Define And Deliver Exceptional Customer Service - with Dr Kelly Henry

Define And Deliver Exceptional Customer Servi...

Jay Jay, Founder of Ace of Spades Agency, On How To Attract A Following On Social Media

After having helped countless clients to establish their own personal brands, and attract huge followings across social media platforms, Jay Jay, the founder of the Ace Of Spades Agency, joins Gavin to tell you why it's so important, and practical ways that you can do it!  KEY TA ...   Show more

Founder of Maixter, Alejandra Carreno Garzo on building a platform to bring students and teachers together

Gavin talks to the founder of Maixter, Alejandro Carreno Garzo, about her inspirational and motivational tale of strength, resilience and will power a journey that brought her back from the brink of defeat to the heights of success through the development and building of a bran ...   Show more

Claire Dale and Pat Peyton - Authors Of Physical Intelligence

Gavin talks to Claire Dale and Pat Peyton, the authors of the incredible new book "Physical Intelligence: Harness your body's untapped intelligence to achieve more, stress less and live more happily", about the book's philosophy, and how you can get the most our of being physical ...   Show more

Buy Build and Sell - Rob Jones On Increasing The Valuation Of Your Business Upon Sale

This week Gavin talks to Rob Jones, a multiple CFO and founder of RJF Business Services, about the things you can do in order to increase the valuation multiple of your business upon sale. KEY TAKEAWAYS There is an innate value in quality, and clients remember the value we offer. ...   Show more

Branden Lark- Marketing and Brand Strategist On How Consultants and Coaches Achieve $10,000 per month In Revenue

This week, Gavin is joined by marketing and brand strategist, Branden Lark, for a look at how consultants and coaches maximise their potential incomes, and the marketing strategies that can dynamically energise your fortunes. KEY TAKEAWAYS Effective marketing strategies are built ...   Show more

Hey Presto - How To Increase Your Customer Conversions

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Jason Richmond CEO and Founder of Ideal Outcomes And Author of Culture Spark On The Importance of Culture and Leadership with Remote Teams

This week, Gavin talks to Jason Richmond, the CEO and founder of Ideal Outcomes, about why culture is such a vital component of any business's success, and we can best inspire, motivate and collaborate with our teams remotely. KEY TAKEAWAYS Creating dynamic cultures and great wor ...   Show more

Mike Ettore of Fidelis Leadership Interviews Gavin About Trust Based Leadership

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Matthew Yahes - CEO and Founder of Extend Your Team On Hiring Exec-Level Team Members From The Phillipines

Gavin talks to Matthew Yahes, the founder of Extend Your Team, and a specialist in the eCommerce space, about the best ways in which you can grow your teams through hiring C-Suite level and executive level team members from around the world, and thereby strengthen and develop you ...   Show more

Hey Presto - Find Your Pivot, Iterate Faster!

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Sandy Brown On Mediation - Skills And Tools To Help Reduce Or Remove Conflict

This week, Gavin is joined by Sandy Brown, a mediation trainer, solicitor and speaker, to discuss the ways we can improve our mediation skills, and how to turn what can be an awkward situation, rife with conflict, into a mutually beneficial and friction-free outcome.  KEY TAKEAWA ...   Show more

Hey Presto! Market Dominating Position

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Derick Van Ness On Fundamental Wealth-Building Strategies

In this episode, Gavin talks to wealth strategist, Derick Van Ness, about the ways in which we can better insure our future resources by strategically basing our todays upon the outcomes of tomorrow.  KEY TAKEAWAYS Many business owners start with a passion that comes from the hea ...   Show more

2021 Budget Special

It's a very special impromptu episode this time, in which Gavin and his special guests, Chris Haley and Mark Burch, discuss the 2021 budget announcement from Rishi Sunak, and what it could potentially mean for those in business.  KEY TAKEAWAYS There are 1.3 million people now abo ...   Show more

Hey Presto! Intelligence without Social Empathy and Context is a Hindrance

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Uri Bram, CEO Of The Browser, On Managing Teams Of Remote Workers

With remote working fast becoming the norm in the new post-COVD world, Gavin talks to Uri Bram, founder of The Browser, about the ways in which he has successfully managed teams around the world, and how we can make the most of our people from afar.  KEY TAKEAWAYS Ensuring our te ...   Show more

Buy, Build and Sell - with Steven Kuhn - Business turnaround specialist, decorated combat veteran and investor

In this week's show, Gavin talks to Steven Kuhn, an experienced investor and turnaround specialist, about building businesses, selling them, and the best ways in which to buy and sell!  KEY TAKEAWAYS We cannot grow unless we are given the room to do so. Stepping into a larger poo ...   Show more

James Sinclair, CEO Of Partyman Group, On Scaling Your Business In A Pandemic

The pandemic has thrown many challenges up in the world of business, but it has also provided opportunities, including chances to scale. In this week's show, Gavin talks to one of businesses true entrepreneurs, James Sinclair, the mastermind behind Partyman, about how he not just ...   Show more

Hey Presto! - Finding Your Pivot

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Using Inner Wealth Work To Unlock Your Potential - with Rose Radford

This week, Gavin talks to powerhouse business coach, strategist and speaker, Rose Radford, about developing the entrepreneurial potential in people by using "inner wealth work", focussing specifically upon female entrepreneurs and businesses. KEY TAKEAWAYS Be less emotion-driven. ...   Show more

#200 From Idea To Product, and Dragon's Den - with Solvej Biddle

It's the 200th episode of The Business Mastermind Podcast, and to celebrate this, Gavin has invited a very special guest, one of the true business masterminds, and star of BBC's Dragon's Den, Solvej Biddle! No one knows more about how to turn an idea into a product, having appear ...   Show more

#199 TBMM - Finding The Passion To Change The World - with Reece Brown

This week's guest is independent wealth manager, Reece Brown, one of the most dynamic up-and-coming business minds in the country, about the importance of fuelling the fire beneath your passions, and how you can follow your dreams all the way to success. KEY TAKEAWAYS Many in the ...   Show more

Hey Presto! Keep Your Boat Afloat - How The 8 Steps Of COVID Survival Are Relevant To Your COVID Recovery

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The 7 Cs Of Conscious Change - with Cheryl Peel

In this week's show, Gavin talks to Cheryl Peel, an accountability coach who has devoted much of her expertise to helping professionals and executives to realise their potential through enacting lasting, effective change. Cheryl discusses her ground-breaking system, The 7 Cs Of C ...   Show more

Hey Presto - The Importance Of Trust And Certainty Through Change

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Justin Breen On The Right Networks Create The Right Opportunities

Few people are more talented at spotting patterns in business and behaviour than this week's guest, Justin Breen, the author of Epic Business and the founder of BrEpic Communications. Justine joins Gavin to discuss the importance of mind-set and how it can equate to a better netw ...   Show more

Hey Presto! - Quarterly Strategic And Action Planning

Today Gavin talks about planning! It will have been something you have been surrounded by the past few weeks. But, if you haven't quite got started yet or want to revisit it and want a strategic, process-lead way to plan then listen in to todays episode of Hey Presto for some gre ...   Show more

Somayeh Aghnia On Tech-Enabled Business Strategy, Digital Transformation in SMEs, and Creating A Digital-First Culture

Somayeh Aghnia, the founder of Geeks Ltd, is a true powerhouse in the world of growing business through technology. In this week's show, Gavin talks to Somayeh about the ways in which we can create a digital-first culture in our organisations, as well as the practical ways in whi ...   Show more

Hey Presto! Re-Activitating Drive And Motivation, Keeping Employees Engaged

VALUABLE RESOURCES   The Business Mastermind Podcast  Get your copy of Survive And Thrive NOW at Keep Your Boat Afloat   ABOUT THE HOST Gavin Preston Gavin is an inspirational Spe ...   Show more

Business Planning For 2021 - A Collaborative Podcast with Nick Bradley

It's a meeting of masterminds today as The Business Mastermind Podcast's Gavin Preston meets the Scale Up Your Business Podcast's Nick Bradley, for a reflection upon the year that was 2020 in business, and the opportunities and trends that will make the biggest differences in 202 ...   Show more

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