Episode 290: The Financial Physician 4/18/21

Episode 290: The Financial Physician 4/18/21

Episode 293: The Financial Physician 5/9/21

On today's show, Lou talked about insurance. 10-15% of our budget goes to insurance. - Lou went into detail about all types of insurance (Health, Auto, Disability, etc.) - Retirement Income. - Inflation! Money velocity. - Getting back to work. - Stock market. - This weeks absurdi ...   Show more

Episode 292: The Financial Physician 5/2/21

Lou kicked off the show with reminding us to keep an eye on President Biden's tax policy. - Capital Gains Tax. - Stepped-Up Cost Basis. - Americans Families Plan, sounds like socialism? - Biden's speech to Congress. - Shrinkflation is the beginning of Inflation. - The recipe of h ...   Show more

Episode 291: The Financial Physician 4/25/21

On today's show, Lou talked about the importance of financial spouse teamwork. - Both partners should share the financial decision process. - Capital Gains Tax - Inflation - Lou also took many great calls from listeners around the Jersey Shore!  

Episode 289: The Financial Physician 4/11/21

On today's show, Lou discussed something you must keep on your radar moving forward and that's not being able to question what the government believes. - Estate planning. - Inheritance tax. - Power of attorney. - The IRS will issue automatic refunds (Rescue Plan). - COVID-19 Vacc ...   Show more

Episode 288: The Financial Physician 4/4/21

On today's show, Lou discussed how you should plan for retirement. - Traditional IRA's & Roth IRA's. - Did you get your vaccine yet? - Bitcoin - Why it won't last. - President Biden's infrastructure bill. - MLB All Star Game - Lou also took plenty of calls from listeners around t ...   Show more

Episode 287: The Financial Physician 3/28/21

On today's show, Lou discussed inflation. - Americans are finally educating themselves about inflation, but what should we expect moving forward? - Stimulus checks. Where are the checks for some people? - The U.S. Postal Service. - Also, many other great topics including a ton of ...   Show more

Episode 286: The Financial Physician 3/21/21

"Going to hell in a Hand-basket" On today's show, Lou discussed why the country might be going to hell in a hand-basket. - He gave a review from this past year and the first couple of months of Biden being in the office. - What Biden plans to do next, TAX HIKES! - More informatio ...   Show more

Episode 285: The Financial Physician 3/14/21

On today's show, Lou discussed stimulus checks. - First direct deposits & first paper checks. When are they coming and how much will you get? - Will the IRS/ Government start paying you monthly? Is that the future? - How much is a trillion dollars, actually? Where is all the mone ...   Show more

Episode 284: The Financial Physician 3/7/21

On today's show, Lou discussed the $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Bill. - Surprised to see the government hand out this much money. - Where is all the stimulus money going? - Taxing on Unemployment. - Inflation - Why hasn't President Joe Biden given a State of the Union address? - 10 Thi ...   Show more

Episode 283: The Financial Physician 2/28/21

On today's show, Lou discussed the new COVID-19 Stimulus Bill. - Positives & Negatives about the bill, mostly "pork". - Explosion in interest rates, will we see rates continue to go up? The stock market might be in trouble. - Tax-free income retirement, It's IRA season. - Convert ...   Show more

Episode 282: The Financial Physician 2/21/21

On today's show, Lou discusses price index & producer price index. - Energy Inflation. - Gas & the price of oil are going up. - Lou goes back 100 years and discusses the top 5 inflations from the past. - Highlighting Rush Limbaugh - Retirement Planning. - Takes plenty of calls fr ...   Show more

Episode 281: The Financial Physician 2/14/21

On today's show, Lou discussed President Trump's second impeachment trial - What's next with Stimulus checks? - The finance guru Dave Ramsey - The COVID-19 Relief bill - Not a great week for Gov. Cuomo - Income Tax Season - A ton of great calls from listeners  

Episode 280: The Financial Physician 2/7/21

On today's show, Lou discussed several hot topics including: - Selling short, the Gamestop phenomenon and the Wall Street Bets on Redditt - Brokerage Firms Striking Back to stop their losses - The Silver and Gold Market - And plenty of listener calls  

Episode 279: The Financial Physician 1/31/21

On today's show, Lou shared important information including: - The Gamestop Stock and the risk of short selling - Reddit WallStreetBets - - Robinhood "Taking from the poor and giving to the rich." - The future of Financial Censorship. - Lou goes into detail about IRA, Stimulus ch ...   Show more

Episode 278: The Financial Physician 1/24/2021

On today's show Lou shared info on: -the first week of Biden's administration, executive orders and the keystone pipeline -The best way to get the most from your tax return -The Lottery and steps to take if you win  

Episode 277: The Financial Physician 1/17/2021

In today's show, Lou gets real with his callers and audiences and discusses: - The legitimacy of Biden's Presidency - The rumors of Trump declaring martial law - The dispatch of 25,000 national guard troops to D.C. - How the FDIC works - The best, low-risk, investments - And shar ...   Show more

Episode 276: The Financial Physician 1/10/2021

Lou recaps an eventful week, shares insights, and discusses the following with his listeners: - The protests in our nation's capital. - The future of politics. - A potential new political party. - What may come over the coming weeks. - The economy, which lost jobs in December.  

Episode 275: The Financial Physician 1/03/2021

Lou kicks off 2021 with the following subjects: - 2021 Predictions - January 6th Rally - Tabulating your Net Worth - Updates on the Presidential Election - Re-financing Your Home - New Bills Being Presented in the House/Senate  

Episode 274: The Financial Physician 12/27/2020

In today's show, Lou discusses the $900 million stimulus bill. Exposes the "pork". He also goes into detail about mortgage rates, states that are "open", and Brexit being a done deal in Europe. The second half of the show Lou gives a 2020 review.  

Episode 273: The Financial Physician 12/20/2020

In today's show, Lou discusses the challenges Americans are facing with their wealth and health and the impact of the government and media's actions. Today's topics included: - Government tactics causing Inflation and Debt - Wall Street and Main Street - stock markets hit another ...   Show more

Episode 272: The Financial Physician 12/13/2020

The Financial Physician 12/13/2020  

Episode 271: The Financial Physician 12/6/2020

The Financial Physician 12/6/2020  

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