How Pinterest can bring you new content clients

How Pinterest can bring you new content clien...

Offering content strategy as a writer

If most of the jobs you take on are completing pieces of content for a client - and you want to do more - then this week's episode is for you. Getting stuck into the strategy for a client, advising them on how to improve or repurpose their content (or even scrap their current str ...   Show more

Why content writers and other freelancers need a Google My Business listing (and how to use it to your advantage)

While your own freelance website is very important, optimising your Google My Business (GMB) profile is absolutely critical if you want to maximise your visibility online and bring warm leads your way. In this episode, we chat to digital marketing consultant Katie Hull about how ...   Show more

5 tricky content clients and how to handle them

The longer you freelance, the more likely you are to come across a tricky or challenging client. Clients who try to bargain you down. Who are so disorganised they throw out timelines on other projects. Or clients who just want to micro-manage everything down to the last detail. T ...   Show more

7 Things you must have on your website

This week Rachel and Lynne are talking about your biggest marketing tool your website! We are constantly surprised how many writers don’t have a website, or have one that misses crucial pieces of information. This week, website developer Jude Love from Love Communications talks ...   Show more

The digital tools we love and use the most

Are you a freelance writer looking to save time, get inspiration and make use of some of the brilliant digital tools out there (if you only knew what the best ones were)? In this episode - a follow-up to our 10 Essential Writing Tips episode a few weeks before - details some grea ...   Show more

Rebekah Lambert on running a Facebook group (without it taking over your life)

A successful Facebook group can be a powerful thing - whether you're using it to create a community of like-minded people, to teach others, to gather feedback or to sell stuff. But how can you build a successful group, keep people talking - and stop it taking over your life in th ...   Show more

10 essential tips to make you a better writer

Does your writing need work? In this episode, we share ten essential tips for making your writing better - from making it more accessible, to ditching filler words, to how much time to spend on your opener and closing paragraphs, and much more.    

How to manage multiple projects and deadlines

As a freelancer, you're probably always juggling a few different projects, with some weeks busier than others. And if you don't have systems in place to track how you're going and meet your deadlines, things can get hairy, fast. In this episode, Lynne and I talk about the differe ...   Show more

Moving from magazines to government content work, with Nigel Bartlett

With the last year bringing so much uncertainty to the media industry, many journalists are choosing to parlay their skills into content roles in the public sector - and what's not to love? Job security, a regular paycheck and super make this an attractive proposition. But what d ...   Show more

No, I won't work for that! How to deal with low-paying clients

Low-paying clients. We've all been there as freelancers - so how do you deal with it? In this episode, we cover several scenarios: What to do if you're offered work then told the rate is ridiculously low How to raise your rates with low-paying clients you already have How to weed ...   Show more

The Easy Way to Network with guest Tory Archbold

This week, Rachel and Lynne talk all about how we can build up a powerful network with a special guest Tory Archbold. Networking! Sometimes that is a word that drives fear into people’s hearts, but we think that Tory Archbold has a great take on it. She calls it connecting rath ...   Show more

How to repurpose and reuse content

This week Lynne and Rachel share their tips and tricks on how to repurpose and reuse content, without plagiarising. We think writers are crazy if they don’t keep track of what they’ve written about and revisit those topics but we're talking updated, fresh, completely new articl ...   Show more

How journalists can reinvent themselves in this market, with careers coach Jane Jackson

With the last year bringing so much uncertainty to the media industry, both Rachel and I have known a few former colleagues who have moved to onto other roles and even whole new careers. However, it can be a tricky switch, so in this episode we're chatting to careers coach Jane ...   Show more

How to build a community through newsletters  with Sophie Hansen

Newsletters are big bikkies right now - so how do you create one that people want to open week after week? In this episode, that’s a question we put to  Sophie Hansen, creator of the Monday morning missive 5 Things To Be Cheerful About. Sophie shares the story of starting the new ...   Show more

What we learnt from 2020 - and what we'll do differently

Hosts Rachel Smith from Rachel’s List and journalist and content creator Lynne Testoni talk about what we have learnt during 2020 and how it has made our work better. Last year took us out of our comfort zones, but it wasn't all bad. We each share our tips on what we are doing ...   Show more

BONUS EPISODE: Our favourite tips from the year that's been

It's been a great year of stellar guests ... and in this bonus Christmas episode, we each share our top five tips and moments from the year that's been. Plus, find out the episodes in our back catalogue we really think are worth a listen. Merry Christmas!  

What DO editors want? We chat to editorial director Kerrie McCallum from delicious. and Escape about life in the hot seat

It's no secret that media has been doing it very tough for several years now, with magazine closures and redundancies across the board. Add in a pandemic and it's been the year from hell for editors, staff and freelancers alike. So how has a magazine like delicious. just gone fro ...   Show more

Your guide to successful pitching, with journalist and teacher John Burfitt

Pitching. It's something we all need to be doing as freelance writers if we want to ensure our pipeline of work is always full. And in today's episode, we welcome veteran journo and university lecturer John Burfitt to share his pitching system, ways to generate ideas, tips on fol ...   Show more

How we balance freelancing and family

In this episode, we talk about our experiences freelancing and working around children - the childcare we've chosen and why, the government help we've tapped into and other interesting tips for freelancers who may be thinking about starting a family.  

Why freelancers should blog to get work (and what to blog about) with Brook McCarthy

Are you a freelancer with a website who struggles to blog regularly? This week, we have a longer episode for you that's packed with gold from digital marketer and trainer Brook McCarthy. Brook talks to us about why blogging is so essential, the mistakes writers make when blogging ...   Show more

From publishing to not-for-profit work, with guest Nicole Conville

A shrinking media landscape was one of the reasons journalist Nicola Conville started to explore other career options - and she'd always wanted to work for in the NFP sector. In this episode, she shares how she got her job as a content manager at the UNHCR, which skills of hers h ...   Show more

How to set up a home office

Whether you're renovating and creating a dedicated home office for yourself, or just carving out a corner for a workspace - this episode is all about bringing the elements together and creating a space you want to work in.   

Turning your side hustle into a full-time business with Jen Bishop from Interiors Addict

This week we're excited to chat to journalist and founder of Interiors Addict Jen Bishop, whose one-time passion project has become an incredibly successful interiors website. She spills the beans on her milestone moments, why she doesn't pay much attention to SEO, lessons she's ...   Show more

Tips, tricks and tools for creating great headlines

Whether you're writing a print story or a piece for digital, the headline is all-important. In this episode, we explain the differences between each, share our tips for writing great headlines including those requiring keywords and list our favourite online headline tools to spee ...   Show more

Season 5, Ep 4: What freelancers need to know about Instagram with Sara Tasker

Hosts Rachel Smith from Rachel’s List and journalist and content creator Lynne Testoni talk to Sara Tasker of MeandOrla and Hashtag Authentic about Instagram and how to make it work for you as a freelancer. About Sara Sara is an Instagram Expert and Creative Business Coach, best- ...   Show more

Your ultimate guide to recording and transcribing

If you do a lot of interviews for editors or clients, you need cost-effective, time-saving systems that work for you. In this episode, we talk about the tools, apps and services we've used and the ones we go back to again and again.   

Stuck in a slump? Here's how to get your mojo back

It's been a crappy year and many of us have lost work, faced extended lockdowns and isolation, and suffered poor mental health to boot. If that's you, what steps can you take to feel better? In this episode, we talk about what works for us to boost mood, motivation and a sense of ...   Show more

Talking JobKeeper with accountant Holly Shoebridge - what you need to know right now

JobKeeper payments are changing in the coming weeks, and many freelancers know what a minefield it can be! If you're relying on it to prop up your income right now, accountant Holly Shoebridge shares all the information you need to know in this week's episode.  

Series 4, Ep 12: Your starter guide to sourcing images

Today's writers often need to provide more than just words - they need to be multi-skilled. This week hosts Rachel and Lynne talk all about sourcing the best images to accompany your text, offering advice and tips on where to find great free and paid stock photos, as well as how ...   Show more

Niches: Yes, they're important AND can help you charge more

Can being very specific about the niches you operate in help bring you higher-paying clients? Especially when it comes to content marketing? Many experts in this space say yes, and today we're talking about how to isolate your niches and market yourself more effectively.  

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