A poorly put together trip down memory lane

A poorly put together trip down memory lane

Validation, self-validation and motivation

Basically I try to find out the cause of my worries and wonder if validation(internal or external) motivation for living, also I who e about getting fat and shitty eating habits  

Unemployment honeymoon phase

Vibey, rambly, personal update, no real substance just vibes  

I QUIT MY JOB, Join me to plan my unemployment.....

Months of being freaked out about being fired, I finally quit .... And I don't have a job lined up, but I need to get myself and determine what I really want to do with my life... I talk about data science, webnovels and I affirm my beliefs....  

Self diagnosing my escapist tendencies.

As usual you won't learn anything, still to a bit too dramatic , maybe it will push you to look at yourself and ask yourself why you drown yourself in entertainment and do you daydream  

You aren't crazy it's not all in your head .... But it still doesn't matter

So I went ham on the music, okay not really ham but still anchor music just four different ones...Its chill I am lying down for this, I try to figure out , why I am so down when someone basically said what I thought of myself and I was trying to change  

Okay I get it, I am an ITK Sue me

In this episode I talk, about how I think I became a know it all, why I am still, do I want to fix it and what exact I am going to change... I know my audio is trash but it's going to be especially trash today because I recorded this outside ... TMI no asked for but I a bee flew ...   Show more

My youth, what should I do with it?

As usual your host didn't plan, but she did find tacky articles to give opinions on then fall into a sad slump as she drowned deeper into her fears  

Rambling nonsense, no direction with a dash of fake cheerfulness

I talk in circles,with no direction but I did manage to plan my week put some dreams on a shelf,pop out new dreams, I am definitely going to judge myself next week... The playlists I talked about https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiQSl23szF1LML_a6-X91N8vE8tuek3iU https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiQSl23szF1LML_a6-X91N8vE8tuek3iU https://m https://m ...   Show more

Dangerously TMI about my personal inadequacies

Basically I just spend 99% of the episode just being sad and miserable, so maybe some resolution ..... Just being a sad sap ..  

Why should I look inwards for answers or what is introspection?

Am I even introspective, my thoughts about introspection and answering a beginner guide to introspection on positivepsycohology.com, maybe this is a part one or something.  

Exploring the possibility of voluntary childlessness as a sheltered middle class Nigerian woman.

Basically I went through a voluntary childlessness wikipage , and looked inwards to find out why I am on the fence about having,children spoiler alert for me it's turns out it's mostly about the uncertainty of my own future...  

Why I am probably going to die a virgin- Non religious reasons to abstain as a young Nigerian

This episode is basically me sharing theories on Nigerian sexual behaviours, reasons why I don't think sex is worth it in Nigeria, reasons to not pursue a relationship ......  

Bull shit theories on important but Faraway issues and life complaints

I give baseless theories (okay maybe based on the media representation) on important issues that don't affect me, in order to file this question and decide that "this  

Things that I hate about humanity, my country myself and I make plans again

I ramble on and try not to feel too bad, I thought it was going to be really sad but I got passionate and kind of happy and even made plans to improve....  

I and us, let's talk about you versus society

As usual I am rambling, but it's important to understand the big things and the small things, where we are in the the grand scheme of things and who is the enemy  

Mix match...let's have no direction and talk about everything

I talk in weird, circles about various topics I haven't really thought long and hard about. So maybe short snappy decision on many topics...so I talk about cringe, transfer of aggression, Time, at least I am better than that guy.  

You aren't special or unique and that's okay.

People are complex, we are not different , we are not special , we all have "I am not like the others" behaviours.  

Why did you get into a relationship?

I and yemi talk about romantic relationships what they mean to us and how it fits in our lives  

From intent to action , in three things I still intend to do.

This is about intent, how to get results to whatever you want to do, I lost the second segment, so it more of a rehash, you can skip it if you want.  

Where is the line, defining boundaries...

Talking about defining boundaries between different societal issues using a several topics to highlight that point....I went a little crazy with anchor's background music...but seriously everybody should have clear defined boundaries....  

What it feels like to be middle class in a third world country in three topics. ...

Dayo gets lost while trying to explain how it feels to be middle class in a third world country...it's really broad so let's just say I opened the tap  

This was supposed to be about beauty

I go through beauty, i lost 40 minutes of audio and had to use my earpiece mic to give a terrible demoralised summary of it...  

New format, YouTubers I like and why I like them, seneca

Its kind of long, i have no idea how i talked for so long, I decide on the new format , I talk about people I am subscribed to and why I like them, I go off on tangents and I end with Seneca's letters, super unedited too lazy to listen to all of it  

Mob mentality, friends, a guest, maybe a new format

I give an overview of Seneca's letters 7,8,9,11, and try to get Damola to agree with me  

Senecas letters, daily stoic and going off point

I finally start reading Senecas letters, I ramble but its not as bad Ep1, I go off in various directions  

Foundation of my Rules

Defining the foundation on which my journey to creating rules will be built on  

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