In Conversation with Alan Jones

In Conversation with Alan Jones

In Conversation with Daniel Hall

From a severely abused foster child to an amazing software/design career, to award-winning foster/adoptive parent of 6 special needs children. Please note there are themes in this interview that could be upsetting. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to mak ...   Show more

In Conversation with Augustus

Augustus V. (1992-Current) was born in Watts, California, to Los Angeles native parents, in the midst of the "92" Watts Riots, was sent to live with his uncle in Rome, Italy by the age of 4 for a better environment, and returned to America in 2003. For seven years he taught poetr ...   Show more

In Conversation with Joshua K Smith

He currently serves as a pastor in a small town where he lives a quiet life with his wife and two children. He advocates for human dignity and believes this will be further protected by granting qualified robots’ legal personhood.  He is a graduate of William Carey University, wh ...   Show more

In Conversation with George Siegal

Emergency managers need to watch The Last House Standing Documentary. It shows in phenomenal detail how critical it is to build to our local environments and why that isn't happening now.  Watch The Last House Standing Documentary at: D ...   Show more

In Conversation with Suzie Quatro

It’s got to be a very special release that has Suzi Quatro announce proudly: “The Devil in Me is the best album in my career to date!” After all, the American rock vocalist would hardly utter such superlatives lightly. Suzi’s enthusiasm for her latest offering has many reasons, t ...   Show more

In Conversation with Rick Ornelas

Listen to the inspirational story of a near-death experience leading to a spiritual awakening a creating a global movement to spread change. Rick is also an author and "Positive Change Expert"   To explore more visit   ...   Show more

In Conversation with Karl de Leeuw

Karl de Leeuw is one of the world’s leading campaigners of 1. World peace via the TRUTH; 2. Climate change via the reduction of atmospheric methane and healthy eating via the Seagan diet 3. Retaining the right hemisphere gift of dyslexia Karl is the author of The Universe Code, T ...   Show more

In Conversation with Seamus Clancy

Exploring the traveling Seamus Clancy from Ireland to South Korea and back via Canada to creating the Unofficial Podcast of Channel 4's reality show The Circle. The Unofficial Circle Podcasts are available on most platforms and to listen to for free.   The Unofficial Circle Podca ...   Show more

In Conversation with Right Said Fred

The boys are back with their latest EP Your Inner Light is Love, The Journey explores the background of Richard and Fred Fairbrass.  Right Said Fred is a London-based English band formed by brothers Fred and Richard Fairbrass in 1989. Their achievements include number 1 hits in 7 ...   Show more

In Conversation with Ash Shukla

Ash Shukla is a Holistic Business Consultant. His specialty lies within helping you build a business your can sell and have a good life. Ash regularly hosts live events and webinars, as well as an online academy called Financial CHAKRAS® that helps business owners and entrepreneu ...   Show more

In Conversation with Katie Roe Carr

Katie was a player and contestant in the second series of The Circle. Katie entered The Circle in Episode 1 and was chosen to be blocked by the influencers in Episode 9. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send i ...   Show more

In Conversation with a Neurodivergent Rebel

Christa Holmans, is an autistic self-advocate from Texas, who runs the internationally recognized neurodiversity lifestyle blog Neurodivergent Rebel. They also manage Neurodivergent Consulting.  The Neurodivergent Rebel opened their blog in 2016 as a way to introduce people unfam ...   Show more

Right Said Fred Trailer

One moment can change a day, one day can change a life, one life can change the world… The multi-million selling duo is back like you’ve never heard them before! Right Said Fred is one of the UK’s most enduring pop exports. Since forming in 1989, brothers Fred and Richard Fairbra ...   Show more

In Conversation with Judith Kingdon

Years of communicating with people, training, and study have taught Judith how to guide people, just like you, to discover their amazing human potential.  Hear her positive look at Love, Life, and Laughter through these troubling times.   Contact Judith if you like to be inspired ...   Show more

In Conversation with The Professor Part 1

Tim Wilson is a player and contestant in the second series of The Circle. Tim entered The Circle in Episode 1 and finished in joint-third alongside James in the live finale of The Circle. He became Viewers Champion in the live finale, winning £30,000. He teaches theology. He used ...   Show more

In Conversation with Jesus "Eddie" Campa

Eddie was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. After 27 years of law enforcement experience, Eddie retired from public service and transitioned his experience and expertise to the private sector as a mentor, consultant, and sounding board. Eddie served as a Chief Deputy and Chief o ...   Show more

In Conversation with Jim Shoopack

For approximately 100 days between February - May of 2001 (20 years ago), Jim suffered all of the symptoms of depression. It is miraculous that he didn't take his own life. He prayed and prayed and prayed, and even had what would be considered an out-of-body experience that gave ...   Show more

In Conversation with Keith Hackett

Keith Stuart Hackett (born 22 June 1944) is an English former football referee, who began refereeing in local leagues in the Sheffield, South Yorkshire area in 1960. He is counted amongst the top 100 referees of all time in a list maintained by the International Federation of Foo ...   Show more

In Conversation with Paul Coia

After being named Scottish Radio Personality Of The Year, and following his own TV chat show, Paul moved to London and was the first voice on Channel 4. He worked as a presenter for BBC 1 network on The Holiday Show, Pebble Mill At One and The Garden Party. On BBC 2 he hosted the ...   Show more

In Conversation with Amanda Ryall Hill

Have you ever asked yourself Who am I? What am I here for? Have you ever asked yourself- Why me? Amanda Ryall Hill certainly asked those questions all her life; as a teacher she strives to help children discover who they are and how to find the self-love within. In her book, I ...   Show more

In Conversation with Melissa

A short brief conversation with White Wolf Inspirations and Wise Words for You Co-Owner Melissa, discussing what comes naturally to her, that's right her Love for David and how she got to know him. Follow us on Facebook Follow Melissa ...   Show more

In Conversation with Tylia

Tylia Flores was born with cerebral palsy. Although her condition has affected her mobility, it has never affected her will and determination to make a difference in the world. Through her many life challenges and obstacles, she discovered a passion for writing. Her goal in life ...   Show more

In Conversation with The Bucket List Guy

Uncovering the real Trav Bell and why is he The Bucket List Guy   The Bucket List Guy on YouTube   The Bucket List Guy on TedTalk   Order his book  https:// ...   Show more

In Conversation with Tigger

A frank discussion about Autism mainly and discovering one’s journey. Features other subjects like Adult Abuse to name one. Other than that it is unedited due to the fact it contained great material. We hope you enjoy it too. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest ...   Show more

Simply Tigger Trailer

This is a trailer featuring the one and only Tigger and no not that Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. This Tigger loves his coffee and conversation as you will hear from this trailer. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. - ...   Show more

In Conversation with Jeremy Brock and Paul Unwin

Casualty, the longest running primetime medical drama in the world, was first broadcast on 6 September 1986. The action was set in the Accident and Emergency Department of Holby City Hospital, in a fictionalised version of Bristol. It was created by Jeremy Brock and Paul Unwin, w ...   Show more

In Conversation with Martina Laird

Comfort Jones, played by Martina Laird, made her first appearance in the sixteenth series episode "Holding the Baby", broadcast on 15 September 2001. Comfort was a paramedic. She was married to fellow paramedic Finlay "Fin" Newton (Kwame Kwei-Armah) until his death. During her ti ...   Show more

Welcome to the Journey

Welcome to The Journey in wherever you may take you. --- Send in a voice message:  

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