Fried Dayz, 420

Fried Dayz, 420

Demond Nicholson

Featuring Professional Boxer Demond Nicholson, this episode talks about his journey through boxing thus far, including his training regime for upcoming fights, his source(s) of inspiration, overcoming adversity both in and outside of the ring, and much more!  

Clothing Line Couple

Featuring Clothing Brand owners, and couple, RJ, aka Scarr, and Kahlia, this episode discusses the trial and tribulations they both faced on the road to becoming CEO of a clothing brand operation. They also discuss the motivation involved, being a couple in the same entrepreneur ...   Show more

Skippa Fly D

Featuring Personal Trainer and Cook, Skip, of Skip The Trainer LLC, this episode talks about his involvement in many skills and traits, his unorthodox, but affective style of training and workouts, the importance of personal and business branding, a higher perspective on life, an ...   Show more


Featuring special guests Camm and Jordyn, this episode speaks on their work in the teaching field including the effect of Covid-19 on both them and their students. The episode also speaks on the flock of women catching one-way flights to All Star Weekend, who's the better hustler ...   Show more

Credit with Kevo

Featuring entrepreneur and business owner Kev, of A1 Credit Repair, this episode talks about his work in repairing credit scores, free credit gems to bump up your score instantly, and much more! This episode also talks about Philly's best cheesesteak spot, the return of Bobby Shm ...   Show more

Christine Marie Dai Show

Featuring Public Figure and Recording Artist, Christine Marie, of The Christine Marie Show, this episode talks about her New Orleans roots, the influence of her music, the importance of a "freak playlist", her 70 lb weight loss journey, and much more!  Intro Song: Chrstine Marie- ...   Show more

Genuine Results

Featuring Jermaine aka The Nutritional Teacher, this episode talks about his practice of the Dr. Sebi diet revealing numerous toxins in America's everyday consumption including water and some fruits. This episode also discusses the blueprint for Americas fast food success, miscon ...   Show more

Rei and Sharpe

Featuring special guests, and couple, Rei (IG- @_thatgirlrei) and Sharpe (IG- @who_sharpe), this episode discusses many positive aspects that contributes towards their relationship, including topics on upcoming 'Valentine's Day'. This episode also features a 'Couples Trivia Game' ...   Show more

Interstate Hustlin'

Featuring Special Guest Brock Phillips (@bphillips), Founder/CEO of Phillips Transportation Inc and Interstate Hustlers LLC, this episode discusses how Brock into the trucking industry, the ups and downs that go into any business ownership, the everyday life of running your own t ...   Show more

The Yard

This episode of The Dai by Dai Podcast is HBCU Themed and features Warren and Bri, as the two along with Dai Dai, discuss the differences and similarities between HBCU's and PWI's, the advantages and disadvantages of attending a HBCU, relations at work, female vs male drivers,  a ...   Show more

Apex & Ade'Nay

Featuring artists Apex Tex (@apextex_) & Ade'Nay (@adenay608), this episode talks about adversities they've faced as artists during Covid, 2020 musical wrap-ups, musical inspirations, "This or That" segment, and much more! Intro Song: "Zodiac" by Apex Tex & Ade'nay  

Self Care

Featuring Camille aka Milly Montana, this episode talks about the many aspects that go into self care for ones self, such as self love, self discipline, self gratitude, and more.   

Head of State

Featuring Special Guest Warren (@Balloutlou_) for a third appearance on the show, this episode is a White House takeover! Dai Dai and Warren are recording live from the Oval Office. While hypothetically speaking as the co-presidents of The United States, they are giving their opi ...   Show more

The Streets

Featuring Special Guests Marissa (@risab__) & Ed (@ed_giggity), this episodes discusses belonging to the streets, toxic characteristics and ideas, covers Q&A's left by the social media fan base, and more.  


Featuring special guest Warren (@Balloutlou_) for the second time, this episode covers factors going into Thanksgiving, Gucci and Jeezy Verzuz, a spike in shootings with rappers, and more.  

Feed The Fam

Featuring New Jersey native and recording artist FTF Mitch (@ftf_mitch), this episode speaks on Mitch's career path, upcoming music, many aspects that go into making sure the family eats, and much more. This episode is dedicated to Kendall Jones, a good friend and loving person w ...   Show more

Griselda Talk

Featuring Buffalo, NY native Bashaar (__therealpete) this episode discusses Buffalo being on the map, especially with the current success of The Buffalo Bills and East Buffalo rap group Griselda. This episode also includes the This or That segment, but with a twist.   

California Luv

Featuring Oceanside, California native Tian (@caligaltee), this episode discusses much of California's culture, such as music, movies, and sports, while also discussing the importance of sex in a relationship, open relationships and more.  

Man Time Talk

Featuring Personal Trainer, Meal Planner, and CEO of Man Time Fitness (@mantimefitness), Anthony (@abu.asada) joins the podcast to discuss his adversity and awakening through life in prison, his personal training path, his sea moss infusion brand, and much more  

DMV Artists

Featuring DMV Rap Artists Apex Tex (@apextex_) and Scooby Drew (@scoobydrew___), this episode covers many music related topics such as the DMV rap scene, musical inspiration, who the King of R&B is, and much more.  

Filthy Animals

Featuring special guests  Queezy F. Baby and Darryl F. Beezy, aka Freak Boul, this episode covers many topics, all from three different male point of views.  

Blackout Series: July 4, 2020

This episode of The Blackout Series takes place on the blacking out and boycotting of Independence Day and discusses topics such as Covid-19, Karens, The KKK, HBCU Takeover, and much more.  

Quarantine w/ the Pageant Queen

Joined by pageant contestant, full-time Minister, book author and entrepreneur, Ebony Acton (@ebonymacton), this quarantine episode covers the global affect of Coronavirus thus far, the day in the life of a pageant contestant, her upcoming book, dating & religion, and much more.  

Watch Out For The Big Girl

To start things off with March Madness, this episode is joined by co-host Warren (@Balloutlou_), and shows love to plenty of women, who are plenty of woman.  

Black Love... Right?

To close things out with Black History Month, joined by social media personality, Skye (@skye_esteem), this episodes discusses black love, interracial love, and more.  

Valentines Day: Knockin' da Boots

Joined by yoga and meditation instructor Michelle (@michellebyogi), this Valentine's Day episode covers past romantic experiences, relationship goals, and more.   

Series Premier: Marriage Before Kids

Featuring Beauty Enthusiast Bri, this episode discusses marriage before kids, daddy & mommy issues, paying for dates and more. It also features the segment "Crazy Ex Stories".   

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