Imposter Syndrome: Caroline Flanagan and Sajna Rahman

Imposter Syndrome: Caroline Flanagan and Sajn...

The Thursday Podcast: Mark Beal

Andy Lopata's guest is Professer Mark Beal from Rutgers University in New Jersey, whose career spans 25 years in advertising, marketing and PR. Mark's first job opportunity came from two people he met while an intern at a PR agency. That meeting changed the direction of his life ...   Show more

Mark Beal - Building Relationships with Gen Z

In this edition of the Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata talks to Mark Beal, professor & keynote speaker. Author of four books including 'Decoding Gen Z' and 'Understanding Gen Z.  Andy and Mark discuss the changes in attitude and behaviour of this generation, their entre ...   Show more

The Connected Leadership Podcast: The Imposter Syndrome

Caroline Flanagan and Sanja Rahman recall the professional relationships that impacted their early careers and share resources that influence them. Sanja thrived both in corporate life and as an entrepreneur with the help of those who believed in her, who nurtured her talent and ...   Show more

The Connected Leadership Podcast: Doug Conant

Doug Conant talks to Andy Lopata about the professional relationships that had the most impact on his career. He recalls three bosses in the early years who understood him and wanted him to succeed. They helped him to develop his philosophy of valuing other perspectives and celeb ...   Show more

Leadership Touchpoints: Doug Conant

Andy Lopata talks to Doug Conant who, during a long career headed the Campbell Soup Company, Nabisco and Avon .The author of two books, he now works with leaders encouraging them to listen and to embrace interruptions as Touchpoints, the key to effective leadership and effective ...   Show more

The Connected Leadership Podcast: Ask Andy

In April's Ask Andy, Andy Lopata focuses on two listeners' questions. Is it right that we should show our scars not our wounds? Andy discusses how to show our scars we need to have found the solution to a problem and we are then in a position of experience and expertise. If we sh ...   Show more

The Connected Leadership Podcast: Luca Signoretti and Andy Lopata

In this month's discussion Luca Signoretti and Andy Lopata consider the question of where to network, how do we meet people in a virtual world? Social audio has become very popular and Luca recommends leveraging your current network to meet new people. But it is essential that yo ...   Show more

Professional Relationships and Favourite Resources with Liana Chaouli

Liana Chaouli shares with Andy Lopata the impact that professional relationships have had on her journey and recommends some of her favourite resources. Liana tells the story of the trust and opportunity given by Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) early in her career that ...   Show more

Can Your Wardrobe Impact Your Ability to Connect With People?

In a fascinating interview with Liana Chaouli, Andy Lopata explores the domain of image therapy. Liana believes most people wear clothing as armour when it should be a frame reflecting who we are. She believes we react to expectations, conforming to what we believe society wants ...   Show more

Executive Loneliness: Nick Jonsson

Nick Jonsson continues his discussion with Andy Lopata about his struggles with executive loneliness as an ex-pat in Singapore. Nick has a passion to reach out to speakers, presenters and coaches and match people with the right audience. His professional relationships are based o ...   Show more

Professional Relationships with Anna Parker Naples

Anna Parker Naples talks about the professional relationships that influenced her career in this edition of the podcast. Anna had a strategic focus towards mastermind groups where she received support and peer group mentoring. These groups helped her to develop and and by knowing ...   Show more

Boosting Your Visibility: Anna Parker Naples

In this edition of The Connected Leadership Podcast Andy Lopata interviews Anna Parker Naples, author of 'Get Visible', 'Podcast With Impact' and the podcast challenge on Facebook. They discuss the rapid growth of the medium linked to the need to connect. Anna views a podcast as ...   Show more

Cookbooks to Corporates: Rebecca Seal

Following his first interview with journalist, television presenter,food writer and critic, Rebecca Seal, Andy Lopata asks Rebecca about the impact of professional relationships on her career. Rebecca talks specifically about three people; the editor who taught her in the early s ...   Show more

Professional Relationships for the Solo Worker

In a fascinating conversation with Rebecca Seal, journalist, food critic and author of 'Solo - How to Work Alone and Not Lose Your Mind', Andy Lopata explores with Rebecca how to cope with the psychological difficulties of being by yourself. They look at the mental challenge of s ...   Show more

The Connected Leadership Podcast: Ask Andy

In his monthly edition answering questions, Andy Lopata shares the questions asked by the team at IV EXEC in the US. Several questions focused on time management; how to optimise time spent networking, building deep relationships within time restraints and how to show you are gen ...   Show more

Relationship Mindsets with Luca Signoretti

In his regular end of the month conversation with Luca Signoretti, Italian Leadership Strategist, Andy and Luca talk about how you build a relationship when you meet people for the first time. The need to be prepared to take the next step to continue the conversation and most imp ...   Show more

Building Trust and Confidence with JJ Snow & David Schiff

Andy Lopata continues his conversation with Jen Snow from the US Airforce and David Schiff from the US Navy. Looking back at the people who had the most influence on their careers, Jen and David had very similar experiences and identify the many professional relationships where t ...   Show more

Tackling Global Challenges Through Powerful Networks

In a fascinating edition of The Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata talks to Jennifer “JJ” Snow, Chief Technology Officer for AFWERX the innovation division of the U.S. Air Force and David Schiff, Department of Defense leader, innovator, and federal-wide collaborator for th ...   Show more

Social Capital and Professional Relationships

In the Thursday edition of The Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata and Martin Gargiulo continue their conversation about the importance of social capital.  Martin gives an illustration of a situation where social capital can work and act as an insurance policy.  The people ...   Show more

Building Your Social Capital

In this episode of The Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata talks to Martin Gargiulo, Shell Chair Professor of Human Resources and Organizational Develpment, INSEAD, about what  we mean by 'Social Capital'? They distinguish between human and social capital, the latter underl ...   Show more

How to Shift Perceptions and Change Society

In this edition of the Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata continues his discussion with Big Issue CEO Nigel Kershaw . They focus on the importance of amateur relationships, working with people who are engaging with you because of their passion for what you are doing.  Thin ...   Show more

The Connected Leadership Podcast: Nigel Kershaw

In this episode of The Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy lopata talks to Nigel Kershaw, Chairman of the Big Issue, Big Issue Invest and Big Issue Exchange.  They discuss the start up of the Big Issue by Lord John Bird and its mission to get the homeless off the streets. Seen as ...   Show more

Ask Andy: The Thursday Connected Leadership Podcast

This month's 'Ask Andy', answers a question through LinkedIn from  a listener to the Connected Leadership Podcast from Austria.  How can you draw a line between a casual relationship and a genuine networker, thus building a network where the benefits of a professional relationshi ...   Show more

Competition and Collaboration

This month's regular discussion on The Connected Leadership Podcast with leadership strategist Luca Signoretti, marks the first broadcast on LinkedIn Live. Recorded in the week of the US Presidential Inauguration, Luca and Andy Lopata discuss the power of professional relationshi ...   Show more

The Thursday Edition of The Connected Leadership Podcast

Following their wide ranging conversation about diversity and inclusion in Monday's edition of The Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata and Dr Miranda Brawn discuss her personal  journey. They look at the positive and negative influences in her professional relationships. Th ...   Show more

Increasing Diversity in the Boardroom

In today's edition of The Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata explores the topic of Diversity in the Boardroom with Miranda Brawn, Board Advisor, Lawyer, Author, International Public Speaker, Success Coach and Founder of The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation. So ...   Show more

The Thursday Connected Leadership Podcast

In Thursday's edition of The Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata talks to his guests, Susan RoAne and Grant Leboff, about personal journeys and which professional relationships have had the biggest impact on their careers and why?   They also look at where relationships hav ...   Show more

Building Lifelong Relationships

In today's episode of The Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata talks to Susan RoAne, international speaker and best selling author and Grant Leboff a world renowned speaker and author on marketing and relationship building Susan coined the popular phrase 'How to Work a Room' ...   Show more

Connected Leadership Podcast: Thursday with Todd Cherches

In the Thursday edition of the Connected Leadership Podcast, Todd Cherches and Andy Lopata focus on management and leadership. They look at the relationship between a leader or manager and their team and general management theory. Todd explains how his High School English teacher ...   Show more


In this edition of The Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata and Todd Cherches take us on a fast paced ride around the English language and visual communication, discussing how they can help us to communicate more effectively and build stronger relationships. Todd Cherches, a ...   Show more

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