227: Tortoise! Tortoise!

227: Tortoise! Tortoise!

230: W.W.V.D.

A time travelling boy from the 90s, an open world Star Wars game in the vein of Red Dead Redemption, a magical forest fighting back against interlopers, the Grim Reaper trying to manage his garden, plus find out how we manage to combine The Princess Bride and The Santa Clause.  

229: Unpleasant Ray (featuring Stefan Ayto)

With Trevor sick this week, Ben is joined by new friend of the show Stefan Ayto. The games this week include:A game where you must avoid unpleasant bearded men handing out propaganda on 5G and other conspiracy theories;A game where you are the first person to document what things ...   Show more

228: The Clipster

A wide variety of random prompts this week gives us:A visiting uncle with unknown motives is viewed through different perspectives;A game where introverts are forced to install a helper device to guide them through conversations;An FPS where you must hit your marks during the sho ...   Show more

226: Skin Substitute

With their old random word generator back online, Ben and Trevor take you down a magical pathway of improvised game designs, such as:A simulated world of Besties and Reverse Besties as you jump between characters struggling to make ends meet,A caretaker of a colony ship automatin ...   Show more

225: Wizard Drugs and Raves

An open world investigation game based on the movie Slither, a ghost befriends 4 young kids at the Overlook Hotel, a horror movie based VR fitness game and the adventures of a young dropout wizard going to raves and the dangers of magical drugs. All these ideas and more are wildl ...   Show more

224: Neoprene Cowboy

With random prompts brought to you by What3Words.com, find yourself swept away into imaginary games such as:A hamster who finds an ancient device that lets them roll aroundA kart racer with food-based car construction and our patented Bestie™ systemA western set in the climate dr ...   Show more

223: Ladybug and the Huntsman

Creating a space station so large it creates the look of a new constellation on Earth, First person base building on an alien planet (with a heavy focus on waste water), air currents as a game mechanic and ladybugs become the worlds greatest delicacy.  

222: Waterlogged

Some high concept ideas this week as Ben and Trevor invent games where you play through the fantastical ideas of your grandfather via their cassette tapes, explore a water-covered version of New York, live out your life during the slowest battle ever, plant things on the moon, an ...   Show more

221: Spade Manor

Cthulhu-esque goings on at the Bed, Bath and Beyond, the secret of the man in the moon, agents of H.I.V.E. and a classist system of Gravediggers are actively protecting London from a zombie outbreak. Trev and Ben laugh their way through yet another wild edition of What Three Word ...   Show more

220: Reverse Hitman

Traverse five generations of your family tree to discover the source of an ongoing feud, a point and click adventure that spreads your consciousness across three days, go bar hopping during a literal hens night, hunt for the last of the fossil fuels for one final joyride, and mor ...   Show more

219: Draculas Daycare Dilemma

Collect animal DNA in a non-lethal way, investigate a rural farmhouse that is being fumigated, play as a spider escaping the farmhouse, figure out which movie patrons are really freeloading ghosts and can Dracula resist the urge to feed while running a daycare.  

218: Flapjacks and Wafflekins

This week Ben and Trevor blast out some improvised game designs, including a game where you are pulled into a whacky dream world, a space based boot camp simulator, an old guy who just wants to read the paper, a dialogue based game set entirely in a jacuzzi, and they stick it to ...   Show more

217: Anthony Hawks Pro Farthing

Rocket powered Penny Farthings, cats exploring a theatre, civilisations viewing comets as god and the secret truth behind the Wiggles. Ben and Trevor spin some of their most absurd ideas to date in this episode of Bit Storm.  

216: Gmork From Ork

With a new random word generating system in hand, Ben and Trevor create brand new game designs, such as:A set of robot grifters from the ghetto trying to pass in high societyA Descent inspired game about destroying volcanoes created by an alien menaceA surprising twist to a walki ...   Show more

215: Jam On It

Each year Ben and Trevor participate in the Global Game Jam, in preparation for this years jam, they use old GGJ and Ludram Dare prompts to discuss the following game ideas. Commuting in a tiny world, managing a hotel with horror elements, helping a cat to escape and saving a spa ...   Show more

214: Welcome To The Dollhouse

Want some game designs? This week, we have: a debt collector in a high-powered capitalistic future, a private detective in a noir comic book style super villainous mystery, a spy targeting diplomats with long range microwaves, a man finds himself trapped in a dollhouse helping a ...   Show more

213: My Pet Axe

A renovation game show with a twist, a world with no concept of mathematics, investigate the destruction in the wake of a platform game and discover the secret behind the pet axe. Ben and Trevor discuss these games and more...  

212: Soul Neutral (2020 GOLY Awards)

Bit Storm holds its first annual Game Of Last Year Awards, taking the names of real GOTY nominees and winners and improvising new and different game ideas from them. Listen in to find out about Animal Crossing: New Horizons (a multi-planet version of Frogger), Hades (an automatio ...   Show more

211: The Order of the Fourth Hand

Tracking down nomadic tribes escaping library fines, selling magnetic trinkets to neighbours, investigate the mystery of the timekeeper and a VR boxing rhythm game. These are just some of the ideas that Ben and Trevor discuss in this weeks episode.  

210: Drama! At The Smorgy's

Fill your bus with capable people to survive the zombie hordes, choose the PowerPoint slides to save the company (or destroy the world), explore a world where you can hack the parameters of people's brains, discover the mystery of the cursed family bassinet, and more!  

209: H.E.R.B.I.E. The Love Bot

A Fantastic Four co-op VR multiplayer game, a Darksiders-esque game with characters from cereal boxes, a narrative-based survival adventure in Antarctica and an investigative adventure discovering the truth behind the recent monoliths - Ben and Trev discuss these games and more o ...   Show more

208: Ray Martin's Monarch Galaxy (featuring Gianni Di Giovanni from Pixel Sift)

The boys are joined by Gianni from Pixel Sift this week, and together they jump into some Click Pitch resulting in some incredible ideas! A space opera revolving around a Dyson Sphere cocoon, a JRPG based on The Matrix, an ARG phone game where you might just meet a celebrity, due ...   Show more

207: Carrotkaze

A Truman Show-esque world under a house, a virtual reality experience based on Color Out Of Space, follow the trail of destruction with help of an alien artifact and the long dreaded return to the Starch Wars saga. All this and more on this weeks episode.  

206: The Seventh Sense

We revisit the idea of asymmetrical gameplay between the living and the dead, there is an alien conspiracy in the works, discover a multi-generation super hero origin story, and come up with movie tie-ins for Jurassic Galaxy and The Lost Boys.  

205: When You Goin?

Time taxis, killer pizza making robots, Billy's encounter with a witch and psychological vandalism in a cyberpunk world. Ben and Trev delve into these game ideas and more on this episode of Bit Storm.  

204: Belittlement Simulator (featuring Michael Jones)

Ben and Trevor are joined by their good friend Michael Jones as they explore the game worlds of a bee-keeping simulator with a ranting boss, a fringe scientist whose experiments are turning against them, a multi-layered meta-MMORPG, and a deep dive into a multiplayer horror game ...   Show more

203: Joe Somebody: Trash Fire

An Among Us styled hide and seek game in a mansion, 15 minutes of fame in a game, a "The Witness"-esque game set on a farm, the dead will rise in a co-op shooter and more...  

202: Frozen Billionaire

Endlessly run through the creation of the universe, grow your circus to be the one true big top, have fun with a Snow White/Star Trek mashup, discover the spooky secrets behind an unreleased game, and more this week on Bit Storm!  

201: Candymancer

Hitchhiking monsters, candy wizards, the university paranormal department and alien fast food restaurants are just some of the game ideas discussed this week.  

200: Red Hill Zone

A bumper episode this week in celebration of the 200th episode of Bit Storm! Ben and Trevor mix it up a bit with some new games, including Second Chance Click Pitch bringing back some prompts from their first episode, as well as some random movie prompts.A drone based FPS with su ...   Show more

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