in the MCU as Dovich, one of the Flag Smashers in Falcon and the Winter Soldier, as well as just his general ...   Show more

What did we watch lately - Official Tangents Episode

Sometimes you just wanna sit down and check in. On this week's episode... what have we been watching lately? Katie and Lily talk about some of the good (and the bad) things they've been enjoying (or getting very frustrated at) as they take the time to just have a little catch up. ...   Show more

Did the MCU change cinema? w special guest Hakuna MaChatter

So... Marvel, huh? We all know it, most of us love it, so we thought we'd have a chat about it. Joined by Elliott (Hakuna MaChatter), we three nerds have a deep-dive into the legacy of the MCU and it's effects on cinema as a whole. Also we talk about Venom, the best Marvel film, ...   Show more

Time to say goodbye to Westview with special guest Ryan

We'll see each other again, Westview... Join us - including Ryan! - as we unpack this, the opening to Marvel's Phase 4: a funny little show called WandaVision. Spoilers abound for this, along with a discussion of a philosophical boat and maybe, just maybe, some tears? Come on in. ...   Show more

Katie and Lily K visited the West Wing

Nothing but respect for MY President. If you've had... any kind of conversation with Katie in the last four months, you know that she's fallen head over heels in love with the senior staffers of The West Wing. And the Lily obliged and said they could talk about it. Come join us a ...   Show more

The Rise of To All the Films We Judged Before

For the next two weeks, our hosts are talking about their loves. First up: Lily finally got Katie to watch, what she has called, "the perfect trilogy": the reboot PLANET OF THE APES trilogy. Does Katie agree? Just how good Andy Serkis? What can these films teach us? ALL THESE QUE ...   Show more

Mindbending Magic with special guest Ryan (RobotNinjaShark)

WOOOAHHHHH, WHAT A TWIST! This episode actually isn't about WandaVision (although we do talk about it a little) - in reality, we're chatting MINDMENDERS. The real crazy ones that leave you going "hang on, what?" And joining us in our pursuit is the mindbender himself, Ryan! Be re ...   Show more

The Trailer Theory Episode

Trailers, eh? Folks seem to hate 'em, but today Lily and Katie take the time to discuss them properly. What are some damn good ones? What is so irritating about the bad ones? Why not take a seat and find out what we have to say? Click all our links! ...   Show more

The wonders of animation with special guest Thineth - To All the Films We Judged Before

Welcome to February all! And back again with another crazy episode of this thing we call a podcast. This week, Thineth joins us to talk about the width and breadth of animated movies in all their glory, and then Katie and Lily shut their traps for five minutes so that Thineth can ...   Show more

Spielberg's Park: Let's talk about a living legend with special guest Greg

Well folks, he's one of the greats. It's Greg! Special guest this week as we talk SPIELBERG MOVIES! What's his best? Which ones suck? What is a Spielberg movie, really? And also Lily and Katie try to get their bearings because timezones are hard, y'all.  

A very SOUL-ful review

Been a hot minute since we did a review, eh? Katie and Lily sit down to discuss Disney Pixar's most recent outing SOUL - and get wonderfully existential in the process. What does it mean to live? Yeah, it's that kind of video. WARNING -There are spoilers abound!!  

Who's the Best Villain written for screen?

You want villains? We got 'em. Welcome back all! As we kick off 2021 (for real this time), we decided to dive head-first into VILLAINS. The perfect narrative foil. Who rules? Who sucks? What the hell is going on with Katie's set-up? How come Lily's so freaking talented? It's all ...   Show more

The Big Disney Takeover

Holy cow, Disney really did That™ huh? Join Katie and Lily as they discuss the MASSIVE announcement of Disney, Pixar, Lucasfilms, and Marvel content that will be coming out over the next few years. This wasn't gonna be our episode, but there was so much of it! What else could we ...   Show more

Year in review

Can you believe 2020 is finally done? As we leave this hell-year behind, Katie and Lily take the time to look back on the stuff that did manage to release this year in film and television while embodying the ultimate moods for the year. We have our fingers crossed for whatever 20 ...   Show more

Lily K v Pagan: a very unexpected debate

What happens when an Irishwoman and a Hungarian enter a zoom call and one of them brings up Zack Snyder? One hell of a debate. This week! We welcome the incredible Pagan to our show to talk about underrated movies, leading to perhaps the most spirited conversation we've had so fa ...   Show more

You Ask - We Answer

We took your silly little questions and we gave them our silly little answers. How many times will Lily actually answer the question presented and Katie will completely reframe it for her own needs? Will you learn anything new about us? Time to find out! It's Q&A day! Relater: ht ...   Show more

To All the Sad Boys We Loved Before - With Special Guest, Grace

This week's episode was meant to be about movie adaptations of video games and whether they can be successful. What happened instead was an hour and a half of Katie, Lily, and special guest Grace (!!!) collectively losing our minds, talking the end of Supernatural, the topic itse ...   Show more

When Christmas Comes To Town

Iiiiiit's December! (Thank God, am I right?) Today, Lily and Katie sit down to have a chat about Christmas movies! We talk about our favourites, what defines a Christmas movie, and just discuss the magic that is Christmas. Come get festive with us... Relater: ...   Show more

An Interview with Jeffrey Pierce

Welcome back to episode 3! The incredible Jeffrey Pierce (Tommy from The Last of Us) joins us for a chat about his incredible new book "The Reckoning" as well as his acting career. We discuss representation, how stories can affect us on an empathic level, and Jeffrey's long time ...   Show more

Interview with Rick Worthy from 'The Magicians' 'Supernatural' & 'Man in the High Castle' - Part 2

Welcome to episode three, part 2, and this week a super special guest! Actor Rick Worthy joins us for a sit down where we discuss his career in The Magicians, Supernatural, and The Man in High Castle, as well as his 10-year friendship with our very own Lily K. Sit down and relax ...   Show more

Interview with Rick Worthy from 'The Magicians' 'Supernatural' & 'Man in the High Castle'

Welcome to episode two, part 1, and this week a super special guest! Actor Rick Worthy joins us for a sit down where we discuss his career in The Magicians, Supernatural, and The Man in High Castle, as well as his 10-year friendship with our very own Lily K. Sit down and relax wi ...   Show more

Our Top 5 Favorite Movies

To all the films we judged before...   We - Katie and Lily K - hope that you'll indulge us each week as we talk about you. We hope that you'll delight in our rants about your flaws, our cheers over your triumphs, and our mutual love and appreciation for your existence. We come fr ...   Show more

It's time to sing! with special guest Jon

FRIDAY! EPISODE! And we're feeling ~MUSICAL~! Join us, joined by the wonderful and talented Jon, as we talk about movie musicals and uh, really just musical theatre in general. We discuss our favourites, Lily can't contain her love for Moulin Rouge!, why Les Mis is good actually, ...   Show more

Let's (finally) Talk About THE BOYS

It's a new week and we're back! This is the episode Lily was waiting for: Katie finally watched THE BOYS, so we're gonna talk about it!! Come with us as we discuss both seasons of Amazon's hit show The Boys in full, spoilery detail. Join us! Our heads are exploding with excitemen ...   Show more

Does the Perfect Movie Trilogy Exist?

IT'S FRIDAY! And that means a Friday kind of episode! Lily and Katie dive into the world of TRILOGIES. Does the perfect trilogy exist? What makes a great trilogy? Will Lily bring up the Planet of the Apes Trilogy again? Why does Katie have issues with How to Train Your Dragon? Do ...   Show more

Everything is Star Wars with Special Guest Elliott from Hakuna MaChatter

Welcome back all! It's a new episode! Today we talk with friend of the show, and honoured special guest, Elliott about STAR WARS. Everyone gives lots of lovely opinions on one of the world's most beloved franchises, and then proceed to yell loudly about how bad Rise of Skywalker ...   Show more

Let's Talk About The Marvel Tv Shows

It's Superhero time! Join us as we talk about Marvel's wide selection of television shows. We discuss our favourites, what we love about them and the characters, and our excitement for what's to come. Also, Lily accuses me of shitting on Captain America which I SWEAR I DON'T. Lil ...   Show more

The Big Heart in 'Love & Monsters' - A film review

We watched another movie! On today's episode, we discuss Dylan O'Brien's new film (can you tell we're fans here) LOVE AND MONSTERS. We also discuss romance movies in general, what we love and dislike in them, and kick off the episode with a deep dive into Mass Effect, because thi ...   Show more

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