59. Intuition and career with Dr. Meggin McIntosh

59. Intuition and career with Dr. Meggin McIn...

61. Creating your online presence with Dr. Gertrude Nonterah

Dr. Gertrude "Gee" Nonterah discusses her decision to leave academia as well as her entrepreneurial spirit. She explains how she has leveraged her scientific background and online marketing expertise to not only create opportunities for herself in the freelance world, but also mo ...   Show more

60. Self-trust with Dr. Cathy Mazak

After two years unpaid leave from her position as a full tenured professor at the University of Puerto Rico, Dr. Cathy Mazak is about to finally exit the academy. Her once side hustle is now a thriving business where she earns much more money than she ever earned as a professor. ...   Show more

58. Science career-ing my way with Victoria Crystal

Victoria Crystal takes us back to graduate school and helps us to remember what actually drove us there and how much of those original longings are still with us now. In this interview, she tells us that she loves science AND that the academic research process felt restricting to ...   Show more

57. Covid tenure loss, grief, & healing with Dr. Stacey Wieland

Dr. Stacey Wieland discusses losing her tenured position to covid last summer, how she has grieved and begun to heal, as well as how the experience has opened her to new insights about her strengths as well as new career possibilities. Stacey discusses the importance of being abl ...   Show more

56. Take a spring break with Dr. Danielle De La Mare

In this solo episode, my conversation (on Episode 54) with Dr. Lauren Broyles and the spring break season collide. I talk about the problem of overworking during spring break. I discuss why a spring break is necessary, how rest is actually a power position, and steps you can take ...   Show more

55. Keeping your academic identity with Dr. Jillian Powers

Dr. Jillian Powers explains that we do not have to leave our academic identities behind when we leave our academic jobs. Jillian describes how she has been able to hold on to and adapt her academic identity even after transitioning from an academic career to a career in industry. ...   Show more

54. Addiction and academic women with Dr. Lauren Broyles

Dr. Lauren Broyles speaks honestly and openly about the problem of addiction among academic women. As a former addiction researcher and a woman in recovery from both alcohol use disorder as well as work addiction, Lauren speaks about the pervasive problem in academia where women ...   Show more

53. Strengthening your short sides with Mark Herschberg

Mark Herschberg shows us how developing new skills—even a tiny bit—can affect one’s impact in a big way. Drawing on his book, The Career Tool Kit, Mark shows us why it is important to recognize our weaknesses, how to develop them, and how to turn them into skills. Similarly, he a ...   Show more

52. Going home with Dr. Karen Laurence

Dr. Karen Laurence calls out issues associated with academic isolation—issues academics rarely discuss, but feelings academics know deeply. She describes how her sense of home where she felt connected to close family and friends grounded her during an often intense and competitiv ...   Show more

51. Feel whole with Dr. Margie Serrato

As my first repeat guest, Dr. Margie Serrato and I start by talking about how her experience in academia is only a small part of her story. This insight leads us to a bigger conversation about how we, as academics, actively arrest our own development because we are afraid of what ...   Show more

50. Open to career possibilities with Dr. Brian Witkowski

Dr. Brian Witkowski urges us to think more flexibly about career, explaining how once you understand what you deeply care about, you can then translate your passion into a business model that allows you to do exactly the kind of work you want to do and earn a good living doing it ...   Show more

49. Presence with Dr. Caitlin Faas

Dr. Caitlin Faas tells a fascinating story about how she finally found peace in her job as a tenured professor--a job that once felt stifling. That peace opened up new opportunities for Caitlin. And eventually, she was able to walk away from her academic job with grace and ease. ...   Show more

48. Unraveling your academic identity with Dr. Emily Benson

Dr. Emily Benson will leave behind her academic career in May/June of this year and begin working full-time in her growing career coaching business. In this episode she explains how her coaching business began, how she finally knew it was time to resign from her faculty position, ...   Show more

47. Balance and freedom with Dr. Sara Branch

Dr. Sara Branch tells an open and honest story about reaching burnout as a tenure-track faculty member, including the challenges she faced in navigating intense mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion as well as depression. Sara describes having lost herself at that time. But ...   Show more

46. Color outside the lines with Dr. Alissa Ackerman

Dr. Alissa Ackerman describes the healing power of finding her own personal voice within her academic work—a change that facilitated deeper connections to her research, her students, and herself. Having built deeper connections, Alissa found herself better positioned  to offer he ...   Show more

45. Healthy purposeful growth with Dr. Kerry Ann Rockquemore

After having earned tenure, left academia, and built a wildly successful company (the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity), Dr. Kerry Ann Rockquemore retired three years ago at the age of 45. In this episode, she shares her deep wisdom about how she grew into a li ...   Show more

44. Career wellness

On this first episode of 2021, we talk about what this podcast is really about: career wellness. I draw on clips from various episodes in 2020, featuring Dr. Beth Godbee, Dr. Laura Froyen, Dr. Rebecca Shisler Marshall, Dr. Vicky Sherwood, and Dr. Megan O'Rourke and demonstrate ho ...   Show more

43. Disrupt painful thoughts with Dr. Danielle De La Mare

In this solo episode, I discuss ways to disrupt painful thoughts so that you can clear enough mental space to connect to feelings and behaviors that will help you carve out a career and life that feels good. I discuss four components: how to see your own thoughts, how to offer yo ...   Show more

42. Be brave with Dr. Natalia Bielczyk

Dr. Natalia Bielczyk tells the story of feeling burned out in her PhD program. And in an effort to rest and regain a sense of interest and excitement in her work, she decided to take a year off. In that time, she allowed herself to explore and engage her non-academic interests. T ...   Show more

41. Building a network foundation with Allison Otto

Whether faculty, postdoc, or grad student, Allison explains the value of seeking support from career services on your campus, describes the dartboard strategy for networking, and tells her own career transition story. We also talk about the importance of paying attention to your ...   Show more

40. Follow your heart with Dr. Andre Marques-Smith

Dr. Andre Marques-Smith explains the absolute necessity of engaging with your passion throughout life: staying focused on the things that nourish your passion, noticing when your passion starts to wane and when it does, assessing the situation and making decisions that will open ...   Show more

39. Greatness is in your back pocket with Dr. Jake Gunnoe

Last week, in Episode 38, we heard from Dr. Jacob Kashiwagi, who discussed the components of good mentorship and leadership. In this week's episode, we hear from one of Dr. Kashiwagi's mentees, Dr. Jake Gunnoe. Dr. Gunnoe talks about how to be a good mentee, how to find a mentor, ...   Show more

38. Find a mentor and listen with Dr. Jacob Kashiwagi

Dr. Jacob Kashiwagi describes his model for success, including finding a mentor, listening, making mistakes, and getting out of your own head. The model he lives that led him to creating a successful course at Arizona State University as well as building a successful nonprofit bu ...   Show more

37. Strategic career planning with Dr. Vicky Sherwood

Dr. Vicky Sherwood describes how she started down an academic career path without ever making strategic decisions about where she wanted to go. Having earned her PhD and completed a post-doc, Vicky says she was "hell-bent on becoming a professor," yet over the course of her acade ...   Show more

36. Unique unrepeatable career paths with Dr. Eric Stephens

Drawing on the work of Dr. Adriana Cavarero and other ethics philosophers, Eric argues that humans exist to support one another. He discusses the necessity of human connection and how we, as "unique unrepeatable" humans, are called into being by the unique unrepeatable conversati ...   Show more

35. Self-compassion, career, & parenting with Dr. Laura Froyen

Dr. Laura Froyen discusses a powerful moment where she was flooded with compassion for herself and in that moment, she realized leaving academia would be in her family's and her own best interests. She talks also about her life purpose: helping families to make respectful parenti ...   Show more

34. Navigating career ambiguity with Dr. Jake Livengood

Dr. Jake Livengood speaks about the importance of preparing for uncertainty in the career/job-search journey. He makes a convincing case for career transitioners and job seekers to develop a "yes and" mindset--a mindset grounded in improv theatre where one accepts uncertainty and ...   Show more

33. Have a plan with Dr. John Southard

Dr. John Southard describes his difficult transition out of academia and into the business world and offers advice to others in similar situations. He discusses how he found the strength to move through the "academia hangover" he experienced, the challenges of hitting rock bottom ...   Show more

32. Seek advice from non-academics too with Dr. Megan O'Rourke

Dr. Megan O'Rourke describes her unique career journey out of academia immediately after earning her PhD, her path back into academia as a tenure-track faculty member, and her decision to leave again after earning tenure. In this episode, she describes her experiences on the tenu ...   Show more

31. Try on different career pieces with Dr. Tracy Costello

Dr. Tracy Costello tells the story of waking up one morning and realizing she no longer wanted to be an academic. Particularly astute at networking, Tracy went on to find new opportunities, explaining that networking is simply relationship building. She also talks about how "alta ...   Show more

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