Bonus Content: A Sermon on Ecclesiastes 3 by Ryan Biese

Bonus Content: A Sermon on Ecclesiastes 3 by ...

Live from Birmingham - GRN 2021, PCA in Crisis

From Birmingham, the site of the 2021 Gospel Reformation Network conference, we discuss the significant points of the day's talks with Dominic Aquila, Sean McGowan, and Charlie Nave, founder of MORE in the PCA.  

Walking Through Westminster - WCF 3, Of God's Eternal Decree

Our friend OPC pastor Chris Drew leads us through a discussion of one of the most challenging and misunderstood sections of the Westminster Confession, chapter 3 - Of God's Eternal Decree. Election, predestination, sovereignty, and sin all come into this discussion which is surpr ...   Show more

Jon Payne of GRN on the Future of the PCA

Jon Payne, pastor of Christ Church Presbyterian and director of the Gospel Reformation Network, joins us for a frank-but-hopeful assessment of the state of the PCA, an encouragement to cling to the ordinary means of grace, and a history of the currents that led to the formation o ...   Show more

Queer Currents in the Church w/Pastor Shawn Mathis

OPC minister Shawn Mathis joins us to talk about Revoice/Side B Christian theology in the conservative Reformed world and what its acceptance might mean. You may read his articles at  

Bonus Content: A Sermon on Worship by John Blevins III

Here's an excellent sermon from Luke 19:45-48 by John Blevins III, associate pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Oak Ridge, TN. This passage, which includes the cleansing of the temple, has much to say about the worship of the church. Pastor Blevins is leading a churc ...   Show more

Leaving So Soon? - w/DG Hart & Dominic Aquila

We talked about when, why, if, and how to leave a denomination...and why we hope that could be avoided with Drs. Darryl G. Hart of Hillsdale College and the Old Life blog and Dominic Aquila of the Aquila Report who (like Dr. Hart) also teaches church history.  

Presbycast Cantina #2 - Politics, Fun Baptists, Presby Perplexities

Well, it was a variety show with variety...from the smart (presby political thinker Forfare Davis) to the dumb (April Fools' Day humor...baptists), from 'Merica music to the perplexities of presbyterianism.   

The Long Strange YRR Trip w/the Restless Guys

Matt and Michael of the Restless Podcast join us to talk about the long, strange trip that was the Young, Restless, and Reformed movement. Be sure to subscribe to their podcast at Here's the prescient Carl Trueman article from 2013 we mentione ...   Show more

From Glasgow to Mississippi w/Pastor David Strain

Dr. David Strain, senior minister of First Presbyterian Church of Jackson MS, joins us to discuss his journey from Scotland (where he was removed from the liberal Church of Scotland for his orthodox views), to London, to small-town Mississippi, then all the way to one of the PCA' ...   Show more

Miles Smith on Christian Nationalism

Historian and Hillsdale College visiting professor Miles Smith IV joins us to talk about his recent piece (linked below) on so-called Christian Nationalism. We also talk a bit about his new communion, the Anglican Church in North America. Read the article cited here: https://www. https://www. ...   Show more

An American Presby in London w/Harrison Perkins

We are pleased to have Harrison Perkins who ministers at the Free Church of Scotland congregation in London, UK though his credentials are those of a PCA minister. We talk lots about the situation on the ground in that global city in the year of COVID and we talk much about worsh ...   Show more

Walking Through Westminster - WCF 2

We talk about the important truths and terms of the second chapter (Of God, and of the Holy Trinity) of the Westminster Confession of Faith with OPC minister Chris Drew.   

General Uncertainty: PCA GA's St Louis Blues

A hastily-assembled cast of PCA elders including Dr. Dominic Aquila discuss the late-breaking news concerning the uncertain dates and arrangements of the 2021 PCA General Assembly in St. Louis.  

CCM & the Church w/the Balm in Gilead Guys

Bryan and Grant of the Balm in Gilead podcast join us to talk about contemporary music and the worship of the church. Their podcast takes an unusually serious look at church music -- check it out:  

Cantina #1 - Common Grace, Music, and Pizza

The first ever Presbycast Cantina with guests Drs. Darryl G. Hart and R. Scott Clark and several listeners via Discord. We covered a wide range of subjects and enjoyed some vintage Xian music...and had fun with baptists.  

Time Capsule - 1st PCA General Assembly, 1973

With permission from the PCA Historical Center we provide this recording of the first hour and a half of the first PCA General Assembly in 1973. The greater portion is an address by convener/moderator Jack Williamson (a ruling elder and attorney), the text of which can be found h ...   Show more

Christian Liberty, Worship, and Context w/Ryan Biese

PCA pastor Ryan Biese joins us to talk about the relationship of the Westminster concept of Christian liberty to the regulative principle of worship, plus we talk about a number of PCA issues.   

Walking Through Westminster - WCF 1

This is the first installment in our series Walking Through Westminster with pastor Chris Drew. We cover the entirety of chapter 1 of the Westminster Confession of Faith.  

Bonus Content: Smith on the History of Presbyterian Worship

A talk by the late Dr. Morton H. Smith on the history of presbyterian worship (with an emphasis on worship developments in the PCA) from the 2003 Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary theology conference. Dr. Smith taught at GPTS until his death in 2017. He was the foundin ...   Show more

Rural Ministry w/ARP Pastors Ben Glaser & Clint Davis

We had a great time talking with two ARP pastors who happen to be good friends -- Ben Glaser and Clint Davis. Hear about the joy and trials of rural and small-town ministry in one of the most presbyterian parts of the country.  

Our 300th Show - Denomination Blues

PCA ruling elder Gabe Williams joins our 300th show to talk about the joy and pain, sunshine and rain of being involved in a presbyterian denomination and when (if ever) churches ought to change affiliations. We also discuss the marks of a true church and some late-20th/early-21s ...   Show more

With the Guilt, Grace, Gratitude guys

We recently enjoyed talking with Nick Fullwiler and Peter Bell of the Guilt, Grace, Gratitude podcast about the origins of Presbycast, that hardscrabble presby life, and much more. Be sure to subscribe to their fine show.   

Contrarian Presbyterian Homesick Blues

2021 is here with bells of course we talk (with Dan Borvan and Sean) about the latest in DC mayhem, what the future might hold, and Carl Trueman's explosive article on critical race theory. (show title is a riff on a Bob Dylan and Radiohead song titles, in case you wonder ...   Show more

A Pastor Teaches on Worship, WCF 21

Our friend PCA pastor Ryan Biese teaches on worship using Westminster Confession of Faith chapter 21 as his guide. This is a very helpful presentation which you may also view on YouTube. Here's a link to the class outline and here's a suggested article.  

Goodbye 2020 -- A New Year's Eve Special w/R. Scott Clark

We ring out the year that has wrung many of us out with a selection of Presbycasty tunes and a long talk about 2020 with our friend Dr. R. Scott Clark of Westminster Seminary California and the Heidelblog media empire. We talk COVID, church, radio, and dogs. The interview portion ...   Show more

Best of Presbycast: Tiny Church Nation w/Chris Drew (2017)

For the benefit of newer listeners or those with short memories, this is another "Best of" encore presentation from 2017, when Chris Drew, pastor of a small church, joined us talk about the small church experience. Chris has joined us many times since, but this show got lots of p ...   Show more

Best of Presbycast: Lost Sheep w/R. Scott Clark (2017)

For the benefit of newer listeners or those with short memories, this is our first "Best of" encore presentation. Originally posted 2/1/2017, Dr. R. Scott Clark of Westminster Seminary California joins us to talk about his article "When Confessional P & R Congregations Do Not Exi ...   Show more

Festivustravaganza 2020 w/Dan Borvan

It's the most Presbycast time of the year! Our annual Festivus show features pastor Dan Borvan and show pal Amish Ambush. We actually talked about important stuff -- worship, the church, and liberty. We also had a good time airing grievances and lauding feats of strength.  

Whither the PCA? w/Dominic Aquila

Dr. Dominic Aquila -- pioneering internet journalist, pastor and church planter, seminary professor and president, church historian, and former moderator of the PCA General Assembly -- joins us to discuss the past, present, and future of the Presbyterian Church in America. And in ...   Show more

The Church Architecture Show - Foundations

Twitter's own Odd Deacon, a real-life architect, joins us for the first Church Architecture Show. We talk about basic, big picture concepts concerning church design and worship spaces. Ranger the Presby Dog also made an unscheduled appearance. You may also view the show on YouTub ...   Show more

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