Kye Plant || "Emotionphobia", Masculinity, Depression

Kye Plant || "Emotionphobia", Masculinity, De...

Chris Marshall || Sobriety, Connection, Sober bar

I was so excited to share this week's interview that I made an IG live about it weeks ago. Meet my new friend, Chris Marshall! Chris is the creator and owner of a sober bar in Austin called Sans Bar, and has an incredible story about his recovery journey. Connection played a majo ...   Show more

Kevin Garcia || Spirituality, Sexuality, Bad Theology Kills

This week I got the chance to interview one of the most important voices on the internet regarding faith and sexuality, Kevin Garcia. Kevin is a digital pastor, creative mystic, and public theologian. Through writing, podcasting, YouTubing, etc, Kevin has created an online platfo ...   Show more

Dharamjeev Kaur || Somatic Processing, Grief, Honoring Emotions

I had an incredible time interviewing my new friend Dharamjeev. Full disclosure, this is the first episode I cried about after because of how insightful and healing it was. Very beautiful story, and such important wisdom to be heard here. Dharamjeev talks about grief, anger, sobr ...   Show more

Sarai Ramadan || Gender, Sexuality, Trans Experience

It was an honor getting to interview my new friend Sarai last week about his experience exploring his gender identity, sexuality, and mental health. I learned so much about the trans experience through Sarai generously sharing his story. Anywhere from public restrooms to being in ...   Show more

Chris Rodriguez || Dance, Trauma Responses, Masculinity

I had an absolute ball interviewing Chris Rodriguez for this week's episode of The Unity Project. Chris was so thoughtful, kind, wise, and intentional with his storytelling and conversation. He talked about growing up in inner-city New Jersey, trauma responses, dance, and how it, ...   Show more

Amy Dresner || Sex Addiction, Drug Addiction

TW: Eating disorders, weight mention, self-harm, substance abuse This week I got to interview the incredible author and speaker, Amy Dresner. Amy tells her hilarious and honest story about her experience with anorexia, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, sex addiction, and self-ha ...   Show more

Sarah Hepola || Alcohol, Addiction

This week I got to interview best-selling author, Sarah Hepola Holy cow, I learned a lot. Sarah was kind enough to share her journey with alcohol and addiction, and the impact that had on her relationship with her body.Hope you enjoy! Follow me: IG: Twitter: @jackieeg ...   Show more

Lianne Saffer || Divorce, Coming Out, Breast Cancer

It was an honor talking with Lianne Saffer, author of "Please Don't Send Me Flowers", on the podcast this week. She shares her story about getting free of an extremely emotionally abusive marriage, coming out, and experience with breast cancer. Hope you enjoy! Follow me: IG: @jac ...   Show more

Lauren Rasmussen || Sexual Trauma and Body Image

This week I had the honor of talking with Lauren Rasmussen, a certified trauma-informed coach. Lauren and I talk about a topic very close to my heart, which is the relationship between sexual trauma and body image. Enjoy!   Follow me: IG: Twitter: @jackieeg7 Support t ...   Show more

Julie Ela Grace || Yoga, Thyroid Cancer, Meditation

This week's episode is SO exciting to me. I had the honor of interviewing Julie Ela Grace, my FAVORITE mediation guide on Insight Timer (the meditation app I use in the mornings). After finding her there, I quickly realized how much I wanted to interview her, and here we are. Jul ...   Show more

Hillary McBride || Eating Disorders as a Social Construct, Attachment Theory, Embodiment

This week on the podcast I interviewed who, in my opinion, is one of the best and most qualified people to speak on the relationship of body and self. Hillary is a writer, therapist, speaker, and researcher. She talks to us about eating disorders through both her personal narrati ...   Show more

Rachael Ward || Gender, Nonbinary, Embodiment, Internalized Homophobia

Hello, people of the world! This week I got to interview the wonderful Rachael Ward. Rachael has done incredible work in and with the LGBTQ+ community. We talked a lot about gender identity, gender roles, being nonbinary, embodiment, internalized homophobia, and their experience ...   Show more

Amber Cantorna || Self harm, Trichotillomania, LGBTQ,

Hello, people of the world! This week I got to interview Amber Cantorna and learned so much. We talk about her experience with self-harm, coming out as gay in the church, an anxiety disorder called trichotillomania, gender roles, and so much more. Amber is the author of two books ...   Show more

Amaris Roye || Eating Disorders, How Religion Affects the Body

This week I was so excited to interview one of my favorite therapists from the eating disorder treatment center I was at earlier this year, Amaris Roye. Amaris shares her story about her own eating disorder, how Christianity affected her relationship with her body, being a therap ...   Show more

Marco Spaumer || Acting in a Soap Opera, Being a Twin, Sexual Abuse

Hello, lovelies! For this week's episode, I had the honor of interviewing Marco Spaumer. Marco is a soap opera star from South Africa who currently lives in Capetown. He speaks on his body image struggles while being in the public eye on TV, dealing with comparison as an identica ...   Show more

Rose-Ingrid || Systemic Racism in the Church, Challenging Whiteness

I am overjoyed to share this episode with Rose-Ingrid today. In this conversation, we talk about systemic racism in the church, challenging whiteness in evangelical spaces, and so much more. I learned a ton in this interview, and am so grateful she took the time to talk. Support ...   Show more

Emily Joy || Religious Trauma, #ChurchToo, Purity Culture, Rape Culture, Coming Out

Hello, people of the world. In this week's episode, I interviewed Emily Joy. Emily is a poet, yoga teacher, author of #MeToo, and a badass human being. We talked about her story growing up in the purity culture enveloped evangelical church, abuse from a youth leader, therapy, com ...   Show more

Matthias Roberts || Sexual Shame, LGBTQ+

This week I got to interview Matthias Roberts about his story and thoughts on sexual shame, coming out, faith, sexuality, being gay, being a therapist and so much more. He has such an incredible story and heart and so much wisdom to share. Enjoy! Support this podcast: ...   Show more

Kailey Andrews || Our story falling in love

This week's episode is a very special one, to say the least. Kailey was on my podcast months ago when I first started doing interviews, which was also before we started dating. We talked about her relationship with her body being an ER nurse which was a ton of fun, so go check th ...   Show more

Tori Williams Douglass || Body Positivity, Purity Culture, Politics, Sexuality

On this week's episode, I had the great honor of interviewing Tori Williams Douglass. Tori is someone who I deeply admire and was so excited to learn from through our conversation! We talked about her experience with purity culture, body positivity, politics, sexuality, and so mu ...   Show more

Kacie Williams || Coming out as Gay in the Christian Church

Hello, lovelies! This week I had the honor of interviewing one of my favorite people and best friends on the planet, Kacie Williams. We talked about Kacie's experience coming out as gay in the Christian church world, and what kind of toll that can take on someone's relationship w ...   Show more

Aventine || Treatment, Family, Growing Up

On this week's podcast, I talk to Ashleigh about her experience growing up backward in a way. We talk through childhood experiences, treatment, music, and so many things. I have heard nonstop incredible things about Ashleigh for a while now, so hearing her inspiring story was suc ...   Show more

Meghan Perdue || Binge Eating Disorder, Type 1 Diabetes, Fibromyalgia,

On this week's podcast, I talk to Meghan about her experience with binge eating disorder, type 1 diabetes, fibromyalgia, and how that whole journey has impacted her relationship with her body. Meghan has such an inspiring story that we can all learn from, and I'm so honored to ha ...   Show more

Jamie Jean || Eating Disorders, Body Image, Exercise

On this week's podcast, I talk to Jamie about her experience with a restrictive eating disorder, what therapy and recovery have looked like for her in that, and how that whole journey has impacted her relationship with her body. Jamie is an INCREDIBLE human who I have loved knowi ...   Show more

Ben Collongues || Trans Experience, Gender Identity

On this week's podcast, I talk to Ben C about his experience being transmasculine, thoughts on gender identity, therapy, healthcare, and more. I learned SO MUCH in this conversation, and am excited to share it with you all :)  Note from Ben: "[This was] me sharing from my experie ...   Show more

Cyd Greenwood || Chronic Illness, POTS,

On this week's podcast, I talk to Cyd about her experience living with a chronic illness and how that journey has impacted her relationship with her body. Such an inspiring conversation I'm so excited to share! To support this podcast, go to To buy a cop ...   Show more

Benjamin Poss || Coming Out, Drinking & Drugs, Sexual Assault

In this episode, I talk with Benjamin Poss about his experience with coming out, drinking and drugs, sexual assault, and his journey back to himself. Ben is an incredibly badass human being that I am honored to have on this episode. Hope you enjoy! To support this podcast, go to  ...   Show more

Kailey Andrews || Trauma therapy, ER Nursing, Disassociation

In this episode, I talk with Kailey Andrews about her experience with trauma therapy, being an ER nurse while an incredibly empathetic person, disassociation, and so much more. Kailey is one of the kindest human beings I've ever met, and it was an honor having this conversation w ...   Show more

Sira Faris || Diet Culture, Eating Disorders, Mental Health

In this episode, I talk with Sira Faris about her experience with diet culture, eating disorders, and all the things mental health. Sira is one of my best friends who knows me VERY well, so doing this podcast was an incredibly special experience! To support this podcast, go to ww ...   Show more

Meagan Hood || Purity Culture & Body Shame

In this episode, I talk with Meagan Hood about her experience with purity culture, body shame, and being vulnerable in order to find your tribe. To support this podcast, go to To buy a copy of my book Finding Home, go to To ...   Show more

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