Episode 177 - SCIENCE of Star Wars SPECIAL With Special Guest, Casual Nerd Jason!!!!

Episode 177 - SCIENCE of Star Wars SPECIAL Wi...

Episode 182 - Reading Rathtar REVIEW ... Thrawn Acendancy: Greater Good by Timothy Zahn
Episode 181 - New Bad Batch and High Republic!!!! The WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS Begins!!!
Episode 180 - MAY THE 4th BE WITH YOU! ... special report!!!
Episode 179 - Snoke is a clone made from Luke Skywalker's Hand(!) ... and other things we learned from Vader #11
Episode 178 -KOTOR to be remade!!! Bounty Hunters 11 and Aphra 9 Comics review!!
Episode 176 - Review of Tartakovsky's CLONE WARS!! New Book - Skywalker: Family at war by Kristen Baver!!! Two New High Republic Comics!!!
Episode 175 - Is Lucasfilm hinting at a return of MACE WINDU?!?!?!? PLUS Kenobi Cast REVEALED!!Aphra #8!! and a New BAD BATCH Trailer!!
Episode 174 - LOCKED-IN predictions for all of the upcoming live action features and series... based on no confirmed information.... Don't everybody thank us at once.
Episode 173 - A live action REBELS reunion in the stars? Bounty Hunters 10 and Star Wars 12 COMICS REVIEW!!!
Episode 172 - A Reading Rathtar REVIEW!! Alexander Freed's VICTORY'S PRICE
Episode 171 - 2 NEW High Republic Comics!!! and a VADER Comic arc for the AGES!!!
Episode 170 - George Lucas Credited as a writer for 2 episodes of ANDOR!!! Starlight Beacon Bulletin! - Catching up with two comics and a sort story!!!
Episode168 - The High Republic INTO THE DARK Full Review!!! Cara Dune Space's Herself!!!
Episode 167 - Two NEW Directors announced for ANDOR!!! Listener questions answered from our MAIL BAGgano!!! LOCK TINFOILS INTO ATTACK POSITION!!
Episode 166 - Alan Tudyk is IN!!! PLUS - VADER IS METAL a catch up on recent comic releases!!!
Episode 165 - 3 more HIGH REPUBLIC Publications REVIEWED!!! Test of Courage, High Republic Comic #1 and SW Insider Short!!!
Episode 164 - Light of the Jedi REVIEW!!! Plus! The Triumphant Return of LUCASFILM GAMES
Episode 163 - Empire Strike Back: From a Certain Point of View REVIEW!! AND The High Republic Launch Event!!
Episode 162 - The High Republic is NIGH!!!! A primer for the first Phase of a New Era in Star Wars!!!!
Episode 161 - NEW Mandolorian Season 2 Gallery Episode!!! Comics Catch-Up!!! Empire From a Certain Point of View Chapters 3 and 4!!!!
Episode 160 - MANDOLORIAN Season 2 FINALE! Chapter 16 THE RESCUE spoiler filled review!!!
Episode 159 - Mandolorian Chapter 15 THE BELIEVER Review!!!
Episode 158 - Disney Investor Day BOBMBSHELL Special Report!!! T E N new series announced and TWO Feature Films!!!
Episode 157 - Mandolorian Chapter 14 - THE TRAGEDY Episode review!!!
Episode 156 - THE MANDOLORIAN Chapter 13: THE JEDI!!! full spoiler review!!!
Episode 155 - Mandolorian CHAPTER 12, THE SIEGE review!!!!
Episode 154 - LEGO brings back LIFE DAY!!! Boba Fett Spinoff Rumor!! Ep V From a certain point of view!!!
Episode 153 - Mandolorian Chapter 11 - THE HEIRESS review!!!
Episode 152 - A Kyber Crystal comics catch-up episode for all 4 current comics!!!! New info on Lucas's vision for the sequel trilogy!!!
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