Episode 20: "Mr." Jonathan Barbeau Joins TRC - Our First Cigar Episode with a Cigar Authority

Episode 20: "Mr." Jonathan Barbeau Joins TRC ...

Episode 22: Etienne De La Boetie^2 Joins TRC - The Art of Liberty and Why New Hampshire Can Be the Hub of Liberty

Being based out of NH, we were so happy to have EDLB2 take the time to join us for a conversation regarding our home state. We first heard him talk about NH having good bones to become a catalyst for revolution when he was interviewed by Monica Perez on the Propaganda Report. We ...   Show more

Episode 21: New Hampshire Profile Paranormal Joins TRC - Investigating the Unexplained with Tim and Jon

Covid fatigue has set in deep. We are sick of talking masks, vaccinations, riots, and everything else that's out of our control. We needed a break and took one this week. This time around, we got a little bit weird with Tim and Jon of NHPP - New Hampshire Profile Paranormal. They ...   Show more

Episode 19: Charlie Robinson Joins TRC - The Tentacles are on the Detonator of a Controlled Demolition

We were so excited to sit down with Charlie Robinson, author and podcast host, for a good old fashion unscripted sh*t talking session. We went into various topics and listened to Charlie voice his thoughts as only he can. What a fun time talking about some seriously messed up stu ...   Show more

Episode 18: Special Guests Karen and Brian Wiseman Join TRC - The Medicinal Mushroom and Homesteading Episode

We were so grateful that Karen and Brian Wiseman came to join us on TRC. The Wiseman's are a true inspiration - they are the very definition of walking the walk. Years ago they dropped thriving careers in the medical industry to create a new life in rural Worcester, VT. Aside fro ...   Show more

Episode 17: Back to Basics - Propaganda, Underground Crypto Exchanges, Myanmar Updates, Sununu's Family Business

We had a guest unexpectedly cancel due to unforeseen reasons so we took it back to our podcasting roots we planted back in Nov 2020 and dug into some current events. We explored the latest crazes in propaganda, shared thoughts on the 6 Keene, NH residents getting it hard from the ...   Show more

Episode 16: Ricky Varandas Joins TRC - Podcasting, Misinformation, Government Overreach, and Mental Health

Ain't gonna lie to you, there's still a perm-a-grin on Matt's face since we recorded this Wednesday, March 10, 2021. We are huge fans and were pumped Ricky was able to join TRC to talk with us. We chatted about a whole host of topics from podcasting, hindsight from the plandemic, ...   Show more

Episode 15: Micah Dank Joins TRC - A Trip Down the Rabbit Hole and Across the Zodiac

Thanks for tuning in. We were excited to have Micah Dank join us and share his studies into the zodiac and astrotheology. It was informative and if you tune into us on LBRY, BitChute, or YouTube, you'll get a companion slide show presentation too. Thank you for visiting the show ...   Show more

Episode 14: BONUS BELLY FLOP - Totally Unscripted Marvin Heemeyer Convo and Theory

Thanks for tuning in to the first ever TRC Out Takes! After we wrapped up episode 12, we started talking more in depth on the Killdozer story out of Granby, CO on June 4, 2004. I present some theory on the event. Unfortunately, I don't think anyone will ever find out the true who ...   Show more

Episode 13: Joe Robichaud joins TRC - From Marv Heemeyer to Mr. Potato Head

Joe is a new friend of the show. He resides in the same NH town we're in and it just made sense to get together for an episode. We originally planned to get into the Killdozer saga, but the natural path of the conversation got into our take on the current state of affairs unfoldi ...   Show more

Episode 12: Adam Alamano of Debra Gets Red Pilled Joins TRC - It was a fun hangout!

We're so excited to welcome to the show Adam, of the super popular and crazy informative podcast, Debra Gets Red Pilled. It was a fun conversation ranging from his family's adventures in raising chickens to a dabble into a couple lesser known topics. Enjoy the show and we would a ...   Show more

Episode 11: Aaron Day Joins TRC - The Crypto Episode - Ravencoin is Bitcoin 3.0

Is #Ravencoin really #Bitcoin 3.0. We are joined for our 10th episode by fellow granite stater, crypto aficionado and endorser of #Ravencoin, Aaron Day. We start out with a little crypto 101 then get into the conversation covering the reasons why #Ravencoin is poised for big move ...   Show more

Episode 10: Physical and Mental Preparedness, Gun Rights, Bezos as a Philanthropist, and Myanmar Thoughts and more

This one was fun. We sat down, had a little whiskey to celebrate Friday and the end to a great week in our personal lives. From there, the conversation went off on topics from the week that interest us. It got a bit, but it needed to. There's a lot going on in this one. If you en ...   Show more

Episode 9: Indoctrinating Anxiety, Farmland Theories, Squeezing Short

Talked current events. Nothing earth shattering on this episode but it was a great conversation.  

Episode 8: Talked Inauguration, Anon Shaming, and Homesteading

We covered a vast array of topics floating in the land of the Twittersphere. From the inauguration to anon shamming Twitter has been a buz since January 20. We've recognized the national stage is far beyond our control, so we are now shifting to hyper-local, community based topic ...   Show more

Episode 7: From the Capitol Insurgency to Bill Gates Farm Control to Trump Returning to FB and Instagram

What a wild week mixed in with breaking news as we were recording. Trump is back on the Facebooks and the Instagrams. It went a bit long, but we were having a good time. We're hoping you enjoy the perspective on some current events.  

Episode 5: Biden and Trump Flexing, Nurses Dance, and Nashville Explodes

From masks to political power flexing....We're gonna try and grab you by the stimulus package. Hang out with us for a trip through current events. We dabble in masks and vaccines, Tic Tok nurse flash mobs, Trump's power moves, Biden's mask mandates, and a touch on what we know fr ...   Show more

Episode 4: BONUS BELLY FLOP - New Hampshire's Millionaire Hunting Club

Welcome to the Bonus Belly Flop (BBF). Some podcasts have time to research and do deep dives. We're not blessed with that much time, so we do the best we can with what we've got and try to dispense it to you with a realistic unscripted conversation. Rather than calling it a dive, ...   Show more

Episode 3: We Are Living in a Comic Book

From Trump's Vaccine, Pence optics, our homage to the vaccine draft, and Tulsi looking to put an end to your government infringing on your rights, we have a fun time riffing on the latest headlines of the week.  

Episode 2: Bonus Belly Flop - MKUltra and Mockingbird....They are programing your programing

We look at the government run mind control programs, MKUltra and Mockingbird. Thanks for checking out the second podcast.  

Episode 1: Pilot Episode

We touch briefly on everything and anything and do it all with unscripted random dialogue. It was a great opportunity for us to meet in person and just shoot the shit. This was a blast to make. We hope you enjoy it and share it.  

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