Friendship Dynamics

Friendship Dynamics


In this episode, the ladies break down the term, Homewrecker: (noun) a person who is blamed for the breakup of a marriage or family, especially due to having engaged in an affair with one member of a couple. What does slut shaming, home-wrecking and cyberbullying have in common? ...   Show more


Plain and simple, What do you think happens after we die? Mark 21 gets into theories about life after death. How long is eternity? What do you really mean when you reference your Soul? Is there an actual purgatory? In this episode Mark 21 finds the intersection of reincarnation, ...   Show more

Lifestyle Options

Mark21 gets into lifestyle, and what it means to have one.  Consider style, attitude and possessions as a way of identifying with a particular lifestyle. Do you consider yourself a minimalist? Maybe you're Vegan. Perhaps you're a creative. In this episode, the ladies explore how ...   Show more

Everything & Nothing

Mark 21 gets into... all the sh*t!  Burnt out from the happenings of the world, the ladies come together with random chatter about whats been on their minds and what's come across their twitter feeds. Wondering if this episode has a key takeaway?  It does... Eff Donald Trump.  Li ...   Show more

Life After 35

Over the hill, into the valley or going up yonder? Mark 21 gets into life after 35 and share their perspectives on how its going. In this episode, Mark 21 talks about growing older and starting over, assisted living, age mentality, and dating age-gaps. Consider starting a new car ...   Show more

Historic Black Women

In this episode Mark 21 talks black History while highlighting some of the black women whose stories are significant to black culture and being. If King Henry VIII were alive today, would he drink black owned wine? Let that marinate, as you listen in for lessons in Women's Black ...   Show more

F**k, Marry, Kill

This episode is full of random oddities Take a listen to find out why the ladies want to f*** Mary Kill, with the thin mouth. After assessing your sommelier status, and rating the physical attractiveness of celebrities, Mark 21 gets into colorism, dating and OJ Simpson. You'll wa ...   Show more

Hot Topics

Mark 21 gets into the hot topics seemingly present in each of their worlds. The ladies share their thoughts and piece together back stories that explain how these topics impact popular culture. Stories from the news, media outlets and online blogs quickly become topics of discuss ...   Show more

Cancel Culture

Mark 21 gets into cancel culture and discuss some of the more well known cancels of 2020. Your fav public figure had been cancelled for something they've said or done and now you must make the decision to support or abort! Can you separate an individual from their art or craft? W ...   Show more


Habari Gani!! In this episode, Mark 21 gets into Kwanzaa! Time for self-reflection, emphasis on community, and exploration of new things are among some of the top themes of 2020. So keeping in this spirit, the ladies jump into learning about Kwanzaa! This conversation takes place ...   Show more

Holiday Movie Game

Mark 21 gets into script writing by pulling Christmas movie titles and creating their own plots, telling it like it is! In this episode, the ladies reimagine scenes to Christmas movies and make them their own, creating an entire story based only on the movie's title. Listen in to ...   Show more

Weird Foods

Mark 21 gets into the food and food combinations that might make you wanna gag. Mark 21 talks about the nastiest foods, from weird combinations to cultural delicacies. Ever have tuna eyeballs or fried spider? Can you imagine eating chocolate and avocado together? Listen in to hea ...   Show more


Mark 21 gets into toxic people and how gender norming is used to gain power, manipulate situations and purposely hurt others. In this episode, Mark 21 talks about toxic masculinity, toxic femininity and some of the ways that men and women use their gender to negatively impact the ...   Show more

Happy Holidays!

Mark 21 gets into holidays with warm festive beverages, traditions and perspectives on what to leave in and out of the season. The ladies share their views on what the season brings; movies, foods, decor and activities. Listen in to hear each of them share their seasonal quirks! ...   Show more


Mark 21 gets into the spectrum of obsessive behaviors known as fangirling, also referred to as being a superfan, stan, or groupie.  So, you stay on the lookout for the newest merch, you've gone to the concerts or shows and even participated in the activities. You are VERY familia ...   Show more

Women Supporting Women

Mark 21 gets into women supporting other women and the need to increase intra-community support. Two drinks in, the ladies discuss some of possible reasons why women do and don't support each other. Mark 21 talks about showing other women love on social media, through small busin ...   Show more

What We Get Into

Three women walk into a bar. Two sisters and their friend. The bartender asks for their drink order. One sister places a hand to her ear, raises the other in the air and belts out “Henny & Apple Juice”.  The Friend asks the bartender for a menu, while the other sister, rolling he ...   Show more

Long Distance Relationships

Mark 21 gets into long distance relationships after reading a yahoo article about Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo from reality TV show, The Bachelorette. The Mark 21 ladies share their thoughts about long distance relationships, trust and living with your significant other. This ...   Show more

The One About Nothing

It's exactly as it sounds. Mark 21 gets into everything and nothing at all.  Random recordings lead to interesting conversations or Interesting conversations lead to random recordings? The ladies explore everything from Tanya's tasteless titty tattoos, the Clubmix of the early 20 ...   Show more

Covid 19 Life

COVID-19 has significantly impaired the year's 2020 vision. Mark 21 gets into COVID's impacts on their daily lives and and what they've done to get through the pandemic. Pandemics ruin everything, well almost everything. Mark 21 talks COVID-19, the good and the bad, in a light he ...   Show more

Monogamy is a Joke

Mark 21 gets into monogamy.  In this episode, Mark 21 discusses various relationship dynamics and the societal influences that can pressure you into monogamy, even when that isn’t what resonates with your desires. They share their thoughts about this relationship dynamic and what ...   Show more

Body Positivity

Mark 21 reads a yahoo article highlighting music entertainer Lizzo's thoughts on body positivity and the commercialization of the movement. The Mark 21 ladies share their thoughts on the topic and dig into deeper themes such as social and cultural influences on body image and the ...   Show more

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