6. bookclub: slay in your lane

6. bookclub: slay in your lane

7. platonic friendships, who? platonic, where? ft. Bod and Richard

Lydia and Debbie did something a little different this week. The girls called up two of their friends to not only for a laugh, but to probe the male mind when it comes to platonic relationships between heterosexual men and women. Bod and Richard stole the show, they touched on so ...   Show more

5. transitions

Happy Easter Holiday Listeners! In todays episode, Lydia shares how she's feeling coming to the end of academia and opens up about her insecurities and anxiousness as she transitions into a new chapter. The girls touch on being present and how to override the need for external va ...   Show more

4. the strong black woman

This week, Lydia and Debbie discuss Black Femininity and Sensuality, and how they're personally finding that they are unconsciously reinforcing that negative strong black woman trope. To share your thoughts and opinions on this topic, send the girls an email on 'hello@thinkingout ...   Show more

3: self-sufficiency and parenthood

This week, Lydia and Debbie share their thoughts, ask questions and debate the pros/cons of self-sufficiency, they also attempt to define parenthood. The audio is abit poor this week, we blame the weather that being said we hope it’s still enjoyable. If you would like to contribu ...   Show more

2: valentine, valentine is coming ooo

Valentine, valentine is coming ooo! Shoutout to Big Tipper! In the wake of Valentine's Day, Lydia and Debbie discuss their notoriously single lives and how comfortable they feel being alone. You can find the ladies on: Instagram:@thinkingoutblack Twitter: @thinkinoutblack  

1: bridgerton banter

This week Lydia and Debbie share their thoughts on Netflix's popular hit period drama, 'Bridgerton'; produced by the fabulous Shonda Rhimes, created and inspired by Julia Quinn's novels. Get comfortable and get yourself a drink - this episode promises to entertain! You can find t ...   Show more

0: tackling apathy

Join the 'thinking out black' girls @cocolime and @thoughts__on on their first-ever podcast episode, where they have an open and honest conversation between themselves, sharing their experiences relating to Apathy and Imposter Syndrome. These girls aren't professionals; they're m ...   Show more

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