Episode 19 - Got My Heart Racin'... Sweatin'

Episode 19 - Got My Heart Racin'... Sweatin'

Episode 22 - Playin Me Like A Fiddle

Awwwwww SH!T!!! We got a special guest with us today! My brother from another mother, Akwrd Artist is here with us to give us the real story of the "friendly til she wasn't" boss story that Veezy HORRIBLY told in episode 21. And he goes in!!! But before that, we get into some F** ...   Show more

Episode 21 - Captain Black America

Take a shot and celebrate as we turn 21! Episode 21, that is! Veezy and Qurious are back with another banger@ First things first, the NFL Draft is upon us and the boys go over the picks made by their hometown teams. Qurious warns Jags fans not to get too excited. The FDA has bad ...   Show more

Episode 20 - You Goin to Jail, Nah!

The verdict is in and Veezy and Qurious have a message for a specific murderous pig! Shoutout to Buju Banton for today's intro as the killer who murdered George Floyd was found guilty on all three counts! We're happy for the verdict, but more work is needed as pigs are still kill ...   Show more

Episode 18 - They Gone Hate Us

Hey y'all... This might be the one that does it! The podcast starts on a somber note as Veezy and Qurious pay respects to one of the coolest Wildcats in B-CU history and a hip hop legend! The show picks up as shout outs are given to four women representing for Wildcat Nation as p ...   Show more

Episode 17 - Like, Real Slap or TV Slap?

Boosie trippin'! ...... Or is he? Qurious and Veezy discuss the slap heard 'round social media and various other topics when they start off with the Quick Hitters, this episode. Godzilla vs. Kong is out and our guys are excited to give their review! Lil Mama wants to start a hete ...   Show more

Episode 16 - The Spicely Brothers

Who in the hell gave Veezy control of the sound effects?! In this episode we call back to topics that were overlooked in last week's shortened episode: Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua agree to fight, Samaria Rice calls out Black figures and organizations benefiting off her son's na ...   Show more

Episode 15 - Come On, Santa

Biden takes a tumble, Kanye makes billions, an announcer in Oklahoma blames some racist ish on his diabetes (say word?!).. This episode may be compact, but our guys Veezy and Qurious are on it! Tune in for this weeks shenanigans on the FTSD Podcast!  

Episode 14 - The Blanqueamiento

Blanqueamiento??? Y'all Spanish now??? Nah, fam! This episode Veezy and Qurious give a very interesting take on the Meghan Markle/Prince Harry situation. Cartoon characters are now feeling the "funk" from cancel culture. A pig stands trial for the murder of George Floyd. We final ...   Show more

Episode 13 - The Call Back

We're back with another one! The episode kicks off with Veezy and Qurious questioning certain "Black people" and their price for selling out the Black community. Next we get into forgiveness and why Black people need to be less forgiving. In our Quick Hitters segment, the guys to ...   Show more

Episode 12 - Extra Spicy

We got new shit! In this all Quick Hitters episode Veezy doubles down regarding a certain NFL player's son. The duo discusses Stevie Wonder's plans to move to Ghana. Jay-Z makes more money moves; wtf is Jesusland?; Bobby Shmurda is out and 3D printed nuggets are a thing?! All thi ...   Show more

Episode 11 - Snickerin' and Shit

It's Fred Hampton Friday!!! "Judas and the Black Messiah" has been out for a week and Qurious and Veezy have an in-depth discussion about their thoughts about the movie, Chairman Fred's legacy and disdain for those responsible for his death. Quick Hitters: What the hell is up wit ...   Show more

Episode 10 - Clout Chasey Stupid Shit

Why do we keep rewarding stupidity? Veezy and Qurious wanna know! Veezy reluctantly congratulates Tom Brady on his 7th Super Bowl win and 5th MVP, but stops short of calling him GOAT. The NFL wants to inspire change without acknowledging Kaep. The boys on a "F@&% you" parade as t ...   Show more

Episode 9 - That CeCe Dude

It's Black History Month and companies seem to be using this time to pander extra hard to the Black community. Transgendered women are dominating in women's sports. A former pig is indicted, a murderer went missing, 9 year-olds ain't safe from police brutality and no love for a f ...   Show more

Episode 8 - How Dare You

This week, Veezy and Qurious finally dig into a long awaited recap of American Skin and a conversation on personal experiences with police and the justice system. The guys also touch on hate crimes boosting Black enrollment at HBCUs, a hypothetical Verzuz battle between two legen ...   Show more

Episode 7 - Back To Da Cookout

WHAT?! Qurious hasn't seen American Skin yet??? This week we're spared a rant from Veezy but the boys do get into a recap of One Night In Miami and how that type of conversation would be had today. Our guys also discuss discourse in the Black community, reparations, pardons, meme ...   Show more

Episode 6 - Celebrating Censorship

#ImpeachmentDay has come and gone as Veezy and Qurious discuss the fallout from the U.S. Capitol riots. Trump is banned from social media. Is it an issue of free speech or social responsibility? This and more on this episode of the FTSD Podcast...  

Episode 5 - Big Mad, Big Mad

It's pandemonium in Washington, D.C. as domestic terrorists storm the U.S. Capitol building and Veezy and Qurious are all over it! Listen in as our guys chop it up over this and much more on episode 5 of the FTSD Podcast!  

Episode 4 - Throw Dat (Pod) In A Circle

We've got a good one for you today! The guys introduce a new segment called "Quick Hitters" a rundown of trending topics throughout the week that just NEED to be touched on. On the main topics, Veezy and Qurious discuss Obama, Bush and Clinton saying they'll publicly take the COV ...   Show more

Episode 3 - Nite Nite, N!%%@

We back! This episode, Qurious and Veezy reflect on two of boxing's legends' big night and share their reaction on the two major cards of the evening. We also get a recap of the Verzuz between Gucci Mane and Jeezy, with a discussion following on who should be in the next Verzuz b ...   Show more

Episode 2 - Too Much Work

Veezy and Qurious are back giving you more of this work! COVID vaccinations are in their final trial stages and Gucci Mane is battling Jeezy in the upcoming Verzuz. Will we finally see a TI Verzuz as it's rumored he's being paired with Lil Wayne? The NBA Draft is over as teams lo ...   Show more

Episode 1 - Pilot/Yessuh, Yessuh

The first episode of The FTSD Podcast kicks off with Veezy and Qurious weighing in on the presidential election results, Trump's reluctance to concede and their views on the election process... Our duo then expresses their thoughts on the upcoming Verzuz battle and (at the time) ...   Show more

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