134: Beyond Sex Education with Dr. Nadine Thornhill

134: Beyond Sex Education with Dr. Nadine Tho...

136: Mother’s Day Momifesto

We've been in a liminal space for the last 15 months or so, since COVID shutdowns. (The word 'liminal' comes from the Latin root limen, meaning threshold).  It’s a place where a certain part of our lives has come to an end but the next thing hasn’t yet begun, so we’re in a transi ...   Show more

135: 5 reasons respectful parenting is so hard

This episode grew out of a post that long-time friend of the podcast, Dr. Laura Froyen, published in a respectful parenting group that we both work in as admins. In the post she asked people to share how they felt before and after they discovered respectful parenting, and then sh ...   Show more

SYPM 012: From fear-filled conflict to parenting as a team

"You're doing it wrong! You're not asking for consent before changing the diaper!" In this Sharing Your Parenting Mojo episode we meet parent Nicole, who has core values related to being empathic, constantly learning, and upholding justice in the world. These awesome values came ...   Show more

What Carys wants you to know about your children’s feelings

After dinner a few days ago, Carys randomly started telling us that if we want to understand some of the things she's feeling, we should cast our minds back to when we were children and remember how we would have felt about it at the time. The conversation continued as we explore ...   Show more

133: How the Things We Learned About Sex Impact Our Children

Today we build on episodes that we've done in the past on talking with children about the basics of sex (so when you listen to this episode we're assuming you've got the basics covered - things like using anatomically correct names for body parts and taking basic steps to prevent ...   Show more

132: How implicit bias affects my child (Part 2)

Do we really know what implicit bias is, and whether we have it?This is the second episode on our two-part series on implicit bias; the first part was an interview with Dr. Mahzarin Banaji, former Dean of the Department of Psychology at Harvard University, and co-creator of the I ...   Show more

131: Implicit Bias with Dr. Mahzarin Banaji

Explicitly, nobody really believes in gender stereotypes anymore, but when we look at the world, and who's where and how much money people make, and so on, it still seems to be there. And the answer to that is yeah, because it's there. It's just not something we say. It’s more of ...   Show more

130: Introduction to mindfulness and meditation with Diana Winston

"When she was younger, she wasn't that into reading and that was like a huge deal for me. I thought: "I'm such a reader. My daughter doesn't love to read." She's still not a big reader, but it's not hampering her in any way. She's blossoming in fifty other ways, but when I get ca ...   Show more

129: The physical reasons you yell at your kids

Why do we yell at our children - even when we know we shouldn't?Why isn't just knowing what to do enough to actually interact with our children in a way that aligns with our values?For many of us, the reason we struggle to actually implement the ideas we know we want to use is be ...   Show more

SYPM 011: Untigering with Iris Chen

In this episode we talk with Iris Chen about her new book, Untigering: Peaceful Parenting for the Deconstructing Tiger Parent.Iris admits to being a parent who engaged in "yelling, spanking, and threatening with unreasonable consequences" - but far from becoming a well-behaved, o ...   Show more

128: Should I Redshirt My Child?

Parents - worried about their child's lack of maturity or ability to 'fit in' in a classroom environment - often ask me whether they should hold their child back a year before entering kindergarten or first grade. In this episode I review the origins of the redshirting phenomenon ...   Show more

Dismantling White Supremacy and Patriarchy on MLK Day

In this short ad hoc episode that was originally recorded as a Facebook Live, I discuss ways that my family is working on dismantling both white supremacy and patriarchy (and having a go at capitalism while we're at it!) this Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday weekend. The best p ...   Show more

Responding to the U.S. Capitol Siege

In this ad hoc episode, I outline a response to the U.S. Capitol siege. I provide some suggestions for ways to talk with your child about the events, but also ask that you take two more steps: (1) examine your own role in these events, even if you condemn them yourself (as I do); ...   Show more

127: Doing Self-Directed Education

When parents first hear about interest-led learning (also known as self-directed education), they may wonder: why on earth would we do that? And how would my child learn without anyone teaching them?Many parents start down this path with only an inkling of where it may end up tak ...   Show more

SYPM 010: From Anxious Overwhelm to Optimistic Calm

In this Sharing Your Parenting Mojo episode we hear from listener Anne, who has been in my Parenting Membership for a year now. In our conversation we discussed the anxiety she used to feel about every aspect of parenting, including the things she wanted to teach her son to do (S ...   Show more

126: Problem Solving with Dr. Ross Greene

Let's talk problem solving! Many of us have tried it, but it's so common to get stuck...and to think that the method doesn't work, and then return in exasperation to the methods we'd been using all along. These often involve coercion, or forcing the child to do something they don ...   Show more

SYPM 009: How to Set Boundaries in Parenting

In this guest we're joined by life coach and expert on reparenting Xavier Dagba to discuss the topic of boundaries in parenting.We don't tend to learn much about having boundaries when we're young, because our culture teaches that children shouldn't really need or have them (and ...   Show more

125: Should you worry about technoference?

I often hear two related ideas about adults' screen usage around children. Sometimes the parent asking the question guiltily confesses to using screens around their children more than they would like, and to using screens as a momentary escape from the demands of parenting.Or the ...   Show more

SYPM 008: Fostering Positive Sibling Relationships with Future Focused Parenting

Sibling relationships can be SO HARD! Sometimes it might seem that we can't leave them alone for even a second before they're at each other's throats, and on top of this we see their struggles and are reminded of the struggles that we had with our own siblings so many years ago.  ...   Show more

124: The Art of Holding Space

If you’ve been a parent for a while, or maybe even if you haven’t, you probably saw an article on Holding Space making the rounds of online communities a few years ago.  In the article the author, Heather Plett, describes how she and her siblings were able to hold space for their ...   Show more

123: Maternal Ambivalence: What it is, and what to do about it

This episode builds on our recent conversations with Dr. Moira Mikolajczak on Parental Burnout and with Dr. Susan Pollak on Self-Compassion. Today we talk with Dr. Sarah LaChance Adams, Florida Blue Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies and the Director of t ...   Show more

122: Self-Compassion for Parents

In this episode, Dr. Susan Pollak helps us to apply mindfulness skills to our relationships with our children so we can parent in line with our values, rather than just reacting when our children push our buttons.You'll learn: - What's the point of mindfulness, and does it matter ...   Show more

121: How To Support Your Perfectionist Child

Parents often reach out to me to ask how they can support their perfectionist children, who can't seem to cope with failure. I've been on the lookout for someone to talk with us for a while, but just as with our episode on anxiety, it took quite some searching to find an expert w ...   Show more

120: How to Raise a Child Who Uses Their Uniqueness to Create Happiness (RE-RELEASE)

I've heard from listeners that what they call "The Dark Horse Episode," the interview with Dr. Todd Rose, that this is one of their favorite conversations on the podcast, and for this reason I'm doing something I've never done before: reissuing that episode. Dr. Rose and I discus ...   Show more

119: Aligning Your Parenting With Your Values

Ever have a vague sense that your interactions with your child aren't quite aligned with your values...but aren't quite sure what to do about it? Have you been to a protest and shouted "Black Lives Matter! Fight the Power!"...and then gone home and forced your child to brush thei ...   Show more

SYPM 007: Parenting Across Cultural Divides

In this episode we hear from Denise, who claims to have listened to every Your Parenting Mojo episode... Denise is a Filipina living in Madrid, and the intentional, respectful parenting style she's chosen to use is somewhat out of place in both cultures.  She wanted to chat about ...   Show more

118: Are You Raising Materialistic Kids?

This episode on the topic of materialism concludes our series on the intersection of parenting and money. Here we talk with Dr. Susanna Opree of Erasmus University Rotterdam, who studies the effect of advertising and commercial media on use, materialism, and well-being.We discuss ...   Show more

117: Socialization and Pandemic Pods

One of the questions I see asked most often in parenting forums these days is some variation on:"I’m worried about my child’s socialization now that it looks like daycares, preschools and schools have been closed for several months and will likely remain closed for several more m ...   Show more

SYPM 006: Mindful Mama

We're delving a little deeper into the topic of mindfulness with none other than the Mindful Mama, Hunter Clarke-Fields! We discuss Hunter's journey from being triggered just as often as the rest of us, to using mindfulness techniques to center herself so she can parent more effe ...   Show more

116: Turn Work-Family Conflict Into Work-Family Balance

[accordion][accordion-item title="Click here to read the full transcript"]Jen 00:02Hi, I am Jen and I host the Your Parenting Mojo podcast where I critically examine strategies and tools related to parenting and child development that are grounded in scientific research and princ ...   Show more

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