His View

His View


Let’s talk about something that makes love sweeter today! I have questions again?? Don’t forget to like, comment and share. Happy listening♥️  

Her View

So we had @ifemidayo share his view on openness on the last episode and on this new episode of RLIWC we have his babe share her view and one of our previous guest @sistercaro host the show. Please listen and don’t forget to share. Happy listening ♥️  


One of the things I consider as most important ingredient for a healthy relationship!!! Happy listening♥️  

Who is She?

Question and answers to help you get to put a personality to the name, face and voice of real life issues with coco! Happy listening♥️  


Apparently.. SHE IS NOT ALONE!!! Listen to the ‘Frog’ voice while we conclude on our Discussion on Cohabiting...Don’t forget to share so your friends can at least have a good laugh at the voice too! Happy listening♥️  


The Message that changed my mind! Please listen and don’t forget to share! It may just change your mind and the mind of the person that gets to listen through you! Happy listening♥️  


Really!!! 1 week of Cohabitting ruins everything??? You all need to help me with this one . Please listen and give your feedback. Thank you and happy listening ♥️  


In this Episode...we addressed some issues we think breaks distance relationships...and ways we think can help keep the relationship in place or in check...whew! That explains the length? Please bear with me, listen and share your thoughts on this as well. I look forward to heari ...   Show more


This is the part 1 on Distance in Relationships! How do you deal in distance relationships? What are the ingredients to spice up your relationship once it’s distant? And we have special appearances on this episode as well. Happy listening ♥️  


We have lots and lots of feedback shedding more light to ways we can deal with a Toxic family member. I learnt from it ....I hope you do too. Don’t forget to share and make the podcast your favourite?  

Isn’t Family Everything???

Everybody!!! I have questions and I need answers please listen in and give me your feedbacks ....Is family not suppose to be everything??  

This ‘SELF LOVE’ thing!

In this episode, we shed more light on SELF LOVE than we already know. Listen in, give your feedbacks and share with every one. Thank you?  

Yaaay! It’s my birthday Today 🌻

We are introducing something very special today ....The Real Life Issues with Coco? Please listen in to know what this is going to be about and all that it will entail. I am excited ...you should be tooooo?. Thanks and God bless.  

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