Ep. 46 - 420 Celebration Extravaganja ft. Stevie Lew

Ep. 46 - 420 Celebration Extravaganja ft. Ste...

Ep. 49 - Rock, Paper, Caesar (Caesar's Civil War) ft. Bobby Tamburro

This week we are joined by our Ancient Rome Correspondent and Scott's favorite guest, Bobby Tamburro to continue our traipse through the life of Julius Caesar. This installment we discuss the bulk of Caesar's Civil War and his struggle against the faction favored by the Roman Sen ...   Show more

Bonus Ep. 36 PREVIEW - BAME ft. Jeff Katsman

This full PREMIUM Episode can be listened to and viewed on www.rokfin.com/historyhomos for a small fee. This week we bring you another dose of big tobacco vs small tobacco, the death of Newports and the evil behind programming for children. We are joined by longtime friend of the ...   Show more

Ep. 48 - Grover Cleveland ft. Matt Maran

Joining us this week is comedian and roast battle ringleader Matt Maran to discuss one of the most overlooked and surprisingly based presidents in the history of the United States: Grover Cleveland. We delve into the social and political situation of the time and how it can be an ...   Show more

Bonus Ep. 35 PREVIEW - Vaxxchat or How To Talk To Your Children About the Apocalypse ft. Carie Karavas

This full PREMIUM episode is available at www.rokfin.com/historyhomos  This week we are joined by comedian Carie Karavas (@cariekaravas1) from her car traveling across country to discuss vaccine hysteria and the effects of a media with ill intent. After she departs we regroup to ...   Show more

Ep. 47 - ANZAC Day, The Gallipoli Campaign ft. Larry Beyah

This week we are joined once again by Larry Beyah, host of the Letz Get Loud Podcast to discuss the origin story of the Australian identity, the ill fated Gallipoli campaign of the first world war and the numerous consequences of it. Larry can be found on twitter @larrybeyah and ...   Show more


For future bonus episodes please subscribe to our premium channel over at www.rokfin.com/historyhomos going forward. If you have any questions comments or concerns please email us at Historyhomos@gmail.com Later homos. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/historyhomos/supp https://anchor.fm/historyhomos/supp ...   Show more

Bonus Ep. 33 - Based Eastwood ft. Steve Conti

Join us for another weekly bonus roundup of the weeks misadventures in the Rhodesian Empire. This week we welcome back friend of the show Steve Conti, Super producer on Compound Media to discuss Bufo frogs, shitting (obviously), how having sex with a woman is gay and Based Clint ...   Show more

Ep. 45 - Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988) Ft. Maxwell Cody

This week we are proud to welcome back friend of the show and master of memes Maxwell Cody, host of Schizotopia.net podcast to discuss something we teased last time he was on the show: The first conflict known as the "Gulf War" between Iran and Iraq in the 1980's. It is a topic n ...   Show more

Bonus Ep. 32 - Future Me

Join us for another weekly bonus roundup of the weeks misadventures in the Rhodesian Empire. This week we are joined by Scott's good friend David before he is sent away to his certain doom in Minnesota. We discuss wage cage recreation, being trans when nobody is looking and hit s ...   Show more

Ep. 44 - JFK Goes to Dallas ft. Pat Dixon

This week we proudly welcome back friend of the show Pat Dixon to talk about America's most ubiquitous conspiracy theory: The JFK Assassination. We kind of sort of cover it. But everything we do discuss is both hilarious and also somewhat germane to the topic of JFK. Enjoy. Make ...   Show more

Bonus Ep. 31 - Lock Talk with Scott and Dalton ft. Dalton Pruitt

Join us for another weekly bonus roundup of the weeks misadventures in the Rhodesian Empire. This week Dalton Pruitt sits in for a sleepy William and we discussed the SCP Foundation, the Weimarization of America, and growing up fat.   Follow Dalton on Twitter @newdalton69420 or f ...   Show more

Ep. 43 - Take the Rhodes Pill (Swapcast w/ The Propaganda Report)

This week we are proud to welcome Monica Perez and Brad Binkley, hosts of The Propaganda Report podcast to take a deep dive on our personal conspiracy universe, The Rhodes Pill.  Check out Monica and Brad's show wherever you find podcasts and support them on Patreon at www.patreo ...   Show more

Bonus Ep. 30 - Fremdschamen

Join us for another weekly bonus roundup of the weeks misadventures in the Rhodesian Empire. This week we discussed Pahiggins, a Daily Wire article about the Chinese Ambassador saying some based shit at the White house last week and some gamer words.   Follow us across social med ...   Show more

Ep. 42 - The German Occupation of the Netherlands in WW2 ft. Geno Bisconte

This week we are thrilled to have Geno Bisconte of In Hot Water on Compound Media to discuss the source material of a few of his jokes on stage: the fate of The Netherlands during WW2. We also discuss a fake diary and we touch on how the time period can be compared to the past ye ...   Show more

Bonus Ep. 29 - I'm a Centrist ft. Andrew Valentino

Join us for another weekly bonus roundup of the weeks misadventures in the Rhodesian Empire. This week we discussed fake outrage about the most recent crisis theatre event, Indian television and an exciting new service offered at Staples. Follow Andrew on Twitter @VLNTINO and on ...   Show more

Ep. 41 - The Death of the Opie and Anthony Subreddit (O&A History Finale)

This week we come to the last part of the saga of unadulterated autism as we chronicle the last few years in the world of the Extended Opie and Anthony Universe, including the downfall of the wretched hive of scum and villainy: The O&A subreddit. In doing so we touch on why you s ...   Show more

Bonus Ep. 28 - Uncle Ted's Pen-Pal

This week we are joined by an old friend of William's who is a retired police officer who we refer to, thusly, as "Bobby" to discuss the law enforcement perspective on the recent COVID measures. We also discuss vaccine skepticism,  recycling, and the recent hullaballo about the R ...   Show more

Ep. 40 - The French Revolution ft. Carter Laren

This week we are joined by Carter Laren, host of Unsafe Space podcast to discuss one of the most important events in Western history: The French Revolution and some of the bigger ideas that led to it and arose from it. Check out Carter's show Unsafe Space on youtube or wherever p ...   Show more

Bonus Ep. 27 - Modern Monetary Trouble ft. Chris from Brooklyn

This week William looks like a rabbit in the headlights as he is faced with the prospect of actually running a show for once. Fortunately for him he's joined by Chris from Brooklyn and they have a lively ramble through such topics as New York's illustrious leadership, state spons ...   Show more

Ep. 39 - Can't Get You Out Of My Nazi Jewels

This week we were in a state of flux due to Scott's impending move, so we decided that we would do a potpurri episode of sorts. First we do a fairly comprehensive analysis of the new BBC Documentary by Adam Curtis "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" and discuss some of the ideas prese ...   Show more

Bonus Ep. 26 - The Revolving Chair of Justice ft. Andrew Valentino and Jeff Katsman

This week we bring you another weekly wrap up featuring two of our favorite repeat guests, Andrew Valentino and Jeff Katsman. They actually meet live on the show and we all bond over stories about adolescent drug use and brushes with the law.   Andrew can be found on Twitter @VLN ...   Show more

Ep. 38 - The Disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa ft. Anthony Zenhauser

This week we celebrate True Crime History Month again with returning guest Anthony Zenhauser of The Creepy Corner and talk about every Italian's favorite topic: the mob. We break down the rise of Jimmy Hoffa and the Teamsters union and work through some of the proposed theories a ...   Show more

Bonus Ep. 25 - The Eldritch Screw

We wrap up the week's mischief and mayhem caused by the Rhodesian Elite yet again. This week we discuss the Pentagon's upcoming plans, the Nietzchean concept of Master/Slave morality, The Boss cruising and home schooling.   Follow us across social media on twitter and IG @history ...   Show more

Ep. 37 - The Axeman of New Orleans ft. Douglas Nelson

This week we continue True Crime History Month with our guest with a golden voice Douglas Nelson to discuss a piece of folklore local to him: The Axeman Murders of the 1910's in New Orleans. Was it a racially motivated murder spree, a result of the activities of the early Italian ...   Show more

Bonus Ep. 24 - Violence is Wong ft. Paul Fenz

This weeks bonus ep we welcome the freshly independent Paul Fenz to wrap up the week for you. We discuss the Superb Owl (Moloch) and William shares a fond memory. We also discuss a startling trend of violence that has emerged in the past year. Check out Paul's show Offenzive on Y ...   Show more

Ep. 36 - The Juarez Femicides ft. Dalton Pruitt

This week to kick off True Crime History Month, we discuss comedian Dalton Pruitt's suggested topic: the epidemic of femicide in the border town of Ciudad Juarez in Mexico and the intrusion of a sadistic class of global elites on a country hollowed out with corruption from the U. ...   Show more

Bonus Ep. 23 - 6 Year Old Ballet Dancer ft. Rev. Bob Levy

This week we welcome back comedy legend The Reverend Bob Levy to do yet another weekly round up of misadventure and oddity. We discuss what Bob has been up to since we last spoke and William unravels more of his mommy issues.   Bob has a new podcast called Levyland that can be fo ...   Show more

Ep. 35 - The Passion of Sacco and Vanzetti ft. Mike Recine

This week we welcome comedian and noted Italian Mike Recine to discuss an extremely local story to Scott: the trial and execution of Italian immigrant anarchists Sacco and Vanzetti for a string of robberies and a double murder in Southeastern Massachusetts in 1920. We also discus ...   Show more

Bonus Ep. 22 - Undercock ft. Jeff Katsman

This weeks bonus episode we celebrate International Holocaust Remembrance Day by inviting on our favorite Jew, Jeff Katsman. We briefly discuss the recent stock market habbenings before talking about the Russian/Jewish mob Jeff's neighborhood. William makes a big announcement, we ...   Show more

Ep. 34 - The History of the Opie and Anthony Radio Show pt. 2 ft. Jared

This week we return to the trenches of the great saga of the Opie and Anthony Show. This time we discuss the slump towards the end of the show, the firing of Anthony Cumia and the few years immediately following that with former Opie and Anthony intern "Creampie Jones" (real name ...   Show more

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