Making Connections: Podcast Finale

Making Connections: Podcast Finale

Breads of the World: Matzah

Steve is joined by Danny Williams as he makes Matzah. Also available on YouTube.  

The Bagel Summit

We talk about Bagels with our panel of experts, Anthony Henderson and Natalie Friedman. Also available on YouTube.  

Making Connections: Tim Tharaldson

I catch up with conductor/composer Tim Tharaldson about music, the people and places that connect us, and about our mutual love of the Estonian composer Arvo Pärt.  

Conductors in the Kitchen: Jeremy Mims

In this installment, I'm joined by Jeremy Mims, (Winthrop University), for our first vegetarian dish, a comforting Mushroom/Asparagus Risotto. Jeremy talks about COVID-era adjustments he's made at Winthrop as we stir broth into some rice. This episode is also available on my YouT ...   Show more

Reminder: Conductors in the Kitchen is on YouTube

Not an episode, but a quick reminder that the “Conductors in the Kitchen Series" is up on my YouTube channel "Steve Grives." I have 4 episodes up already, including my latest, "The Art of the Bagel."  Check it out! Audio episodes of "Making Connections" will be available every ot ...   Show more

Choral Singing in America

This episode, I am joined by the creative and production team of the documentary series, "Choral Singing in America." Jerry Blackstone, Brian Gaukel, and Matt Workman discuss the genesis of the project, their individual roles in the production of the series, and the relevance of ...   Show more

Season 3 Trailer

Season 3: “Making Connections” continues and “Conductors in the Kitchen” debuts on my YouTube channel! “Making Connections” (audio only) and “Conductors in the Kitchen” on YouTube (search “Steve Grives” and subscribe.  

Conductors in the Kitchen: Pete Schleif

Pete Schleif (Shattuck - St. Mary's School, Northfield, MN) joins Steve to make Shrimp in a Creamy Tomato Sauce, and to talk about his unique experience as a choir director at a boarding school.  

Conductors in the Kitchen: Erin Colwitz

Erin Colwitz (Director of Choirs at Northern Michigan University) and I make one of Bill Dehning's favorite recipes: Pork Scallopini.  This simple recipe features thin "scallops" of pork in a Dijon cream sauce. We served it over pasta, simply dressed with oil, garlic, and red pep ...   Show more

A Visit from Santa Claus

Audio from the Visit from Santa Episode. Santa reads "Twas the Night Before Christmas" at the 8 minute mark. Video of the conversation on my YouTube Channel  

Holiday Traditions

In a special bonus episode, I talk with my friends Frank Albinder, Emily Cain, and Danny Williams about their unique Holiday Traditions and read a few blurbs from our past guests and podcast supporters. Happy Holidays!  

Season 2 Finale, with Paul Adelstein

In the finale to Season 2, I catch up with my Bowdoin College classmate, actor Paul Adelstein. We talk about his career, some insights on acting, and try our best to piece together what we remember about each other from college.  

The Liturgical Calendar: Advent - Epiphany with Fr. Stephen Lahey

Father Steve returns to the podcast to talk us through the upcoming season Advent - Epiphany, some more Saints’ days, and some unique seasonal traditions.  

Talking About Christmas Music, with David von Kampen and Kurt Knecht

I sat down with two composer/conductor/musicians, David von Kampen and Kurt Knecht and asked their expert opinions on popular Christmas songs.  They have opinions.    

Uber Driving During a Global Pandemic

Re-publishing this episode from Season 1, where I discuss being an uber driver during a pandemic. Unfortunately, the situation has gotten worse since this episode premiered in August.  

Putting it Together, the Personal and the Professional

In this episode, I put together my personal and professional stories, and talk about how they interacted throughout my life, and some lessons I've learned along the way.  

Marathon-iversary, with Amanda Bumgarner

On the one-year anniversary of my marathon finish, I talk with Amanda Bumgarner, ACDA Publications Editor and member of my “squad” about life, running, and finding balance.  

Running Buddies

In this interview from Season 1, I talk with my running buddies Iris Derke, Alexa Doebele, and Melissa Hayes about their journeys as runners. Co-hosted by Bill Fenrich.  

Nostalgic Holiday Specials We Know...and Love?

My kids, Madeline and Matthew, join the show to discuss their favorite, and not so favorite, Holiday Television Specials.  

Dear Mom: A Small Step Towards Healing and Wholeness

In this episode, I expand on a recent Facebook post about my family, and the broken relationship I have with my mother. I wrote her a letter, and hopefully took a step towards healing.  

“All the Hallowed Holidays,” with Father Stephen Lahey

Fr. Stephen Lahey returns to the podcast to discuss the history and meaning of Halloween, All Saints’ Day, and All Souls’ Day - and so much more.  

"A Life in the Creative Arts," Texas A&M - Commerce Honors Colloquium

A transcript of my lecture to the Texas A&M - Commerce Honors Colloquium. I talk about my journey in the creative arts, and the lessons I learned along the way. Thanks to Dr. Raymond Green (Lynbrook HS 1987), Dean of the Honors College, for the invitation to speak to his students ...   Show more

“Living Abroad,” with Amy Beck Turner

My best friend from Bowdoin, Amy Beck Turner, talks about living abroad in Viterbo, Italy. It’s a slice of la dolce vita.  

“How Are You Doing?” with Aaron and Ashley Ragsdale

Aaron and Ashley Ragsdale are a typical couple from Brookings, SD. They have jobs, two kids, and are trying their best to navigate the uncharted waters of life during Coronavirus. The Ragsdales talk about what's been working for them and their family during this time.  

“Hearing in Color: Elevating and Celebrating Black Voices in Music,” with LaRob Payton

Chicago musician LaRob Payton joins the show to talk about his initiative “Hearing in Color” and how his organization elevates and celebrates Black voices in music.  

“Politics and Religion,” with Fr. Stephen Lahey

Priest and Historian, Father Lahey joins the show to talk about these “unprecedented times” and offers some tips for surviving the next month. Steve reads some Maine humor, and Fr. Steve reads the “worst poem in the history of the English language.”  

“Doing it All: Building a Multi-Pronged Career in Music,” with Steve Wallace

Steve Wallace (DePaul 2013) talks about his career in the arts as a singer-composer-filmmaker-producer and how he connects and defies musical genres.  

“Choral Quarantine,” with Matt Oltman

Singer/Conductor, Matt Oltman joins the podcast to talk of his recent quarantine experiences in Taiwan and Mexico, and how he's making his job at Shenandoah Conservatory work in the COVID-19 era.  

“Cooking your Culture,” with Joan Conlon

Joan Conlon is a guest on the podcast to talk about Italian cooking, preserving the old recipes, and connecting to your heritage through food.  

“Cross-Cultural Connections,” with David Gier

David Gier, Music Director of the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra, discusses the role of the orchestra as a tool of connection, and some of the ways the SDSO engages with their community.  

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