Jake Paul Allegations, James Charles loves boys, David Dobrik, and Nick Bombs his Jokes

Jake Paul Allegations, James Charles loves bo...

David and Mariel Open up about Their Failing Relationship & The Power Of Therapy

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The Korean Demon Possession Story, Ed Goes to Japan, David Almost get's Cancelled By the Woke

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Jake Paul Knocks Out Ben Askren, Nick's Crazy Amateur MMA stories, & The Future of Youtube Boxing

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Derek Chauvin is Convicted, Daunte Wright is Slain, and The Taser Debate

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The Tragic Life & Loss of DMX, Childhood Trauma as an Adult, and Steven Seagal is a Loser

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David Accidentally Roofies Himself and Gina TikTok Douchebag Scandal

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Chef Noah on Dealing with Crippling Anxiety, Suicidal thoughts, Obesity, and Self Worth

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28 Year old spends 777 Thousand dollars on Digital art, NFT for Dummies, and the future of Bitcoin

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Andre Soukhamthath and His Beef with Sean O'malley, Losing His First Son, & Escaping Gang life

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Atlanta Asian Spa Massacre and The Asian American Experience

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Dr. Seuss hates Asian people, Who is Creamstar, and The problem with Virtue Signaling Boba Liberals

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Steebee Weebee Tells Bobby Secrets, The College Dropout story, and Starting a Band With David Choe

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Framing Britney Spears, David hates Justin Timberlake, & Genius Relationship Problems

In this Episode David confesses his love for Britney Spears and his hate for Justin Timberlake. Edric and David give some genius suggestions to a failing couple. Lets get into it! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/geniusbrain/support https://anchor.fm/geniusbrain/support  

Teacher Makes Racist Asian Jokes, David Almost Dies On Hike, and Jeremy Lin is Called Corona Virus

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Dating our First White Lady and Ed is Used to Satisfy a KPOP Fetish?

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Daft Punk breaks up, China Mac Retires, And are we becoming overly sensitive?

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Ed Meets The Judge Who Sentenced His Father, The Meth Head Hill Billy, The Art of Giving Selflessly

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David Meets his Hawaiian Crush, Nikki Blades Opens up about childhood, and Overly Strict Parenting

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Dating a Latina Flame, Carlos Mencia is Back, and David Hooks Up with a Married Woman

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Movie Review of the BEST Korean Rom-Com, Clubhouse for Idiots, & Ed's Ex Punches Him in the Face

You'll love skillshare it's the BEST! https://www.skillshare.com/brain https://www.skillshare.com/brain In this Epsiode we review one of the most ICONIC Korean Romantic Comedies of all time! Even if you don't like ROM COMS which we don't, this one is worth it. Ed and David Talk about their abusive Korean relatio ...   Show more

84 year old Thai Man Assaulted, Anti-Asian Sentiments, And The Reality of Mortality

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Bart & Geo Fix Their Broken Marriage, Bart Chooses Food over Geo, and Long Term Relationship Advice

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Throwing Away Relationships For Fame, Ed gets used by a youtuber, & The Basketball Bullying Story

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UFC 257 A Casual Review, Connor Mcgregor is Done, and The story of David and Pat Pooping Their Pants

Conor Mcgregor is dethroned once again, Ben Askren is fighting a youtuber, and David shoves a child to before he poops his pants! This one is a weird one. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/geniusbrain/support https://anchor.fm/geniusbrain/support  

Jackie Tohn on GLOW being cancelled, The Practice of being Grateful, & Her First Nude Scene Ever

Today we have a very special guest zooming in, Jackie Tohn! Jackie Tohn has had a long successful career as an actress, Comedian, Host, and musician. You may have seen her on the very successful series, "Glow" on Netflix as well as "The Best Left Overs Ever!" Come through this on ...   Show more

Dumbfoundead Speaks about Battle Rap, Music, and Acting Career

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TikToker Spreads Kanye & Jeffree Star Rumor, The Stance on Cosmetic Surgery, & The Great White Wash of Mahjong

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Trump is Impeached AGAIN, banned From Social Media, and Confronting a Friend Who Did Blackface

GET 10% OFF THE BEST MATCHA EVER!!! LINK: https://bit.ly/jb-david https://bit.ly/jb-david Lot of heavy topics that a lot of people might disagree with but that's okay! This country is going nuts! Let's go!! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/geniusbrain/support https://anchor.fm/geniusbrain/support  

Growing up catholic, butt stuff is overrated, and stupid sex stories

The title says it all.  Pat and Alex talk about growing up catholic and sex stories. It gets stupid and weird.  Toothy Blowjobs and angry handjobs... how fun? --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/geniusbrain/support https://anchor.fm/geniusbrain/support  

Wonder woman is Trash, Breaking Down Iconic Korean Film Old boy, & The Truth Won't Set You Free

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