How Ecuador's US-backed fake 'eco-left' helped a right-wing banker win the election

How Ecuador's US-backed fake 'eco-left' helpe...

How the CIA cultivates a fake left: From the cultural cold war to intersectional imperialism

Ben Norton was invited to give this talk about the fake left and imperialism. He discusses how the CIA's "woke" recruitment ad is not new; it is rooted in an "intersectional imperialist" history going back to the first cold war, in which the CIA poured money into cultivating anti ...   Show more

Economist Michael Hudson on new cold war, Super Imperialism, Biden, China & Russia, dedollarization

Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton discuss with world-renowned economist Michael Hudson his concept of US "Super Imperialism," the new cold war on China and Russia, the Joe Biden administration, and dedollarization - the potential end to the dollar as the global reserve currency. From ...   Show more

From Texas to Donbas: Meet the American fighting Ukrainian fascists

As the anti-Russia hawks in the Joe Biden administration push for more aggressive policies in Ukraine, we speak with Russell Bentley, an American from Texas who moved to the Donbas region to fight on behalf of the breakaway Donetsk People's Republic. Bentley discusses the ultra-n ...   Show more

Does US meddling in Myanmar risk Syria/Libya-style war?

Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton discuss US meddling in the protests in Myanmar with Brian Berletic, and how Washington seeks to weaken a neighbor of China and key ally in Beijing's Belt and Road Initiative. We discuss the coup by the Tatmadaw military, the NED-funded Burmese networ ...   Show more

As new cold war on China heats up, US govt funds extremist Uighur armed separatists

Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton are joined by Ajit Singh and Aaron Maté to discuss the new cold war on Beijing, and how the US government is funding far-right extremist Uyghur armed separatists, to try to divide and balkanize China. We also debunk the absurd Western accusations of ...   Show more

As US sanctions suffocate Syrians, regime-change operatives attack anti-war movement in open letter

Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton are joined by Aaron Maté to discuss the dirty war on Syria, how murderous US/EU sanctions have destroyed the country's economy and led to many civilian deaths, and Washington's military occupation of its oil/wheat-rich territory. We respond to a ridi ...   Show more

Meet the radlib academics using woke post-modernism to defend imperialism

Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton are joined by Aaron Maté to discuss the radlibs in academia who pretend to be radical but use anti-materialist post-modern philosophy and neoliberal identity politics to defend Western imperialism, from Ecuador to Syria, China to Venezuela. We also m ...   Show more

Biden admin hawks push for dangerous Ukraine-Russia war

Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton are joined by Aaron Maté to discuss the hawks in the Joe Biden administration and Washington and NATO are pushing for a dangerous proxy war between Ukraine and Russia.  

Debunking US accusation of China's 'genocide' against Uighurs

Max Blumenthal documents the deceptions behind the US government's accusation that China is committing "genocide" against Uyghur Muslims in its Xinjiang region, picking apart NED-funded studies that rely on botched statistics and exposing extremist Adrian Zenz and his error-fille ...   Show more

Biden, Trump, and bipartisan US imperialism in Latin America

Ben Norton was invited to give this talk on US imperialism in Latin America for the anti-war group Massachusetts Peace Action. He discusses the similarities in the aggressive foreign policy of Biden, Trump, and Obama, and talks about Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and "Pl ...   Show more

Inside China, Xinjiang, and the US empire's war drive - with Daniel Dumbrill

Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton continue speaking with Daniel Dumbrill, a Canadian in China, about the new US cold war, the Washington-backed secessionist campaign in Xinjiang, and other propaganda. We also discuss "socialism with Chinese characteristics," and respond to questions ...   Show more

Debunking anti-China myths of the new cold war - with Daniel Dumbrill

Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton (kind of) speak with Daniel Dumbrill, a Canadian YouTuber who has lived in China for more than a decade, about the new cold war. He debunks the anti-Chinese myths constantly spread in the Western corporate media. Check out Daniel's YouTube channel at ...   Show more

How US spies & soldiers gave birth to Big Tech companies, and growing censorship - with Yasha Levine

Ben Norton speaks with journalist Yasha Levine about how Silicon Valley has its origins in the US national security and its Cold War on communism. We discuss the links between the United States government and Google, Facebook, and Tor; the far-right anti-China cult Falun Gong; an ...   Show more

Inside Russian politics and the rich oligarchs behind Alexei Navalny - with Yasha Levine

Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton speak with journalist Yasha Levine about Russian politics and Alexei Navalny, his political views and xenophobic nationalist history, his Western backing, his own oligarch sponsors, and the elite capitalists who dominate the country's system.  

Debunking US media propaganda against leftists in Latin America, from Venezuela to Nicaragua

Ben Norton speaks with Venezuelan journalist Diego Sequera about the corporate media disinformation targeting leftist governments in Latin America. We discuss Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, and even Libya. We also talk about the importance of food so ...   Show more

How Colombia's US-backed narco-regime massacred thousands of innocent people and blamed socialists

Ben Norton speaks with Venezuelan journalist Diego Sequera about the far-right government in Colombia, its close links to drug cartels and death squads, Latin America's anti-imperialist Bolivarian movement, the brutally violent repression of the Colombian left, and the false posi ...   Show more

Life in Venezuela under US sanctions, resisting the imperial gangsters in Washington

Ben Norton speaks with Venezuelan journalist Diego Sequera, from inside Caracas, about the US blockade, the Biden administration's continued recognition of puppet Juan Guaidó, and Washington's gangster-like theft. This is part 1 of our lengthy livestream with Diego: ...   Show more

US meddling in Ecuador's historic election and coup-supporting fake NGO "left" - Dispatch from Quito

Max Blumenthal speaks with Ben Norton, who is reporting from Ecuador, on the historic February 7 election, and how the US government, regime-change networks, and wealthy oligarchs are trying to prevent the return of the socialist Citizens' Revolution movement of former President ...   Show more

US capital under military occupation as war hawks in Biden admin take power

Ben and Max speak with peace activist David Swanson about the US wars coming home: from the prolonged military occupation of Washington, DC to the "liberal interventionist" hawks in the Joe Biden administration, including Antony Blinken, Samantha Power, Lloyd Austin, and Avril Ha ...   Show more

Conspiracy facts and the MICIMATT that truly governs the USA - with CIA whistleblower Ray McGovern

We speak with former CIA analyst-turned-dissident Ray McGovern about the institutions that truly govern the United States, comprising the MICIMATT, or Military-Industrial-Congressional-Intelligence-Media-Academia-Think-Tank Complex. We discuss how the CIA popularized the "conspir ...   Show more

Assange extradition blocked as UK judge defends CIA spying, Biden admin's intersectional imperialism

Ben Norton speaks with Professor Jared Ball about political prisoner Julian Assange, and how the UK judge blocked extradition due to the horrific conditions of US mass incarceration, while also justifying CIA spying by citing a bogus CNN report based on CIA spying. Then we discus ...   Show more

Information warfare, US war propaganda, CIA manipulation of media - Ben Norton talks with Jared Ball

Ben Norton speaks with Professor Jared Ball about information warfare, war propaganda, US imperialism, and CIA penetration and manipulation of mainstream corporate media. Follow Jared Ball's show IMIXWHATILIKE at  

Revolutionary anti-imperialist struggle from the Bronx to Venezuela, Dominican Republic to Haiti

In Caracas, Venezuela, Max Blumenthal has a wide-ranging chat with Danny Shaw, a professor of Latin American and Caribbean studies who has lived in the Dominican Republican, Haiti, and Brazil. They discuss revolutionary anti-imperialist movements, life in poor neighborhoods in th ...   Show more

Spooky Western journalists echo CIA and collaborate with spy agencies

Max Blumenthal, reporting from Venezuela, discusses with Aaron Maté and Ben Norton how Western corporate media outlets are full of stenographers for spy agencies, how the CIA and MI6 drive reporting on Russia, how the US and UK governments fund regime-change website Bellingcat an ...   Show more

Inside the US hybrid war on Venezuela: Max Blumenthal reports from Caracas

Max Blumenthal discusses life on the ground in Venezuela under suffocating US sanctions, and debunks media myths about the December National Assembly election, which he observed. Venezuelan journalist Diego Sequera also addresses the economic situation and what a Biden administra ...   Show more

History of US imperialism in Latin America: From settler colonialism to Pink Tide

Ben Norton was invited to give this talk on US imperialism in Latin America, for the Workers' Party of Ireland. He discusses the history from European settler colonialism, through the Monroe Doctrine, the first cold war, and the three great socialist revolutions, to the 21st-cent ...   Show more

Western creeping authoritarianism: Censorship intensifies, as France's Macron expands security state

US government-backed corporate censorship is escalating online, while France's neoliberal President Emmanuel Macron lurches hard right, cracking down on civil liberties, protests, and the Muslim community. Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton speak with Ali Abunimah of The Electronic In ...   Show more

How Obama shattered any hope for change - and Biden will continue his warmongering neoliberal legacy

US president-elect Joe Biden has filled his transition team with hawkish neoliberal war-profiteering holdovers from the Barack Obama administration. Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton speak with Ali Abunimah of the Electronic Intifada about how the specter of Obama haunts America - an ...   Show more

Anti-war US Army veteran warns of hawks in Biden transition team

President-elect Joe Biden's transition team is full of war hawks and weapons industry shills. We speak with US Army veteran Danny Sjursen, who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan before becoming an anti-imperialist activist and journalist, about what a Biden-Harris administration fore ...   Show more

Puerto Ricans struggle for independence from US colonialism

Ben Norton speaks with Andrés González Berdecía, a senatorial candidate from the Puerto Rican Independence Party, about the November 3 election and referendum, US colonialism, the unelected neoliberal junta that controls Puerto Rico's economy, the similarities between Republican ...   Show more

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