Episode 13

Episode 13

Episode 17

In this episode, we are joined by an up and coming artist who is rejuvenating what it means to be a west coast rapper. With his new project dropping recently “real rap,” he now has stamped his foot print into the Portland Rap scene. Take the time and get to know Centory Christmas ...   Show more

Episode 16

In this episode we are joined by a creative film photographer who has created his own lane. Due to his keen sense of timing, he is now filming some of Portland's hottest upcoming artist, along with well-know celebrities. Get to know the man behind the lens, Vonte Carter.    

Episode 15

In this episode we are joined by a former University of Oregon women's basketball player and now an assistant coach for the Boise State women's basketball team. Get to know Nia Jackson both on and off the court.  

Episode 14

In this episode, we are joined by young female entrepreneur who is cultivating and chaynging the vintage fashion game. Besides her side hustle in the fashion industry she is also making herself known in the marketing world. Listen in and get to know Michaela Meuller.    

Episode 12

In this episode we are joined by an up-and-coming graphic designer and all-around pop culture fanatic. So, get to know our friend Ben Cadwell.  

Episode 11

In this episode, we catch up with our friend Nicole Lee and chat about her aspiring goals to be a strong female leader throughout the Ad industry.  

Episode 10

In this episode we are joined by an all around thinker who finds passion in analyzing the process of making things feel human. We discuss his journeys in the creative world and new position in Digital Marketing. Enjoy this episodes with our good friend Teddy Popick.  

Episode 9

In this episode we catch up with Austin Spurs Guard Anthony Mathis. We discuss life in the Orlando bubble and his basketball journey.  

Episode 8

In this episode we are joined by a good friend and owner of 1 of 1 footwear. We talk about the shoe reselling industry, and what it’s like being an entrepreneur.  

Episode 7

In this episode we are joined by a world class track athlete who is breaking the internet left and right. Tune in and get to know Emmanuel “Ray” Wells Jr.  

Episode 6

In this episode, we discuss what life is like as a professional athlete in the NFL with the Chicago Bears running back Ryan Nall.  

Episode 5

In this episode we tap into the mind of a brilliant young filmmaker that is changing the world through his own lens. So, get to know one of Oakland’s finest, Tevin Tavares.  

Episode 4

In this episode we are joined by Cole Knox and Caleb Johnnen also know as Raph Ryuichi. We talk about life as a musician and how they created their own unique alternative R&B sound.  

Episode 3

In our 3rd episode we catch up with two up and coming designers and part founders of the sustainable clothing line Humanity Gardens. Get to know Owen Kessel and Matt Oliverio.  

Episode 2

In this episode our guest is TJ Salu. We discuss all things navy, and what life is like after graduating from the academy.  

Episode 1

In this episode we interview a good friend of ours Matthew Nwerem. We discuss his daily life, his passion to become a doctor, and his masters study of computational and data science.  

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