Available For 8 Hours Only (Resident Evil Showcase, Nintendo Indie World Showcase, Aloy in Fortnite)

Available For 8 Hours Only (Resident Evil Sho...

Lycan Subscribe (Resident Evil: Village Review, Sony-scentric, Game Builder Garage)

Emerging from under Lady Dimetrescu's heel, Ally and Brendan return for the two hundred and fortieth time to dive deep on Resident Evil: Village, with Brendan sharing his (spoiler-free) thoughts after 1.5 playthroughs of Capcom's latest horror hit.Also on this weeks menu is tasty ...   Show more

Mortal Kombat (SPOILERCAST)

Fighting their way through Outworld, Ally and Brendan combine their podcast shaped arcana's into one hell of a SPOILERCAST, this time round sees ATEBIT's first film version of SC, tackling none other than 2021s visceral video game adaptation, Mortal Kombat!!The first 24 minutes o ...   Show more

Pilots & Paracetamol (Sony & Microsoft's Growth, Titanfall 2, Bobby Kotick)

Catching the Mugen train to Hungry Station, Ally and Brendan return for another round of gaming and culture related hotness. On this weeks docket:#Sony & #Microsoft's Next Gen earnings#Titanfall2 getting the love it deserves#BobbyKotick takes a pay cut#DemonSlayer Mugen Train#PS5 ...   Show more

Dropping in Hot (Jeff Kaplan Leaves Blizzard, New Sony AAA Multiplayer, Apex Legends Going Beyond Battle Royale)

Dropping in for another episode of Hungry Gamer goodness, Ally and Brendan are here to deliver you level five tier podcast content on their way to becoming Champions of the Podcast Arena.On this weeks episode you will hear about:#ApexLegends - Valykrie & Season 9#JeffKaplan leave ...   Show more

Getting Your Wings Clipped (The Last of Us, Bend Studio, Outriders, Hideo & Microsoft, Deathloop)

After refusing to work on the upcoming remake of The Last of Us, Ally and Brendan thought it would be the perfect time to record the two hundred and thirty sixth episode of The Hungry Gamers, an episode full to the brim with spicy opinions, rumors and news from the last week of g ...   Show more

The Hungry Game Show | Nathan Tily Battles Goldeneye 007

The sixteenth episode of everyone's favourite hour of video game trivia madness is ready to invade your eyes like a British spy. Nathan Tily enters the battle arena to tackle a Nintendo 64 classic from 1997 that revolutionized the shooter genre, Goldeneye 007.Does he end up too s ...   Show more

Enoch-Noch-Noch'n on Heaven's Door (Outriders, Godzilla vs Kong, CD Projekt Red)

Charging into your ears like a pair of Altered hunting for that next loot drop, Ally and Brendan are here to deliver you yet another tasty serve of Hungry Gamer info-tainment.On today's menu:#Outriders review in progress#GodzillavsKong review#Invincible#MLBTheShow21 coming to Xbo ...   Show more

Finger Gun Diarrhea (Xbox Indie Showcase, Discord, Invincible)

Landing in your ears like a couple of new superheroes, Ally and Brendan are back baby! And episode 234 sees them fighting their way through an absolute boatload of gaming news and hearsay. On the docket (in no particular order):Recapping the #XboxIndieShowcaseAmazon's #Invincible ...   Show more

Zack Snyder Presents THG (The Snyder Cut, Square Enix Presents)

Returning to create the ATEBIT (in)Justice League, Ally and Brendan go deep and non-spoiler on the 4 hour #SnyderCut. Is it worth your time? Brendan certainly thinks so...They also talk about:#SquareEnixPresents#NoMansSky#GothamKnights delayed until 2022#PS5VR controllersThe upco ...   Show more

The Hungry Game Show | Dash Battles Persona 5

Coming at you live from the ATEBIT Studio for a fifteenth time, Brendan is joined by the head of dashgamer.com to tackle one of his favourite games of all time, JRPG classic, Persona 5!Does Dash end up going home with the treasure or does the Phantom Thief get caught in the act?L ...   Show more

Exclusive Space Orgy (Recapping the Latest Bethesda News)

Fresh off being seat warmers at the latest Microsoft roundtable, Ally and Brendan return to the Hungry HQ to unpack all the latest news surrounding Bethesda both now and in the future.They also exchange most excellent discussion on the following topics:#Valheim#ApexLegends#NoMans ...   Show more

They Mostly Come At Night (Aliens: Fireteam, COD Outbreak, Sony Fruit Controllers)

The Hungry Gamers are back after another successful bug hunt, stomping xenomorphs and turning facehugger eggs into Sony controllers. Ally and Brendan also talk about:Call of Duty OutbreakValheimNo Man's SkyEpic buying the Tonic Games GroupOutriders getting patched Razer Anzu glas ...   Show more

Focus Magic Is Coming For You (Anthem RIP, Outriders, State of Play, Pokemon Presents)

Flying in via their javelins for the final time, Ally and Brendan return to pour one out after the confirmed death of Anthem. After they're done mourning they decide to chat about:#Valheim hands on impressions#Outriders hands on impressionsHenry Cavill in Mass Effect?!Recapping t ...   Show more

The Hungry Game Show | Matt Stillone vs Pandatv Battling World of Warcraft

In a world first for The Hungry Game Show, episode 14 sees us pitting two contestants against one another in the trivia arena and boy oh boy does it it create some grade A content.Audio-Technica's golden boy, Matt Stillone goes up against Twitch streamer extraordinaire Pandatv as ...   Show more

Clappin' Ass In New Ways (The Latest Nintendo Direct, Cryptofarming)

After claiming some random planets as their own, Ally and Brendan return for the two hundredth and twenty ninth time to unpack the latest news from within the video game and geek culture universe.On this weeks episode is hearty servings of:#NoMansSkyThe debut #MortalKombat film t ...   Show more

Cyberpunk 2077 (SPOILERCAST)

After narrowly escaping the insanity that is Night City, Ally, Brendan and Jono finally manage to sit down and share their thoughts surrounding 2020s most controversial release, CD Projekt's ambitious RPG, Cyberpunk 2077. The trio deep dive on just about everything related to the ...   Show more

Love, Ride or Dies and Everything in Between

On this special episode of The Hungry Gamers Ally, Brendan and the ATEBIT Nation get together to talk unique crushes, heartwarming moments and love from within the video game universe.Happy Valentine's Day world, stay safe and hold your loved ones tightly.-Be sure to follow The G ...   Show more

Wings vs Nuggets (League of Legends, Apex Legends Season 8, Gearbox Gets Bought, Blizzard)

Wings or Nuggets? The battle lines have been drawn and there will indeed be blood, and lots of tasty glorious chicken.Outside of the epic poultry debate Ally and Brendan also dive deep on:Their time with #LeagueofLegends#ApexLegends Season 8#Gearbox purchased by Embracer Group#Go ...   Show more

Stealing Peoples Clothes (Hitman 3, The Medium, Tesla Arcade)

Calmly entering your ears incognito courtesy of a costume change, Ally and Brendan have a full slate of gaming discussion on the menu. #THG226 serves up:#Hitman3 impressions#TheMedium impressions#Cyberpunk2077 mods#Tesla ArcadeKevin Hart in #BorderlandsA new #TombRaider animated ...   Show more

Sexy Vampires (The Resident Evil Showcase, What We Do In The Shadows, League of Legends)

Here to suck your blood and warm your ears, Ally and Brendan return to bring you a tasty assortment of gaming news and insight. On todays menu are servings of:#ResidentEvilVillage & Showcase discussionThe world being thirsty for female vampires#Maiden demo impressions#WhatWeDoInT ...   Show more

The Hungry Game Show | Zac Battles God of War

Zac from News to Reviews enters the trivia battle arena against the PlayStation 4 smash hit, 2018s God of War.Does he have the answers to combat a game show shaped Leviathan axe or does Baldur send him to Helheim?Listen on to find out!Be sure to follow us on Twitter:Brendan, Zac, ...   Show more

The Wishing Well (LucasFilm Games, Cyberpunk 2077, Wonder Woman 1984)

Those Hungry Gamers are back from holidays to bring you a tasty assortment of gaming news and insight. On this episodes menu are servings of:#LucasFilm Games (Star Wars & Indiana Jones)#Cyberpunk 2077 continued impressionsBrendan FINALLY played #Diablo3!?!Spoiler-free rapid revie ...   Show more

Assassin's Creed Valhalla (SPOILERCAST)

The latest episode of SPOILERCAST pillages and plunders for over 2 hours on all things Assassin's Creed Valhalla, SKOL!!  

Goodbye | Saleem

Saleem the Dream's Christmas chart topper is here, give it a listen and do what you can to get it to number one on the podcast charts!  

Festivus 2020

It's that time of year again so gather around the pole and air out those gaming or life related grievances!  

The 2020 End of Year Extravaganza!

Ally and Brendan return to share their (and yours!) answers to the big questions of 2020 - best character, biggest achievement, biggest blunder, bigger sleeper as well as summing up the year in one sentence.  

The Hungry Game Show | Jared Trail Battles Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Jared Trail of Rainbite enters the trivia battle arena against Naughty Dog's action/adventure classic, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.  

Jacob vs Goliath (Predicting The Game Award Winners, Fortnite, The Metal Gear Solid Movie, Casey Hudson Leaves Bioware)

The last regular episode of The Hungry Gamers for 2020! Lots of banter and discussion surrounding the biggest news headlines from within the gaming industry.  

Stolen Pie (Sony & Microsoft Breaking Console Launch Records)

The latest episode of The Hungry Gamers feels just like warm apple pie...anyways listen on as Ally and Brendan unpack the record setting launches of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, talk Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Yakuza: Like A Dragon, Red Dead Online and discuss the ...   Show more

Spider-Man: Miles Morales (SPOILERCAST)

What's this? Another episode in our SPOILERCAST spin off series? You're damn right it is!! This episode sees Brendan and Jono web-sling their way through the latest title from Insomniac, Sony exclusive, Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The guys dive deep on every key aspect of the game ...   Show more

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