Episode 10: Calling BS on the 3P's!

Episode 10: Calling BS on the 3P's!

Episode 12: Why positive thinking is NOT the answer!

In this episode I talk about why POSITIVE thinking is NOT always possible or the best way for you.  I talk about what you REALLY NEED to help you do things differently, have a listen to find out what it is Trigger WARNING: I do talk a bit about my story and about trying to end my ...   Show more

Episode 11: Social Anxiety & you!

In this episode I talk about social anxiety, what causes it, how it affects you physiologically but also what YOU can do to change things.  Many of us now feel anxious going back out into social situations after being shut in door for months on end.  Our social skills have not re ...   Show more

Episode 9: The Mental & Physical CANNOT be Separated

In this episode I talk about the sad new that Nikki Grahame passed away from Anorexia after year of struggling.  I also talk about why we just must stop looking at mental and physical health as separate entities,  because if we don't more and more people with continue to be mi-di ...   Show more

Episode 8:Sorry, the truth is your Dr. Doesn't have ALL the answers....

In this episode I talk about WHY your GP or Dr. does NOT have all the answers. Don't worry I am not DR. bashing , I have total respect for what they do, the passion and drive, strength and resilience that everyone is showing during this on going pandemic is incredible!  BUT their ...   Show more

Episode 7: Change is as hard as YOU choose to make it!

In this episode I cover why we perceive change to be hard and I tell what you need to know to be able to counter that!  I talk about your Reptilian brain and survival being its priority, with anything being uncomfortable seen as a 'threat'  I also cover why buying a book, program ...   Show more

Episode 6: Abuse & Self Worth

In this episode I talk about emotional, mental and physical abuse  **Trigger warning I talk about rape & domestic violence"  iT IS NOT your fault mae or female is you have or are in an abusive relationship , but when it leads to abusing yourself too, its time to take responsibili ...   Show more

Episode 5: Suicide & Suicidal thinking are NOT something to be ashamed of!

In today's episode I talk about another RAW CHATTER MATTER - that of suicide and suicidal thoughts.  As a person who has been there personally, having made 3 attempts at my own life and had family members who have tried and one who did succeed I am NOT embarrassed or ashamed to t ...   Show more

Episode 4: Feeling the feelings....

In this Episode Vicky talks about FEELING THE FEELINGS  About then NOT being something that was discussed in the family. Partly down to age and a 'generational thing' but also because her parents and her parents' parents didn't speak about them either!  When feelings were shown b ...   Show more

Episode 3: It's Eating Disorders Awareness Week - Let's start talking!

In this Episode I talk about how my foods issues started and how I felt at INFANT school.  Why no one chooses to have a 'weird' relationship with food and how I used to wish to be like my friends who could leave half a Mars bar or 'forget to eat' because they were too engrossed i ...   Show more

RAW CHATTER -The Stuff That Matters: Episode2: Self-care IS healthcare!

This Episode ....is all about SELFCARE Yes it's term that's being bandied about everywhere these days so that often means we ZONE OUT about it, why?  Because social media has presented this crazy idea that its time consuming and expensive.... Yet it's VITAL to feeling in control ...   Show more

Episode 1: It's NOT Your Fault!

In this first episode Vicky talks about feeling on an emotional roller coaster through lockdown and why trying to 'stay positive' is NOT realistic or helpful. **Trigger warning** alcohol addiction and bulimia are mentioned in this episode.  Stress and isolation, and feeling overw ...   Show more

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