Episode 29: If You Don't Take Care Of This, I Will  Revelation 2:18-29

Episode 29: If You Don't Take Care Of This, I...

Episode 32: A Mother To Many Romans 16:1-2
Episode 31: Getting To Know You Psalm 139:23-24
Episode 30: Do Unto Others Titus 3:1-3
Episode 28: To Tell The Truth Isaiah 5:18-21

God wants us to be truth-tellers.  

Episode 28: Have You Experienced The Easter Effect? Acts 9:1-15
Episode 24: Do This 1 Corinthians 11:23-26
Episode 23: If I Could Just Be Faithful Genesis 6:5-13
Episode 22: Sometimes A Donkey Has More Sense Than We Do Numbers 1:1-35

God will do all He can to keep us from a path of self-destruction.  

Episode 21: Can Jesus Get A Witness? Luke 23:50-56

We must be willing to stand up for Jesus and His word at all costs.  

Episode 20: I Give You My Word Matthew 5:33-37

Believers are to be people of integrity who faithfully keep their word.  

Episode 18: Do You See What I See? Luke 13 :10-17

We must be able to see things from God's perspective to effectively do His work.  

Episode 17: It Takes Guts! Matthew 3:1-10

God will provide the boldness we need to stand for the truth.  

Episode 16: Do I Make Myself Clear? 2 Chronicles 19:1-7

Those in positions of civic authority must be held to the highest standards.  

Episode 13: Out With The Old! In With The New!

We should set practical spiritual goals for the new year.  

Episode 12: Someone You Know Could Use A Little Encouragement Acts 4:32-37
Episode 10: No Thanks, I'm Full! John 4:1-8, 31-35

As believers, we must be involved in ministry to others.  

It Really Isn't About Me John 3:22-30
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