#38 - Rachel Newcombe, Psychoanalyst & Writer

#38 - Rachel Newcombe, Psychoanalyst & Writer

#37 - Dr. Monica Rico, Professor of History and Environmental Studies

Dr. Monica Rico (PhD) is a Professor of History at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. She is also affiliated with Lawrence’s Environmental Studies Program (director 2016-2020). Her teaching and research explore American cultural, intellectual, and environmental history i ...   Show more

#36 - Dr. Tracy Sidesinger, Psychoanalytic Psychologist

Tracy Sidesinger, PsyD is a psychoanalytic psychologist, currently practicing virtually from Brooklyn and upstate New York with a focus on gender and sexuality, maternal mental health, spirituality, and the arts. Her writing can be found in Studies in Gender and Sexuality, Public ...   Show more

#35 - Candice Czubernat, Therapist and Founder of The Christian Closet

Candice Czubernat, LMHC, has been a therapist for 15 years and is the founder of the LGBTQ affirming counseling, coaching and spiritual direction practice, The Christian Closet.  She’s also the founder of Progressive Christian Counseling, an online therapeutic resource for Christ ...   Show more

#34 - Kimby Shult Hughes, LMFT - Healing from the Heart

Kimby Shult Hughes is a highly sensitive empath who has her Master of Science in Marriage and Family therapy and currently specializes in the treatment of children and youth impacted by trauma.  She is deeply immersed in her doctorate work in Education where she researches the te ...   Show more

#33 - Dr. Elisabeth Paquette: Engaging with Decolonial Texts

Today, Carli speaks with Dr. Elisabeth Paquette (she/her) who is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Women's and Gender Studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She works at the intersection of social and political philosophy, feminist philosophy, and decolo ...   Show more

#32 - Dr. Dale Bespalec: Retiring with Integrity

Today, we speak with Dr. Dale Bespalec about retirement and aging, oftentimes topics that are not discussed in clinical training or early on in a career. We explored how values might change as a therapist or as a supervisor, and how stories and narratives might help one look back ...   Show more

#29 - Interview: Jeremiah Lindemann, Product Engineer on COVID-19 and Opioid Mapping

Today, we speak with Jeremiah Lindemann, a product engineer with Esri working in the geospatial industry based in Colorado.  He spends much of his time supporting health and human services and public safety agencies. His career has helped him be an advocate after a personal loss ...   Show more

#28 - Predoctoral Internship Miniseries: Part 4, The Ranking Process

Carli and Laura discuss the Psychology pre-doctoral internship ranking process. Topics include: troubleshooting and navigating the various websites, determining rankings, and issues/concerns we have encountered. Frequently Asked Questions about preparing and submitting rank order ...   Show more

#27 - Interview: S. Alfonso Williams - Interlocutor

Carli and Laura speak with S. Alfonso Williams. Topics of discussion include: the intersection of fine arts, music, philosophy, and psychoanalysis; the relationship between creativity and productivity; "writing in motion" and the process of creative expression.    You can find Al ...   Show more

#26 - Interview: Venus Washington - The Practice of Going Within

Today we speak with Venus Washington, a health and fitness coach and entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Venus Inspires. She is also the developer and head coach of Madison Elite Track Club Inc. and a new employee at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she runs fitness ...   Show more

#25 - Interview: Dr. Jack Drescher, Gender, Sexuality, and Clinical Training

Today, we talk with Jack Drescher, MD, about psychoanalytic and psychology training. Specifically, we explore ways psychoanalytic and psychology training can better integrate gender, sexuality, and the mental health of LGBTQ communities into training curricula. Furthermore, we di ...   Show more

#24 - Predoctoral Internship Miniseries: Part 3, Interviews and Interview Prep

Carli and Laura discuss internship interviews and provide some suggestions for those of you who are going through the internship process or will be going through it in the future. Topics of discussion include virtual interviewing, answering opaque questions, and discussing the ty ...   Show more

#23 - Interview: Dr. Lara Sheehi, Decolonizing Psychoanalysis and Psychology Curricula

Dr. Lara Sheehi (she/her/hers) is an Assistant Professor in Clinical Psychology at George Washington University. She works on decolonial struggles as well as power, race, class and gender constructs and dynamics within psychoanalysis, and practices from a trans-inclusive feminist ...   Show more

#22 - Interview Part 2: Dr. Leon Brenner, The Autistic Subject: On the Threshold of Language

This is the second of a 2-part series that will explore Lacanian psychoanalysis, the unconscious, and subjectivity from a Lacanian perspective. Specifically, Dr. Brenner discusses a compelling argument that autism is a singular subjective structure, a mode of being that is not re ...   Show more

#21 - Interview Part 1: Dr. Leon Brenner, Lacanian Psychoanalysis

Dr. Leon S. Brenner is a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Potsdam, a prospective postdoctoral fellow at the University of Ghent and lecturer at the International Psychoanalytic University, Berlin. He is a member of the APPI, LOB, and a founder of Lacanian Affinit ...   Show more

#20 - Interview: Neha Wadekar, Multimedia Journalist

Carli and Laura interview Neha Wadekar, a multimedia journalist reporting across Africa and the Middle East. Her written and video work has been published in The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Economist, CNN, Foreign Policy, TIME, Reuters a ...   Show more

#19 - Interview: Wyndi Ervin, Educator

Wyndi Ervin is a distinguished educator who has taught high school English in Illinois and North Carolina. Wyndi earned her undergraduate degree in English and Secondary Education from Chicago State University and a master’s degree in School Counseling from Governors State Univer ...   Show more

#18 - Interview: Jessica Jensen & Paul Dietrich, Musicians, Composer; Jazz & Classical

Today, we have Jessica Jensen and Paul Dietrich on the podcast. Topics of discussion include: music transcending language, music deriving meaning through empathy, importance of music education, and cross-cultural music performances.  The two musical pieces in this episode: “The F ...   Show more

#17 - Interview: Dr. Alaina Kroes, Psychologist; Competency restoration & assessments with children

Today on the podcast, Carli interviews Dr. Alaina Kroes, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist. Topics of discussion include COVID’s impact on her ability to conduct psychological evaluations, differential diagnosis between autism spectrum disorder and a trauma disorder, competency resto ...   Show more

#16 - Interview: Marina Stant, Songwriter

Laura interviews Marina Stant, songwriter. Topics of discussion include the creative process, collaboration in music, living a "spirit-forward" life, narrative and storytelling, and what we can all learn from traveling. You can find Marina on SoundCloud and Facebook.  Outro: Star ...   Show more

#15 - Predoctoral Internship Miniseries: Part 2

Today, Carli and Laura continue to discuss the predoctoral internship process. Topics include Time2Track, interviews, reaching out to training directors, and what questions to ask to assess fit of the internship program.  You can find us on: Our website  Instagram  Twitter  Faceb ...   Show more

#14 - Interview: Dr. Natalie Christian, Educator and Fungal Ecologist

Today on the podcast, Laura and Carli talk to Dr. Natalie Christian. Topics of discussion are teaching college courses during the pandemic and the importance of mentorship, allyship, and encouragement from supervisors, mentors, and advisors. Dr. Christian teaches topics such as c ...   Show more

#13 - Interview: Dr. Andrea Medaris, Clinical Psychologist, Gilmore Girls Expert

Carli interviews Dr. Andrea Medaris. Dr. Medaris is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Brunswick, Maine. She works primarily with couples in troubled relationships using Emotion-Focused Therapy, and she also works with individuals with complex trauma histories. She is ...   Show more

Special: Everybody Now - Climate Emergency and Sacred Duty

We’ve caused a turning point in the Earth’s natural history. Everybody Now is a podcast about what it means to be human on the threshold of a global climate emergency, in a time of systemic injustice and runaway pandemics. Scientists, activists, farmers, poets, and theologians ta ...   Show more

#12 - Interview: Dr. Laura Knudson, Transcompetent Care; Founder, Gender Affirming Care Team

Today we have Dr. Laura Knudson on the podcast! Dr. Knudson’s specialty is family medicine, specializing in Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy and transcompetent care, eating disorders, gynecological health, contraception, and minor procedures at the Indiana University Student Heal ...   Show more

#11 - Interview: Angela Lang, Political Activist and Founder of Black Leaders Organizing for Communities (BLOC)

Carli and Laura interview Angela Lang, political activist and Executive Director of Black Leaders Organizing for Communities (BLOC). Topics of discussion include: Angela’s social justice work and activism, more specifically with BLOC; prioritizing mental health and self care in t ...   Show more

#10 - Interview: Dr. Stephanie Kliethermes, Professor and Sports Medicine Researcher

Carli and Laura speak with Dr. Stephanie Kliethermes, assistant professor in the department of orthopedics and rehabilitation at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She also serves as research director for the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine’s Collaborative Research ...   Show more

#9 - Interview: Dr. Joy Jordan, Mindfulness Teacher

Carli interviews Dr. Joy Jordan, former college professor, current mindfulness teacher, and social activist. Topics of discussion include seeing our own edges and bringing honesty, forgiveness, and love into our lives and relationships. Joy shares her experience working from a pl ...   Show more

#8 - Predoctoral Internship Miniseries: Part 1

Carli and Laura discuss the predoctoral internship in psychology and the internship application process.  Featured Song: Money & Fame by Laurence @laurencemusic992 ---------- You can find us on: Our website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm https://anchor.fm ...   Show more

#7 - Interview: Dr. Valery Hazanov, Psychologist and Author of "The Fear of Doing Nothing"

Carli and Laura speak with Dr. Valery Hazanov, clinical psychologist and author of The Fear of Doing Nothing. Topics of discussion include Dr. Hazanov's motivation behind writing his book, his personal approach to therapy, cross-cultural differences in therapeutic training and pr ...   Show more

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