#225 Weight Loss Is A Science...BUT

#225 Weight Loss Is A Science...BUT

#229 Heart Rate and Polarized Training

Have you ever heard about Heart Rate Training or perhaps Polarized Training? These can seem confusing because there is a lot of information out there on the internet! But they actually can be pretty effective ways of working out (especially if you are a runner). Check out this we ...   Show more

#228 Ask Me Anything

It’s that time again when my clients and followers ASK ME ANYTHING! In this episode you will find out everything from my favorite dessert (or do I even eat dessert), if I workout on vacations, if all my clients listen to me and more! An episode you will not want to miss.  

#227 Caffeine and Your Health

Let’s talk about CAFFEINE! It’s NOT just in coffee. It’s in your ice tea, hot tea, soda and even energy drinks. Is it good for you? Bad for you? Pros? Cons? Find out all about it in this week’s podcast episode.  

#226 Is It Safe To Go Back To The Gym?

Are you ready to hit the gym? But worried it might not be safe due to COVID? Well, before you head back, I want you to make the most informed decision possible! In this episode I will discuss all the things your gym should be doing to maximize protection.  

#224 Body Mass Index! What You Need To Know.

Has your doctor ever told you that your BMI is in the ‘obese’ level? Or maybe that you are ‘underweight” according to your BMI? Well this can be shocking to hear! But is it possible this information is not all that accurate in assessing if you are healthy? Find out in this week’s ...   Show more

#223 How To Pick The Healthiest Eggs?

Have you seen how many types of eggs are in the supermarket? Natural, Cage Free, Organic, Grade AA, A or B, Hormone Free, Antibiotic Free, Humane and the list goes on! Well, there are a few things I researched and found out in terms of picking the healthiest egg, and I discuss it ...   Show more

#222 3 Simple Changes For Stubborn Weight Loss

In this week’s podcast episode I get honest about gaining a few pounds! Seasonal pounds so I thought (which happens to me every January); but I finally figured out what was causing this and how to fix it without changing my nutrition! Check it out because these 3 things are easy ...   Show more

#221 Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness! DOMS.

Why do you feel sore 24-48 hours after that workout? Is it normal? Can you stop it from happening? Does it mean you worked hard and should always feel it? Find out everything you need to know about DOMS in this week’s Earn That Body Podcast.  

#220 10 Reasons Your Sleep SUCKS!

You can’t fall asleep! You can’t stay asleep! You keep waking up! You don’t feel like you are ever in a deep sleep! It’s a terrible feeling and likely is impacting your health and potentially your weight loss. Check out this week’s episode to see if any of these 10 things are imp ...   Show more

#219 15 Workout Myths Debunked!

It’s amazing how many workout myths are out there! Many of which I’m sure you have heard and maybe some new ones too! In this week’s podcast episode I’m going to debunk 15 workout myths! Some of these might even change the way you do some of your workouts if you are looking to ma ...   Show more

#218 Fat Burning Zone

We have all heard about that magical fat burning zone! It sounds like when we are in this zone, all the fat must just melt away. But is there really a zone like this? Should we train this way daily? Is this truly the magic zone for weight loss? Find out in this week’s Earn That B ...   Show more

#217 Healthiest Way To Cook Vegetables

We all know that vegetables are an important part of our diet. But did you know that your cooking method might be altering the nutritional value of these foods? Sometimes for the better, but often not. Find out in this week’s episode the best ways to cook your vegetables for maxi ...   Show more

#216 To Stretch Or To Foam Roll?

Did you ever wonder if you should stretch or foam roll? Is one better than the other? Is one better before a workout vs. after? Well, I looked hard to get the research for you! Join me in this episode to find out what pre and post workout techniques you should use when it comes t ...   Show more

#215 Does Your Weight Consume You?

Do you get on the scale each morning and then have a GOOD day or a BAD day based on that number you see? Do you think about your weight during the day? Does your weight and your body consume your thoughts? Find out if this might be you and some things you can do to adjust the sit ...   Show more

#214 Ask Me Anything!

A favorite episode when clients and followers ASK ME ANYTHING! In this week’s episode I tell you about my personal workout routine, favorite healthy sweet treats, strength training for your bone density and more!  

#213 Healthy Foods That Are Toxic!

A few of these you might already know are toxic, but do you know how much to eat or not to eat? The rest might shock you. I definitely learned a lot about some of these healthy foods and which ones we might need to avoid, eat in moderation or not worry about.  

#212 3 Things You Need For Your Health in 2021!

See ya 2020! We are all ready for a New Year! But in order to make this the year you truly deserve, you need to do these 3 things. These are things I personally work on each and every year. They not only change my health...but also my sanity and my overall life!  

#211 #1 Episode of 2020!

You might have heard this episode earlier this year..or maybe it will be your first time! It was the #1 episode of the year for the Earn That Body Podcast! And it might just help you fine tune your nutrition over the holidays! Which episode was it? Find out in this week’s final e ...   Show more

#210 Get Health Prepped for 2021!

I’m not a big fan of the New Year’s Resolutions. But I am a fan of looking back at your year to determine what went well or not so well, and what you want to take control of for the year to come. Check out these 10 questions to help you assess where you are at and where you want ...   Show more

#209 How to Detox Without the Detox!

Whether you ate too much over Thanksgiving Weekend or are just coming back from a vacation...you might feel the need to go on a DETOX! But guess what, there are no detox programs that actually lead to sustainable weight loss. They are just programs that make you starve your body ...   Show more

#208 10 Tips To A Healthy Thanksgiving

Are you tired of feeling terrible after that Thanksgiving Dinner? Tired of being up 5 pounds on the scale the next day? Well, I have 10 Tips To a Healthy Thanksgiving that I personally put into play each year! Even if you follow half of these tips, I bet it will make a difference ...   Show more

#207 A Craving or True Hunger?

Are you always hungry? Or just always craving sweets? Did you know there is a real difference between hunger and cravings? Often when you understand the difference and notice the signs & symptoms of each, you can make a more rational decision about what you put in your body. This ...   Show more

#206 Body Fat Scales! Worth It?

You think a body fat scale might be the key in your weight loss success? Or maybe you think it would just be important to know when you weigh yourself? Find out in this week’s podcast if buying these fancy scales are worth it, are accurate and are necessary. And a great Eagle’s E ...   Show more

#205 Why You Keep Quitting That Diet.

We start our Monday with solid intentions to crush a diet. By Friday, we throw in the towel and eat horribly all weekend. Just to start a new diet on Monday again. Why do you keep failing your diet? Or why does your diet keep failing you? Find out in this week’s podcast episode. ...   Show more

#204 Uggg! Constipation!

We don’t like to talk about it and we definitely don’t like to have it! But yet we have all been constipated at one time or another! Find out why we get constipated, who is at risk and the best REAL foods to alleviate this awful problem.  

#203 What is Water Retention?

If you missed episode #202 about Overnight Weight Gain, you might check it out before this part 2! In this podcast, I talk about what is actually happening in your body when you have water retention, what causes it and how to avoid it as best you can!  

#202 Did You Gain Weight Overnight?

Did you ever wonder how it was possible that you gained 3 pounds overnight? Your nutrition and workouts were on track and yet your weight is UP! Not only is it frustrating but it can be why so many people GIVE UP their weight loss strategy too soon. Before you do that, find out 1 ...   Show more

#201 Artificial Sweeteners. NOT So Sweet!

In this episode I’m going to tell you how to look at a label to see if it has any artificial sweeteners, what to look for, what you should know about them, how they affect your body and more! I will also share my favorite SWEET snacks you can swap in to help that sweet tooth.  

#200 Is Your Thyroid In Balance?

Did you know that if your thyroid hormones are not in check they might be impacting your energy, weight loss and overall health? Perhaps you have these symptoms but never thought it could be from your thyroid? In this episode, I will discuss the most common thyroid conditions, ho ...   Show more

#199 What to Eat Before, During & After A Workout!

I have worked with hundreds of clients and athletes. It’s interesting to see what people eat before, during and after a workout. Did you know that this nutrition and it’s timing might greatly impact how many calories you burn, how fast you recover and your overall performance in ...   Show more

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