Episode 23: Spring into Summer

Episode 23: Spring into Summer

Episode 27: Bloom

Recorded live from the GlamCocks Global Online Dance Party, Bloom on May 9, 2020. A Fundraiser benefitting LGBTQ+ Communities impacted by COVID-19. We raised over $4,000 for charity! This mix is a special blend of disco beats old and new. The opening set of a 6-hour event. bloom. ...   Show more

Episode 26: White Party 2021, Part 3: After Hours

On February 14, 2021, MORABITO and I joined together to play a White Party for the second time in our careers as a pair. On both occasions, it was Valentine’s Day. The love and respect we have for each other, and our excitement at bringing people together in harmony for a celebra ...   Show more

Episode 25: Springtime Disco — Session 2

Spring is popping, disco is dropping and it's the kind that makes you wanna smile and bop! 75 minutes of pure, happy sounds recorded in April 2021.  

Episode 24: Joy Boy * Volume One | March 23, 1997

A two-hour segment recorded March 23, 1997 at Joy, Boston. This was a weekly gay party in Boston's theater district.  

Episode 22: Selfish Too

A long overdue sequel to my most popular mix of all time, "Selfish." Recorded in December 2010.  

Episode 21: Springtime Disco — Volume 1

A fresh disco mix for the spring season: uplifting, smooth, and funky with a hint of gospel flavor to brighten your mood and raise your spirits. Recorded in April 2021.  

Episode 21: Barbra Streisand's Nose

90 minutes of underground deep house, recorded to cassette in April, 1993. Transferred from cassette and remastered in 2021. design by reco power.  

Episode 20: Love So Strong

A 90-minute mix of lush and classic deep house recorded in 1995.  

Episode 19: White Party 2021: Set 1, Joe D'Espinosa 6pm-8pm

On the 22nd anniversary of our playing the Saint at Large White Party together at Roseland Ballroom in New York, Susan Morabito and I joined together to play a livestream White Party in the time-honored tradition of bringing people together in love and harmony for a night of soul ...   Show more

Episode 18: December 2003 — FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY
Episode 17: Get on the Funk Train

How can you just sit there bobbin' your head to this beat? Snappin' your fingers, or tappin' your feet? I don't know about you, but this track makes me wanna move like somebody. Get on the Funk Train! An 80-minute blend of grand, funky, and smooth disco guaranteed to get you up o ...   Show more

Episode 16: coffee & beats, vol. 2: coffee & beach

This is the first mix CD I ever made. Before it, all my mixes were on cassette tape. It was a pretty big leap to be able to burn a CD at home, so I set out to make a memorable set devoted to my own tastes at the time and "Selfish" was the result. Though my approach to curating th ...   Show more

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