EP: 11 John Dahuya

EP: 11 John Dahuya

EP: 13 Lonnie Maddox

You want to hear about sacrifice? A coach on a mission to do better and to do right? Well this is the episode for you! Coach Maddox talks about how he got to where he's at now and the people who believed in him and helped him along the way. Coach Maddox is one of the coaches I kn ...   Show more

EP: 10 Shane Sweeting

Long time no see! Another great episode coming at you from a awesome man! Shane Sweeting is one of those people I wish everyone should have in their life. What we talk about in this episode is REAL and authentic. We discuss some true concerns in the profession but also in life an ...   Show more

EP: 9 Kealey Bride

Another great episode! Coach Bride is the real deal! She’s about the athlete and bringing up the value and needed change in our profession. In this episode you’re going to hear a young coach speak on some real issues. If this rubs you the wrong way then this podcast is doing its ...   Show more

EP: 8 Sabrina Murphy

Back at it again! Another awesome coach with great information and the importance of valuing our athletes not just for what they do in their sports but also as a human being. I love when coaches bring up those types of conversation because it lets you know they're invested in the ...   Show more

EP:7 Courtney Taybron

Another great episode! Coach Taybron injects a lot of information not only pertaining to our profession but also our society and the concerns we have as coaches but also as regular people in our society. We hit a sensitive topic that some coaches shy away from. Coach Taybron cove ...   Show more

EP:6 Jason Quarles

In this episode we have the opportunity to have Coach Quarles drop some real experiences and knowledge. We hit a number of topics in this episode that will spark even more conversations that need to be had in our profession but also in our daily lives. Don't forget to have that p ...   Show more

EP:5 Jasmine Rhodes

Another awesome episode with another GREAT coach! Coach Jas talks about another avenue to get into this profession and also how to go about if you really want the job. This episode has a lot of golden nuggets! The knowledge she brings into this profession not only as a coach but ...   Show more

EP: 4 Nicholas Lacy

Another awesome episode with Coach Lacy. This is one of the best young coaches to be around not only for developing athletes but also for the personal growth you'll have being around him. In this episode Coach Lacy will talk about how he got to where he is today and who helped hi ...   Show more

EP:3 Ed Smith

Another great episode from another GREAT coach! In this episode Coach Smith will tell you his story and how that relates to his coaching today among other things. This episode brings so much content for aspiring strength coaches and young strength coaches in the game. Tune in and ...   Show more

EP:2 Shelby Kea

Great information from a great coach!  Shelby Kea talks about how he goes about training and developing athletes. This episode gives the audience more insight on how coaches in the private sector go about training athletes. Tune in for bonus content near the end of the episode! D ...   Show more

EP:1 Brief Intro

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