Jesus Says - Week 2 | Jesus Says Go and Sin No More

Jesus Says - Week 2 | Jesus Says Go and Sin N...

Mother's Day 2021 | Something Special

Using the story of Hannah from 1 Samuel 1:1-20, Pastor Rodney teaches us that waiting on God is always worth it. We see that Hannah didn’t waste her wait and that she kept waiting on God, even when it was hard. God heard Hannah, and He hears us too.Support the show ( http://north. http://north. ...   Show more

Jesus Says - Week 4 | Jesus Says Give

Mart Green preached a powerful word about generosity. Jesus says that when we give more it will be given to us in abundance. We know that our true reward is in Heaven and we give because of the intimacy we have with God.Support the show (  

Jesus Says - Week 3 | Jesus Says When You Pray

For the third week of our "Jesus Says" series we are focusing on prayer. Pastor Rodney shows us what Jesus has to say about what prayer is, when Jesus prayed, why Jesus prayed, what Jesus prayed for, and what hinders our prayers.Support the show (  

Jesus Says - Week 1 | Jesus Says Be Baptized

In the first week of our new sermon series, Jesus Says, we’re talking about about baptism. Pastor Rodney shows us what Jesus has to say about what baptism means, who should be baptized, and why baptism is so important.Support the show (  

Easter 2021 | Never No Never

The resurrection gives us a new vision for life, and a new way of living. We don’t have to listen to all the voices that have told us we’ll never be ___ enough; never be smart enough, strong enough, or good enough. Our lives are no longer defined by all the “nevers” that people h ...   Show more

Contact Tracing - Week 4 | I Wish

Pastor Rodney wraps up our Contact Tracing series with a beautiful sermon about surrender. The world needs more people who forgive even when it’s hard, choose to be generous, and believe that God is in control and is capable of changing lives. That kind of surrender is how people ...   Show more

Contact Tracing - Week 3 | It Doesn't Hurt To Ask

When we believe that the Gospel can save everyone, we will ask anyone. Pastor Samson continues our Contact Tracing series by challenging us to have conversations about Jesus with the people around us. We never know who is ready to say yes to Jesus. One conversation could change e ...   Show more

Contact Tracing - Week 2 | Super Spreader

In week 2 of our Contact Tracing series, Pastor Heady reminds us of the urgency of the Great Commission and our call to go and make disciples. He challenges us to be super spreaders of the Gospel. We do this by sharing our testimony, knowing the Gospel, and loving the ugly off fo ...   Show more

Contact Tracing - Week 1 | Your Story Matters

Our stories matter to God. He’s not shocked or surprised by the things we’ve done. He loves us, and he uses our stories to bring people to Jesus.Support the show (  

Untamed Jesus - Week 9 | Next Gen/Excellence

You invest in what you value. Here at NORTH, we are committed to investing our best in the next generation because we value them. We want to raise up a generation of people with a Biblical worldview, who will not bow to culture or sin or the world. We value the Gospel, and we bel ...   Show more

Untamed Jesus - Week 8 | Little By Little

We commit to being faithful with the small things, because being faithful with the small things allows us to be entrusted with bigger things. Being faithful means believing when you don’t see it, obeying when you don’t understand it, and persisting when you don’t feel it. Little ...   Show more

Untamed Jesus - Week 7 | Fix Your Focus

As a church, we are known for what we are for. We are for Jesus and we are for people knowing and growing in Him. God has called us to love people when they least expect it and/or least deserve it. Without love it doesn’t matter what we say, know, believe, or give. Everything is ...   Show more

Untamed Jesus - Week 6 | Dive In

Following Jesus means we go and do what He did. We follow the example He set. Jesus showed no partiality or favoritism or discrimination. He valued diversity, so we value diversity. We are called to be people who lead the way in reconciliation and transformative change. We are ca ...   Show more

Untamed Jesus - Week 5 | Give It A Shot

God calls us to live a life of generosity. Nothing we give to God is ever wasted, and we will never be able to out give Him. We give our time, money, and talents as an act of worship because we love Him and want to obey Him.Support the show (  

Untamed Jesus - Week 4 | What You Believe Is How You Behave

We cannot let our past failures or our present fears cause us to give up on what God is calling us to do. Instead, we need to trust what God has said to us, remember what he has done for us, and keep doing our part by leaning into his presence. We move in faith, because we trust ...   Show more

Untamed Jesus - Week 3 | In Over My Head

Following Jesus and stepping into your calling means you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone. As followers of Jesus, our calling is to confront evil and to comfort the broken. Jesus really is the Good News that changes everything. He’s worth leaving our comfort fo ...   Show more

Untamed Jesus - Week 2 | Purposeful Community

Pastor Clint challenges us through a powerful word on the importance of community within the body of Christ. Jesus modeled the priority of coming together all throughout the Scriptures and we must follow His example.Support the show (  

Untamed Jesus - Week 1 | Perfect Unity

Before Jesus went to the cross, His last prayer shed light on one of the most important things on his heart: the unity of His Church. In week 1 of "Untamed Jesus" Pastor Samson delivers a vivid and practical word regarding Perfect Unity.Support the show (  

Candlelight - From Brutal to Beautiful

The Christmas story is a brutal story, yet one that God brought great beauty out of. Join us for an amazing message by Pastor Rodney from this years Candlelight experience!Support the show (  

Christmas At North | Jesus Christ Superstar

Merry Christmas! It has been a powerful weekend at NORTH, celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior. You do not want to miss this encouraging message from Pastor Rodney, reminding us that God is with us and that he is our ultimate superstar!Support the show ( http://north.churc http://north.churc ...   Show more

Joy - Week 5

When we face hard times, the goal is not to get through it but to grow through it. Growing more fruit is staying connected to the root! In this last week of "Joy," Pastor Rodney reminds us of the importance of being pruned and staying connected to Jesus!Support the show ( http://n http://n ...   Show more

Joy - Week 4 - Don't Understand How

In week 4 of "Joy," Pastor Rodney gives a very thought provoking message on how we must scatter our seed and trust God, through ups and downs, in order to see the growth and harvest that God has for our lives.Support the show (  

Joy - Week 3 | Spiritual Formation in a Time of Disruption

In order to walk as God's people, there are rhythms and practices we must weave into every part of our lives. In this third installment of the series "Joy," Matt Nelson (Pastor of City Church in Tulsa, OK) teaches us how Jesus invites us into healthy rhythms and practices th ...   Show more

Joy - Week 2 | The Tale of a Thirsty King

In this week's message, Pastor Samson gives us a fresh perspective on the virtue of giving. You do not want to miss this word as we celebrate this powerful weekend of our current series entitled, "Joy."Support the show (  

Joy - Week 1 | Gritty Joy

If you need a reminder of who the true source of joy is, this message is for you! Tune in to the first week of our new series JOY for a powerful word from Pastor Rodney and an important lesson from the life of King David.Support the show (  

Lament - Week 3 | Show and Tell

God SHOWS us, through Jesus, how to deal with lamenting and then he TELLS us, through Jesus,  how to deal with lamenting. Check out this weeks message entitled "Show and Tell!"Support the show (  

Lament - Week 2 | Look To

Who do you look to when you’re in need? Who do you look to when facing difficulties? This week Pastor Rodney brings the word from Psalm 142 and equips us with lessons from the life of David.Support the show (  

Lament - Week 1 | I Dare You

In week one of Lament, Pastor Rodney offers a Biblical perspective of what it means to Lament. He also introduces four dares to challenge us in our beliefs about God.Support the show (  

Death of Expectations

This week, our very own JC Chappell gives a powerful teaching on the true meaning and purpose of submission. After hearing this word, you will never view submission incorrectly again!Support the show (  

Whole Hearted - Week 5 | Whatever It Takes

Listen in to this week's message as Pastor Rodney exhorts us to use our influence and all that God has blessed us with to be a blessing to others. We must do whatever it takes to impact the world around us for the Kingdom!Support the show (  

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