Engaging Young Learners with Routines (with Allan Crocker and Diederik Van Gorp)

Engaging Young Learners with Routines (with A...

The Complexity of Correction (with Jeremy Harmer)

This week I’m joined by Jeremy Harmer, writer, presenter, teacher and trainer. Jeremy and I discuss feedback and error correction. Why is correction so important? How much correction do learners want? What’s the best way to give it to them?Inside Online Language Teaching: Convers ...   Show more

Using Data to Support Learning (with Jake Whiddon)

Jake Whiddon joins me to discuss using data in education. What data do teachers collect in face-to-face classes? What insights can apps offer teachers? And how can teachers use this to make their teaching more effective?Inside Online Language Teaching: Conversations About the Fut ...   Show more

How Online Changed Language Teaching

Inside Online Language Teaching: Conversations About the Future That Became the PresentSupport the podcast - buy us a coffeeVisit our website  

Using The Tools Of Positive Discipline (with Dina Emser)

Author and positive discipline trainer, Dina Esmer, joins me to talk about tools for managing young learners’ behavior. What can teachers do to encourage long term positive behavior in class? How can teachers train learners to solve their own behavior problems? And what can teach ...   Show more

What Do Managers Do? (with George Pickering)

George Pickering joins me to talk about managers. What do they do? How do they do it? What are the most important skills? And how easy is it for teachers to become managers?Learn more about Studycat and get a free accountSupport the podcast: buy me a coffeeTake a management train ...   Show more

Podcast: What is Phonics and Why Should You Care? (With Debbie Hepplewhite)

Debbie tells us about vocabulary enrichment, the importance of recycling, why English is so difficult to read, and much more. Debbie is also the author of the online Phonics International program for all ages (Phonics International Ltd), phonics consultant for the Oxford Reading ...   Show more

Is It Useful To Teach Grammar? (with Nina Spada)

Nina Spada joins me to talk about form focused instruction. How much of a difference does teaching grammar make to students? Can students remember and use grammar rules? What rules should we teach?For a free standard account and access to a free premium account for one month on C ...   Show more

Motivation vs. Progress (with Matt Courtois)

Matt Courtois and I discuss the dilemma of pushing students further and keeping students motivated. How important is motivation compared with progress? What do we do that might accidentally demotivate students? And how can we help students make progress and keep them motivated at ...   Show more

Doing Task Based Teaching with Children (with Jane Willis)

Tasks and task-based learning are often associated with adults and higher level learners. But can we use tasks and task-based teaching with young learners? Jane Willis, author of Doing Task Based Teaching and A Framework for Task-based Learning joins us to talk about using TBL wi ...   Show more

What Should Be In a Language Learning App? (with Jake Whiddon)

Jake Whiddon joins me to talk about what should go in a language learning app. Do language learning apps reflect educational theory? What are apps doing better than teachers? And what tricks are app designers missing? Jake Whiddon’s teacher training webinarsGet 10% off the studyc ...   Show more

Why Do We Teach The Way That We Teach? (with Karin Xie)

What shapes the ways we teach? What influences teachers' views and beliefs about language learning? Trinity College London teacher trainer Karin Xie and I discuss what factors we see influencing teachers' ideas about teaching and talk about how our own experiences have informed o ...   Show more

Does Professional Development Make a Difference? (With Thomas Guskey)

We interview world expert on teacher development, Professor Thomas Guskey, about how to evaluate professional development. What evidence should we use? How can we tell when it’s successful? What can go wrong in professional development? And how can teachers be at the center of th ...   Show more

Stages and Stories in Second Language Acquisition (with Stephen Krashen)

Stephen Krashen, Professor Emeritus at the University of California, tells us about the conduit hypothesis. We discuss the role of reading, the growing importance of listening and how to encourage students to read and acquire more through comprehensible input.For a free standard ...   Show more

Teaching English as a Lingua Franca (With Marek Kiczkowiak)

Marek Kiczkowiak talks to us about teaching English as a lingua franca (ELF). Is ELF a variety of English? How can teachers approach teaching it? In what situations is it helpful to students (and when might it not be)?TEFL Equity Advocates and AcademyFor more podcast, videos and ...   Show more

Managing Behavior with Pre-school and Primary Children (with Carol Read)

Carol Read joins us to talk about managing behavior with young learners. Carol tells us about the use of different strategies to encourage positive behavior, the use of praise with different age groups and how teachers can help learners to become more responsible for their own be ...   Show more

How to Plan Lesson Aims and Why (With Dave Weller)

Why both writing a lesson aim? Are they not printed in the coursebook? Ross and regular guest Dave Weller discuss why it’s a good idea to write a lesson aim, what a good lesson aim looks like, and what are the drawbacks to lesson aims…For more podcasts, videos and blogs, visit ou ...   Show more

Gender Fairness in English Language Teaching (with Tessa Woodward)

Support the podcast by buying us a coffee!Visit our YouTube channel Our teacher training resourcesVisit The Fair ListTessa Woodward joins us to talk about her work with the Fair List, UK. We talk about discrimination towards women (as well as other groups), why it is important to ...   Show more

Xmas Special: What Kind of English Should Be in Our Coursebooks? (with Jack Richards)

We discuss a range of issues related to English and coursebooks: how has curriculum design changed? What influence has the CEFR had on coursebooks? How does English as a Lingua Franca affect what we should teach? What effect does all the English available outside the classroom on ...   Show more

Podcast: Are Robots Taking Over Language Assessment? (with Dan Elsworth)

As artificial intelligence (AI) develops it's role in language assessment gets more and more important. We discuss this and the implications with testing expert Dan Elsworth.For more podcast, videos and blogs, visit our website Support the podcast buy us a coffee!Develop yourse ...   Show more

The Past, Present and Future of Second Language Acquisition (With Vivian Cook)

We talk with Vivian Cook, Professor Emeritus at Newcastle University about second language acquisition; how it has progressed in the twentieth century, how it gets used by language teachers and what the future holds for SLA.For more podcasts, videos and blogs, visit our website S ...   Show more

Decentering in English Language Teaching (with Amol Padwad)

Support the podcast by buying us a coffee!Visit our YouTube channelOur teacher training resourcesAmol’s Ambedkar University Delhi webpageAmol Padwad joins us to explain “decentering” in ELT. Amol tells us about the problem with language teaching having a “center” and how this can ...   Show more

Teaching Speaking or Doing Speaking (with Anne Burns)

I speak with Professor Anne Burns about teaching speaking. Why discuss why teaching speaking is so difficult, the differences between teaching speaking and just practicing it and look at an example of an activity of how to teach speaking.Support the podcast by buying us a coffee! ...   Show more

Observations & Feedback – They Don’t Need to be One Size Fits All

As teachers, we try to personalize our classes for our students. But as supervisors, trainers and mentors, how much do we personalize our feedback to teachers? We look at different models for giving feedback, as well as how and when to use each.Support the podcast by buying us a ...   Show more

Finding Evidence for Reflection (with Thomas Farrell)

Professor Tom Farrell joins me to talk about evidence-based reflection. Why bother with evidence? How might the reality of your classroom differ from your perceptions? And what evidence can teachers gather to find out more about the reality? Listen to find out.Visit Tom’s website ...   Show more

Interactions in Online Classes (with Michael Epstein)

Michael Epstein from online classroom space provider ClassIn joins me to talk about interactions in online classes. We talk about the potential of getting learners working alone in breakout rooms, preparing learners to work in groups online and making the best use of online tools ...   Show more

Haloween Special: Zombies of TEFL (with Diederik Van Gorp and Allan Crocker)

I talk to regular guests Diedrick Van Gorp and Allan Crocker about the Zombies of language teaching: what are the ‘bad’ activities, ideas and practices in TEFL that just won’t die?Visit our website: www.tefltraininginstitute.comSupport the show - buy me a coffeeMore about studyin ...   Show more

Going From Teacher To Buisness Owner (with Ed Dudley, Jake Whiddon & Peter Liu)

Going From Teacher To Business Owner (with Ed Dudley, Jake Whiddon & Peter Liu)Visit our website: www.tefltraininginstitute.comSupport the show - buy me a coffeeMore about studying the Trinity Diploma in TESOL with RossMore from Ed DudleyMore from Jake WhiddonPeter Liu from Owl A ...   Show more

Green Issues In ELT (with Ceri Jones)

Visit our website: www.tefltraininginstitute.comSupport the show - buy me a coffeeMore about studying the Trinity Diploma in TESOL with RossRoss Thorburn: Hi everyone. Welcome back to "TEFL Training Institute" podcast. I'm Ross Thorburn. This week we are talking about green issue ...   Show more

Please Mind The ___________ Gap (with Matt Courtois)

We speak with one of our favorite guests, __________ about _____________. An antidote to free talk activities, _____________ are a great way to get students to _______, listen to each other and ___________. ___________ activities can even be used in teacher training. Listen to fi ...   Show more

The Apprenticeship of Observation (with Donald Freeman)

Do teachers teach as they were taught? What role does our experience as students play in forming our attitudes about teaching? And how does our experience as language learners and users influence our behavior in the classroom?For more podcasts, videos and blogs, visit our website ...   Show more

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