Functional Addict

Functional Addict

Off The Porch

Inspired to bring more content, Rod is back with another episode of The Blunt Effect Podcast. Today, Rod gives his opinion on what has been made into a crisis pertaining to the Colonial Pipe Line. Following, Rod dives into his main topic where he talks about the daily struggles o ...   Show more

Assets & Accountability

Rod starts off by giving his thoughts on “Time Being An Asset” followed by giving his BLUNT opinion on the Makhia Bryant shooting and why we need to hold ourselves more accountable. Topics of Discussion:  * Intro (00:15)  * Time is an Asset (01:08)  * Mayweather/Jake Paul Shenani ...   Show more

OG (Offering Game)

Practice what you preach, lead by example and show Results! --- Send in a voice message:  

The EGO System

Everyone thinks highly of themselves at some point…but there’s a difference between being COCKY & CONFIDENT. --- Send in a voice message:  

SITUATIONSHIPS PT.2: The Double Standard

On this episode of The Blunt Effect Podcast(@TheBluntEffectPodcast) Rod answers some questions about relationship goals and standards. Answering those questions leads off into a conversation which includes, Derrick Jaxn & his wife, Quavo & Saweetie, domestic violence, keeping you ...   Show more

Your Own Worst Enemy

On this episode of The Blunt Effect Podcast(@TheBluntEffectPodcast) Rod starts off by ranting on his pet peeve with the mispronunciation & misspelling of his name. Following his brief rant, Rod answers some questions that intrigued his interest such as elaborating on UNITY & COLL ...   Show more


On this episode of The Blunt Effect Podcast, Rod’s longtime friend Craig from the Not Yet Famous Podcast joins him in a conversation about the movie Judas and the Black Messiah. They also discuss how this movie relates to todays society, the cultural shock growing up in the south ...   Show more

Put In The F**kin Work!

During this episode, Rod piggy backs off the previous episode “Maximize Your Time” in reference to how we use our time, how to break old habits and how America systematically trains us to decide between work or school rather than following our dreams. --- Send in a voice message: ...   Show more

X Marks The Spot

Since it’s Black History Month, its only right that we speak on someone who has made a VERY big impression in Black History…Malcolm X. In this episode we will go into slight detail on an interview X did in 1963 and how somethings he said still resonates with today’s society. --- ...   Show more

Maximize Your Time

In this episode Rod gives his opinion on things that hinder us as people from spending more time doing what we like. Our jobs, and other priorities take the majority of that time, the message in this episode is to Maximize Your Time! --- Send in a voice message: ...   Show more

Self Image

In todays society, our self image is more dependent on what we see around us & what society wants us to believe. In this episode Rod goes more in depth on self image, being comfortable in your skin & being ourselves, not what society wants us to be. FOLLOW US ON ALL PLATFORMS‼️ l ...   Show more


What’s the difference between love & loyalty? Some view it as the same, in this episode Rod gives his opinion on love & loyalty, the similarities & differences from a relationship and a general standpoint. --- Send in a voice message: ...   Show more

BLM & Capitol Hill

Rod gives his opinion on Today’s Capitol Hill Protesters in comparison to the Black Lives Matter Protesters, the differences in treatment by the police, systematic racism, and hypocrisy. --- Send in a voice message:  

Manifesting 2021

Here we are! The last episode of the year and it’s been one helluva year to say the least! In this episode I talk about manifesting our goals for 2021, working a 9-5 & achieving your personal goals, knowing your worth & taking time out for ourselves. Practicing patience, having p ...   Show more

There’s No Glory Without A Story Pt. 2: Weathering the Storm

In this episode of The Blunt Effect Podcast, Rod does a recap of 2020. He goes into depth about the pandemic & its affects on us as a nation. He also goes a little in depth about racial injustice, President & Vice President elects Joe Biden & Kamala Harris, how virtual communicat ...   Show more

The Holiday Special (X-Mas)

Happy holidays everyone! In this episode, I elaborate on the reasons I feel Christmas is taken for granted, PornHub removing content, recent Covid-19 Vaccines, Jay-Z partners with Long Island University to launch the Roc Nation School of Music, Sports & Entertainment, Netflix wit ...   Show more

Chopping It Up

The homie Markail came thru & we elaborated on the sacrifices you may have to make in life to be successful along with the ups and downs that cole with success. *Please excuse the background noise* --- Send in a voice message:  


After having a long, in-depth conversation with the homies on sacrifices and the dependency on others to succeed, I was inspired to do a segment on sacrifices and how they affect us in life. *Please excuse the background noise* --- Send in a voice message: ...   Show more

WHATS THE WORD?? Weekly check-in with YaBoyRod

11/23: I reflect on a few events in the entertainment & sports industries. I chime in once again on the Gucci & Jeezy verzuz, give updates on the NBA free agency, Khalifa Kush Brand being sued, Black Panther 2 & songs of the week! --- Send in a voice message: ...   Show more

VERZUZ EDITION: The Game & 50 Cent

There’s been talks of another infamous VERZUZ between Game & 50 Cent...will everything come true? --- Send in a voice message:  

Ni***s Die Everyday

In the light of the killings of King Von & Mo3, I felt it was proper to address these issues within our urban communities and what we should do as parents to prevent our children from being cohersed into living that lifestyle! --- Send in a voice message: ...   Show more

VERZUZ EDITION: Gucci & Jeezy (November 19th)

We now have what the TRAP has been long waiting for! GUCCI VS JEEZY. I into detail with my opinion on who I think will win as a point out a couple highlights of each rappers career. --- Send in a voice message:  


Elaborating on the gift and curse of honesty --- Send in a voice message:  

Materialistic Things

We all want materialistic things in life right? Are materialistic things a necessity? Can necessities be considered materialistic? In this episode I will go more in depth about my opinion on both materialistic things and necessities in life. --- Send in a voice message: https://a https://a ...   Show more

BackYard Talk

Decided to take this to the backyard. While I’m enjoying the summer weather, I speak on life from a different light. Cherishing the time we have with our family and friends because you never know when it’s your time to go. DONT TAKE LIFE FORM GRANTED!! Rip to those we’ve lost nat ...   Show more


What it is to be a father, what we have to do as fathers to change the narrative for our kids & leading them in the right direction. Step fathers are just as important, tune in for the whole schpill. --- Send in a voice message:  

Friends & Foes

Befriending someone doesn’t make you friends. Loyalty is deeper than just friendship. --- Send in a voice message:  

Do 4 Love

The title is self explanatory? --- Send in a voice message:  

Losses & Lessons

In this episode I go into depth about money situations, the smart thing to do when your left with money from a deceased family member, skills, knowledge, and ability and how these three things apply to our everyday lives. --- Send in a voice message: ...   Show more


This episode was inspired by “Situationships” by Fabolous. I go in depth about relationships, Situationships, cheating, communication within your relationship & loving your partner. --- Send in a voice message:  

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